Twisted Twice, Twisted Mine
– Episode 7
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The voices brought me awake, I don’t open my
eyes as I listen, I know exactly where I am, I
don’t know what to do.
Rather, I don’t know what I have to do.
“So… Let me get this straight, you told an
agoraphobe to meet you and instead of taking
her straight home to someplace secluded you
drove around and you scared the girl?”
Some, Aaron I’m sure asks.
“When you say it like that it does sound weird”
Levi… Oh God, Levi says.
“Of course it’s weird and unconventional, I
mean you’ve never even met the girl, what sis
did you think you were doing?”
“I just wanted to talk”
“This is not appropriate, you know what was
appropriate? You driving to her house and
meeting her somewhere she is comfortable in”
“in hind sight…”
“You have no hind sight, you are as dumb as
they come”
I hear a scuffle and Aaron groans, I’m sure
Levi punched him.
“What do we do now? It’s part 12 in the
midnight, I’m sure her parents must be
freaking out, I’m surprised they aren’t here
breaking down your door already” Aaron asks.
Levi sighs.
Read ” The God And His Bride ” by the same
author ( Bebe Ernest )
. “We have to wait for her to wake up”
“She is showing no signs of waking”
I guess this is my cue to make my wakefulness
I mo-n softly and I spread my arms wide while
pretending that I’m just coming to.
“She’s awake” Aaron says in a whisper.
“I can see that dickwad” Levi replys in same

. Don’t cuss in front of the innocent” Aaron
scolds and if it was in another situation I would
have laughed and enjoyed the easy banter and
friendship between them.
I open my eyes and sit up, Levi assisting me,
his touch does things to me.
I push those feelings aside and take his hand.
” Adélie…” Levi starts.
“I’m sorry I was such a bother” I say making
an attempt to stand up, he gently presses on
my shoulder pushing me back to sit.
“It’s fine, it’s the least we could do, are you
feeling much better?” I nod.
“I’m sorry you had to go through that, I didn’t
think that you weren’t used to the outside, it
was thoughtless of me, I apologize” Levi says
and I feel a prickle of envy in me. I wish I
really were the girl he is worrying for.
I guess I have to tell him he has made a
mistake and that I am not who he was after.
“You can call your parents from the house
phone and tell them that you are safe and I will
get you back as early tomorrow as possible”
Wait… I don’t have to tell him anything until
tomorrow.. Right? I can pretend for that long..
I nod my head when I see that he is waiting for
a response.
“Adélie I’m really sorry for….”
“Please, call me Addie”
I say, I’m really uncomfortable to be called by
someone else’s name.
“Addie… Ok”
Aaron clears his throat and gives Levi a look I
can’t read, he seems to get it because he
swings into action.
“This is my room, you can sleep here for the
night, I never got around to finishing the
construction for the other rooms, so mine and
Aaron’s is the only available one, you take
mine and I will be with him for tonight..”
I feel a twinge of guilt.
“No please, I can manage…”
“I insist.. The bathroom is over there” he says
pointing towards an open door.
“My closet is over there, pick out anything you
need to be comfortable, come down stairs
when you are done and I will get you dinner,
I’m afraid it won’t be much since neither of us
can cook, I hope you like peanut butter and
cheese sandwich, it’s all I will be able to
scrounge up” He says and that pulls a chuckle
out of me, he smiles at my laugh and I blush,
ducking my head.
He sorbers up, the smile leaves his face before
he speaks.
“I’m sorry again”
“Please don’t apologize anymore, you are
doing very well and I appreciate it” I say and
he nods.
“Feel free to lock the door if it makes you feel
better” He says and I nod.
He pulls Aaron out of the room, Aaron sends
me a wink before exiting.
I sit still for a while before it hits me.
I’m in Levi Carter’s room.
I swing up from the bed, oh my God, it’s my
dream come true, my birthday gift, Christmas
present and burial present all in one.
There are things to do, nooks and crannies to
explore. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity
and I won’t miss it for the world.
Tomorrow when I tell him the truth I can blame
my earlier passing out on my lack of honesty.
I walk to his closet and I would have felt bad
for snooping but he gave me the go ahead
Let’s go!
I open it and there are rolls and rolls of
clothes, jeans, t-shirts, leather jackets, coats,
handgloves and so many jerseys.
The closet is a walk in and it looks like one you
see in a movie, those one that belongs to
movie stars, Well I guess this one belongs to a
star, a football star! My favorite football star!
I pull a jersey from its hangar and it’s looks soo
big, on him it would be normal, on me it would
look like a sleeping shirt.
I remember this jersey, it’s old and it’s from the
very first football club that scouted him.
He has come a long way and I cannot be more
proud of him.
I pull the jersey to my face and his scent feels
my nose, it tingles my skin and does things to
my heart.
Yes, I made the right decision, just tonight, let
me be close to him.

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