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Episode 1

The woman watch the children play by the sea
building sand castles and she smiles at their
childish antics, they looked so cute playing
She watches the eldest hand a toy to the
youngest who was as identical to her sister as
they come and she feels a sense of pride, she
had raised them well.
Her eyes goes to the youngest and she feels a
prick of unease go through her.
Adeline looked too pale and too fragile, just
like her twin sister she was just five and
already looked like she had the weight of the
world on her shoulders.
She watches them as Adélie the oldest tries to
coax her into playing but she stays quiet.
Adeline had always being a quiet child, infact
when she was born she hadn’t cried, just
stared straight at her mother.
When she turned one and still didn’t speak
every one thought the worst and deemed her a
mute, even after enough therapy from
outstanding doctors over the world.
Being a politicians wife means that there was
money and power attached, these things could
not get her darling Adeline to talk.
On her and Adélie’s 2nd birthday she finally
spoke saying one word after a child at the
party bullied her sister.
Her birth had been a hard one, taking hours
even after her sister had being born.
Adele their mother watch them now as one
plays and the other sits still in the sand.
She looks away to see if her husband is
approaching, he had gone inside to get a soda
for Adélie, he’s been gone for a while and still
no sign of him,she sighs and turns back to look
at her children.
She frowns when she sees no sign of them.
She looks around, her alarm growing when she
doesn’t see them anywhere.
She stands up from the sand and turns around
in a circle.
“Adélie! Adeline!”
The sound of the waves drowns her voice, a
hand grabs her shoulder and she jerks.
“Addy? What’s wrong?”
She is hysterical as she explains.
“I…. You..

. Looked away… Can’t…”
The man grips both of her shoulders, dropping
the soda pop he held as his own alarm grows
“Addy calm down and speak”
He says and she strings her words together.
“Addie duex…Addie deux are missing”
Phillip steps back and looks at the around
before turning to his wife. “For how long have
they been gone?”
He asks. “I just took my eyes off them for a
while when….” She cries…
“Calm your self Adele and tell me, for how long
have they been missing?” He asks his
patience slowly dwindling.
Adele takes a big breath before speaking.
“Not more than 5 minutes now”
“Good girl” Phillip says before bringing out his
phone to call the detail he secretly had on his
wife and children.
Being a politician he knew that he had a lot of
enemies, he could never take a break.
Just this once he wanted to go on vacation
with his wife and children this happens.
He finish speaking with his detail and he turns
to his wife and pulls her towards the beach
house on the private beach.
He knew who ever took his children might still
be lurking around.
He steps into the house to see Adélie curled in
a sleeping ball.
He sighs in relief, they must have come inside
to find him.
He looks around for Adeline and no sign of
He goes into the various rooms and searches
them but still no sign.
He returns to see Adele crouched in front of
adélie, shaking her awake.
Adélie asks in a drowsy whisper.
“Lilie where is your sister?” Adele asks and
adélie doesn’t answer, scrubbing her eyes
looking disoriented.
“Adélie answer me!” Adele shouts now getting
“Mama?” Adélie says sounding scared now
Phillip gently pulls the crying Adele away from
the child before kneeling in front of her.
“Tell me Lilie girl, where’s Lina?”
The scared child slowly looks away from her
mother to her father before uttering the life
shattering words.
“I don’t know Mama” Adele falls to the ground
in a heap and with a wail.
Philip feels his heart stutter and he freezes.
Adélie looks between them before reaching for
her mother, she doesn’t know what is wrong.
She is scared and wants to be held, where is
Lina? Lina knows how to hold her hand when
she is scared.
She finches when her mother finches away
from her.
“Mama?” she asks, fear in her voice,she
watches as her mother raises her head looks
at her with dead eyes before falling into the
arms of her husband to cry.
She looks between them, waiting for one of
them to hold her and tell her that it is okay and
that she was safe but nothing happens.
She begins to cry as she understands what is
She realizes even in her little head and heart
that things were not going to be the same.

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