🌷 WHO AM I 🌷
♠ Episode: 13 ♠
by success🌸🌸
. 💔 Tyler 💔

I got home feeling down, i took my bath and lay on my bed my heart is broken completely

I know she loved ryker but i still allowed my heart to love her when i know she can’t love me back 

I bring out the fake relationship stuff thinking if we’re in a fake relationship she will love me, or even have feelings for me 

But no her heart is made to love only ryker, she only love ryker

Am hurt to see how happy she is when ryker ask her out, when he confessed his feelings to her, her face was full of smiles

I wish she could also love me, but we can’t tell our heart who to love and who not to love, cause our heart has it’s mind of is own 

The heart choose who to love even good or bad people, we can’t control our heart cause it has it’s own mind 

And i understand kyla, i know i shouldn’t be mad at her but i just can’t help it but to get angry at her 

I loved her even before ryker started developing feelings for her, i stood by her when ryker treated her badly 

I was there beside her loving her like she was my life but her heart beat for only ryker, isn’t that painful

I sniffed that was when i knew that i was crying, i cleaned my tears but more tears was still coming out

Jeez big boy like me is crying because of a girl, i hate love infect i hate my heart for loving kyla 

My room door was opened 

Lola please go i want to be alone” i said still facing the other side of the room, i sniffed

Why are you crying” my mom said
It was even my mom that enter my room 

Am not crying mom” i said and tears was still coming out from my eyes

I know that you’re crying cause your body is checking ” she said and walk to my side

She help me to clean my tears, she dragged me up and gave me a motherly hug

Is okay Tyler everything will be fine”she said

No mom everything can’t be fine” i said

Tell me what happened maybe i can help you with some advice” she said with a smile

No mom i don’t want to talk about it”i said
You have to talk about son, a problem shared is a problem half Solve she said

I cleaned my eyes and smiled

I told her everything that as being happening between me, kyla and ryker 

So you’re in this state because you heart got broken” she said with a smile

Mom is so painful is like my heart was ripped off from my chest” i said

I know is painful, but you just have to accept it, lean how to leave with it, you make ryker to confessed his feelings to her because you make him jealous

And besides she loved the ryker which you know of, she only agreed to the fake relationship stuff because she want ryker to confessed his feelings to her

It was your choice to help her, you never confessed your feelings to her, she wasn’t aware if you love her or not”my mom said and i realized that everything she said was all true

Stop crying Tyler, if she’s really yours to begin with, she will always come back to you, don’t push anything okay” she said and peck me on my forehead

Come have lunch” she said

We walk out of my room to the dinning room i ate lunch and went back to my room and took a nap 

😒 tara 😒

Am inside my room thinking on how to get back at kyla 

I know there’s something about her i just can’t place my finger to it she always act weird the way she normally glow is another story 

And she always changed hair color i don’t know if she always dye the hair but my instance is telling me that she’s not dying the hair, that her hair changed colors

The day her hair turned red in the cafeteria, i was shocked

I know something’s about when someone hair changes color, 

It’s only a great princess of the witch
Can change hair color at short interval, even eye colored and their hair are very long, their hair and skin always glow

Can kyla be the witch princess that my father has been looking for since the past 18yrs 

Am really confused, and i know that the witch princess are always powerful what am i gonna do should i inform my father about it or i should keep observing kyla 


💚 KYLA 💙

Grin grin grin….. My alarm wake me up, who set this stupid alarm i know is my mom, so annoying i hate it when alarm wake me up 

I stood up from my bed, walk to my closet to bring out my uniform and undies

I arranged everything on my bed

Today my hair color will change to rainbow color which means prosperity over my enemy, have been reading that book to understand my power and know the meaning of my hair color

I went to the bathroom, i looked at myself in the mirror and my hair color is rainbow, i brushed my teeth and took my bath 

I came out of the bathroom with a towel rapped around my body

I applied my body lotion to my already glowing skin put on my undies and uniform, brushed my hair

I took my backpack and left my room to the dinning room

Good morning mom, dad” i greeted my parents

How are you my beautiful daughter” they said together

Am fine” i said smiling

Why did you dye your hair to rainbow color” my mom said

I like rainbow color that’s why i dye my hair to rainbow color” i said
Okay” she said and gave me my breakfast i hurriedly ate breakfast cause any moment from now ryker will come pick me 

Goodbye mom, dad” i said waving my hand at them i took my bag and went out of the house

Ryker was outside waiting for me

Good morning love” ryker said kissing me on my lips i try to kiss him back but i couldn’t

He disengage from the kiss 
You look really pretty today”He said making me to smile

He opened the car door for me and i entered, he drove off, my heart didn’t beat when ryker kiss me, the kiss looks empty but anytime that Tyler kiss me my heart always beat 

Minutes later we were in school
He hold my hand and we walk to class 

I missed you yesterday” he said
I said nothing we just walk to class still holding hands 

We stepped into the class and everybody was staring at us i walk to my seat and sat down

Hey Lillian” i said
How are you kyla”she said
Am fine i guess” i said

I look at Tyler he was resting his head on his table, i caught tara looking at me

Am coming for you” she muttered and smirked at me i just look away

We did three subject before the bell was rang for break, ryker came to call me and we both went to the cafeteria

We all seat at our table, i look at Tyler he was eating his food slowly

He has not talk to me since morning which is unlike him 

Hey Tyler” i said smiling he dropped his fork and looked at me 

What kyla ” he said with a frown
Why are you frowning your face, did i do something wrong” i said

Let me be kyla ” he said and continue eating his food, i hold his hand 

He removed my hand from his hand and i felt hurt

Don’t touch me” he said and stood up he walk out of the cafeteria i followed him 

Tyler why are you behaving like this” i said behind him 

He said nothing and continue walking fast i ran after him 

I caught up with him and hold on his waist rapping my both hand in his waist

Tyler why are you shorting me out, what did i do wrong to get this ill treatment from you” i said crying

I don’t want to talk about it kyla”he said removing my hold from his waist

I need to know why you’re like this” i said

He look at me in the eyes, you really want to right” he said

Yes Tyler i want to know” i said

Fine Is because my heart is broken, is because i love you and you’re now dating ryker isn’t that painful” he shouted 

I just stand still looking at him not knowing what to say, so he loved me 

Is because i love you kyla that’s why am behaving like this am tired of getting hurt all the time” he said looking at me but i just stand still without saying anything

Am in a state of shock 



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