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♠ Episode:12 ♠
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💚 KYLA 💙

I stood still for some minute, i couldn’t help it but smile, i can’t believe the guy have been having feelings for over some weeks, has finally confessed is feelings to me openly

Isn’t that romantic, so sweet i couldn’t explain the excitement anymore, i slowly walk to the front of the class

Ryker was still kneeing down, smiling at me 

I took his hand and drag him up, i look into his eyes and smiled

Ryker have been having feelings for you right from the day i saw you
Have been praying, for you to confessed your feelings to me ever since 

And now you did in a romantic way, you confessed your feelings in the present of everybody” i said using my hand to touch his face

YES ryker i will be your girlfriend cause my heart is longing for yours”
I said smiling 😆 

He removed my hand from his face and hold my hand in his and drag me closer to his body 

Thank you kyla for being my girlfriend, for accepting my heart
Thank you for loving me” he said and gave me a tight hug i also hugged him back 

We walk out of the class 

Ryker where are we going” i said
To the garden to discuss our relationship” he said making me to smile

We got to the garden, i sat on the chair beside ryker 

You’re really beautiful” he said staring at me i bite my bottom lips in a shy manner and look down 

He removed the hair that’s blocking my eyes and tuck it at the corner of my ear he raised my hand up and our eyes locked, i was about looking down

Don’t look down kyla, are you scared of me” he said still holding my head
No am not, why will i be scared of my boyfriend” i said

Then why are you trying to look away from me” he said
Because am shy, you’re the first boy am dating” i said

But you dated Tyler” he said
No we’re just in a fake relationship to get you jealous, so you could confess your feelings to me” i said

He breath out an OH, he used his lefthand to push his hair backwards

I thought you guys were dating, it was so really, and i really got jealous” he said and smiled 

So i am the first you’re dating” he said, i nod my head and he hugged me

What’s wrong with you ryker, we’re still dating and you have the mind to ask another girl out” tara said and disengaged us from the hug 

Is over between us tara, i don’t love you”ryker said 

What do you mean that you don’t love me ryker, we have been dating since grade ten why didn’t you tell me that you don’t love me ever since” tara said

I loved you when we were in grade ten, but now i already fall out of love with you” he said

You fall out of love with me is it because of this thing ” tara said point at me 

Don’t you dare call my girlfriend a thing” he said making me to smile

Tara drag me up, and pushed me to the floor, i stood up 

Why did you pushed me” i said
Cause that’s were you belong, you trash”she said i walk to her and gave her two hot slap on her right cheek 
Tears was already coming out from her eyes

This isn’t over kyla i will make sure i come after you, i will make sure i know the secret behind you
Why your hair turned red in the cafeteria, why your skin and hair always glow, am coming for you so you better watch your back” she said and walk away

I was no longer comfortable

Is okay kyla she can’t do anything to you” ryker said

We sat down on the chair and started our discussion but my mind was still going back to tara 

The bell was rang for closing

Come let me take you home ” Tyler said we walk back to class to take our backpack

I arranged my note inside my backpack and flung it on my shoulder, i saw Tyler walking to the exist door i ran to him 

I hold him on his hand so he stopped walking he slowly turned around and saw it was me 

I hope you’re now happy that ryker is your boyfriend” Tyler said
Yes am very happy” i said smiling
Okay happy relationship and congratulations to you”he said smiling he removed my hand from his hand and walked out of the class 

I felt hurt, i felt empty why is Tyler behaving this way, is he hurt or something, why is there pain in his voice, there’s no longer spark in his eyes

Kyla let’s go” ryker said holding my waist



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