🌷 WHO AM I 🌷
. ♠ Episode: 9 ♠
by success🌸🌸
. 💖 KYLA 💖

i disengage from the hug and Tyler immediately face the other side, i can see he was using his hand to clean his eyes 

I turn him so i can look at him, his eyes was so red and puffy

Tyler was wrong, is your eyes paining you ” i said worriedly and use my both hand to touch his face 

I think something fell In my eyes,while we were hugging”he said and sniff 

You’re crying”i said still worried about his behavior
Am i crying”he said rhetorically 
Look at tears”i said using my palm to clean his eyes

I Moved closer to him and put his head on my shoulder and started singing for him, my voice went through the garden making birds to chirp 

You have a really wonderful voice”he said and rise his head from my shoulder, i look at him he was smiling

I think my Tyler is back, i also smiled at him 

We better go have lunch” he said and left me up, we started walking to the cafeteria

Go seat i will go order the food” he said

I went to seat at our table,which is ryker table, ryker and tara were sitting together, Ryder and Lillian were sitting together

Where have you been” Lilian said eating her fries
I was with Tyler” i said

Here is your food” Tyler said giving me a pizza rolls and juice

Thanks ” i muttered

He sat close to me and we started eating i just focused on my food i don’t want to see tara and ryker kissing so i lower my head 

I have something to tell you guys” Tyler said i rise my head to see him smiling at me i also smiled back 

Well guys me and kyla are now in a relationship” he said still smiling

WHAT!!! Ryker shouted making us to look at him in a weird manner 

Am sorry, i was just shocked to know that the both of you are now in a relationship” he said and Tyler chuckled

Am happy for you, congratulations” Lilian and Ryder said together they looked at each other and laughed
Making me to also laugh

The bell was rang and the cafeteria lights was off, oh my have not really touched my lunch, i quickly rushed my food and gulped the whole of my juice

We all stood up and went to class tyler hold my hand i just can’t help it but smile 


They were still holding hands till we got to the class, tara was trying to hold my hand on our way going to class but i ignored her

Ryder can you and kyla exchange seat” Tyler said to ryder 

I can see you’re already missing your girlfriend” ryder said with a smirk
and i scoffed 

Yes am already missing her, please can you exchange seat with her, i know that you also have feelings for Lilian” Tyler said winking at Ryder

I gasped, so you love Lillian i thought the quiet boy don’t love” i said to ryder who smiled

I also have a heart you know”he said and stood up, he pick his backpack and walk to kyla seat

Kyla also picked her backpack and walk to our seat, she hugged Tyler

I wanted to separate them but what would i say when they ask for my reasons, i watch them has they play, discuss and laugh at any interval 

A teacher walk into the class, and i was so grateful

We did two more subject before the bell was rang for closing

I arranged my book in my backpack and flung it over my shoulder

I watch has Tyler help kyla arranged her book into her backpack and kyla peck him on both cheeks

I felt like my heart was ripped off from my chest, i stood up and walk away

So they’re really dating, i messed up i would have been the first person to confess my feelings to her 

Am the one she’s supposed to love not Tyler my friend so painful

I got to the practice room, and sat down on a cushion 

They all walk in and also sat down 

Ryder was sitting alone, tara sat beside me clingy to me as if am her life saving machine

Kyla and Tyler sat together like those newly wedded couple, and don’t know what Tyler told kyla but she laughed out making me to frown my face 

I don’t think kyla can draw today we’re going somewhere”Tyler said holding kyla hand and they walk out of the room 

I also stood up about to leave when tara blocked me

Won’t you kiss your girlfriend a goodbye kiss before you go” she said bating her lashes

I gently pushed her from my way and walk away

I got home bath took my lunch did some of my assignment and slept off thinking about kyla and her relationship with Tyler

💖 KYLA 💖

It was night time i fell on my pillow after eating dinner with my parents

I can see ryker is jealous, our plan is really working i just hope he confess his feelings to me soon 

The ringing of my phone distracted my thought i picked the phone and the caller was Tyler

I smiled before picking the call 

Hey gorgeous” he said over the phone and my smile grow even more bigger

Hi boyfriend how are you” i said
Your boyfriend is not fine” he said

Making my heart to miss a beat
What’s wrong, what happened to you i ask worriedly

Am missing you” he said and i breath a sigh of relief

You scared me” i said
Sorry, am really missing you” he said this time with seriousness in his voice making my heart to beat really fast 

Why is my heart beating this fast 

Tyler i want to sleep, goodnight” i said

Did i say anything wro…… He was saying but i just ended the call

Why is my heart beating fast when Tyler told me that his missing me or am i having a heart disease

Am sure that my heart was perfectly fine before he called me 
I pushed that thought to the back of my head and the thought of me and ryker filled my head 

I slept off without knowing


i wake up feeling down, i removed the blanket from my body and a great cold embrace me, i shivered 

I touched my body to feel my temporary, my body is hot and why the hell am i feeling cold 

I stood up from the bed and rapped the blanket around my body i moved to the side of my room i put on the heater and moved to the bathroom

I filled the jacuzzi with warm and soapy water, have not brushed my teeth, i walk to the brush stand 

I looked myself in the mirror and gasp, is this me ” i said to myself touching my face 

My skin is glowing, my nose is now smaller and more pointed, my eye color is now dark black and it spark, my hair has turned to dark blue, is really glowing like i turned oil on it and my lips is now more smaller and more red it look so sexy 

I know i was going to experience this changes when am given another power, what power is it this time the last power i received was disappearing 

I rise my hand up and my brush just appeared in my hand, i rise one finger up my mind was forced on my toothpaste and it stood up on the air and walk up to me 

Am enjoying this power, i brush my teeth, i was through brushing my tooth, i felt like sneezing i cover my nose to stopped the sneezing but i couldn’t it came out from my mouth

I use my hand to clean my nose i look at the mirror but it was all covered with ice, my mirror and brush are all frozen 

What’s wrong with me 

I opened the window so sun can dissolve the ice 

I took my bath still feeling cold

I put on my undies before my uniform, i put on a sweater ontop of my uniform, i wear my school shoe

Brush my and went down stairs

Good morning dad, mom” i said
Oh my God, is this my daughter” my dad and mom exclaimed 

You looking more beautiful and your skin and hair is glowing”my mom said touching me 

I just smiled cause i have nothing to say, i ate breakfast and went to school

Everybody i came across in the hallway always glance at me saying am beautiful, they even crowded me 

I manage to run away, i got to my class i opened the door and walk in and everybody turned their gazed at me 

Is this kyla or my eyes are playing tricks on me” tara said walking up to me she stop in my front and stare at me, 

Kyla” she shouted my name 

Oh no i feel like sneezing, i covered my nose and it stopped, i was about to talk when i sneezed covering my eyes i gently opened my eyes and saw the whole class frozen

Everybody in the class are all frozen, i opened my mouth

What am i gonna do now, any moment from now teacher will come into the class to teach oh my god am dead 


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