🌷 WHO AM I 🌷
. Episode: 10
by success 🌸🌸


I stood still without knowing what to do, how on earth am i going to unfreeze this class, i scattered my hair in a frustrated manner

I opened the door of our class, i saw Mr Con our maths teacher coming 

Oh my God am really dead, okay kyla focused”i said to myself took a really deep breath

Unfreeze” i said and raised my right hand up and closed my eyes

I gently open my eyes praying within me that the class will go back to normal, but i was really disappointed
The class was still freeze i looked at tara her nose was bringing out smoke

I look at the door Mr con is really close to the class, sweat was already dropping out from my head and body 

For i am the great princess, i want this class to unfreeze” i said with believe this time around 

To my greatest surprise it unfreeze

The whole class was so quiet like a graveyard i bat my lashes at tara that was still staring at me 

Did i miss something” tara said looking at me strangely, 

And what where you suppose to miss” i said sternly 

She looked at me and touch her body

My body is really cold as if i just came out from the freezer” she said

Same with me” a girl said from the back of the class

What are the both of you doing at the front of the class” Mr Con said

I just came sir”i said going to my seat 
Is non of your business if i stand in the front of the class” tara said rudely and went to her seat

I got to my seat and saw Ryder sitting on my seat

Hey Ryder what are you doing in my seat ” i said

Look at your back” he said

I turned and saw Tyler waving his hand at me, i rolled my eyes and walk up to him 

Hey kyla ” ryker said to me when i got to their seat, i was surprised when he talk to me

Hey ” i said and smile, he also smiled at me 

I sat beside Tyler, and he peck me on my cheek with a smile

You look beautiful and the color of your hair really suit you ” he said

And ryker stare at me with jealousy all written in his face 

We did two more subject after Mr con left, the bell was rang for break 

We all walk out of the class to the cafeteria, tyler order my food while ryder order Lillian food then ryker order tara food 

Which hair dye did you use on your hair” tara ask me 

And why will i tell you” i said eyeing her 

I was just curious, cause i like it she said with a smile 

Then go look for it in the market”i said and faced my food 

So you don’t want to tell right” she said

Yes i won’t tell you ” i said and stick out my tongue at her, she frowned 

Tara took some fries 🍟 and put it in ryker mouth and also kiss him looking at me with a happy face 

I know you love my boyfriend and i won’t let you have him” she said in a whisper for my hearing alone 

I rolled my eyes at her 

I also have a boyfriend you know” i also whispered and kissed Tyler on his lips he was shock at first but he later reciprocate 

Ryker look at us with hurt in his eyes and angerily left the cafeteria



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