Growing up I never believed in miracles, all my
life from the point I could remember I had to
work for everything I wanted.
The foster home I grew up did not believe in
nurturing us to dream so I’m a girl with her feet
firmly planted in the ground. No castles in the
sky for me.
But today in bed with Levi Carter, watching his
sleeping face in front of mine, I finally admitt to
myself that there is a God in heaven and he is
finally on my case.
His lashes flutter as he takes a deep breath
and nuzzles deeper into my arm, I giggle
softly, he frowns and goes back to sleep.
I’m selfish, I admit, feeling things for this man
that I know is not mine, having a crush is one
thing, falling head first is another.
I should probably safeguard my heart but I
want to be selfish, for once in my life I want
something that is not mine, I want it so bad.
I lift my other hand that his head is not on top
and trace the curve of his lip.
He twitches them and I giggle again.
“You are the most pretty man alive” I say
“I know, I trained him myself” A voice says
behind me and I turn slowly.
It’s Aaron.
“He wanted me to watch over you from over
“Thank you”
“Are you feeling much better?”
“Yeah, did something happen?” He opens his
mouth to respond but Levi gently pulls my head
down to his.
“Please, not another word” He says sleepily
and my heart melts.
This is something I don’t see when I watch his
commercials or any of his matches.
I turn to look at Aaron and he looks away after
winking at me, he closes his eyes and lays his
head back.
“Go easy on him” He says and I turn to Levi,
he is looking at me with sleepy eyes.
“Do you feel it?” He asks softly and I nod, he
strokes my hair off my face, his eyes following
the action and I close my eyes.
My treacherous heart beating very fast.
“I’m glad we met, I’m glad” He says again and
I feel my throat lock up against the tears that
threatens to spill from my eyes.
I look away, my eyes settling on a spot behind
his back and I pull myself together.
“Are you ok now?” He asks and I frown.
“Did something happen while I was sleeping?”
“You were shaking”
“Ohh, I’m sorry, it’s pretty normal, it happens
to me whenever it rains, I’m not a big fan of
rain too, it doesn’t hurt me or anything”
“I don’t like it”
“It’s fine, When I was about 5, that’s when it
started, I can’t remember every thing but I
think I was locked up in a barrel and almost
drowned from rain pouring into it, ever since
that time I’ve had a phobia for rain water”
He nods, his eyes furious on my behalf.
“It’s alright, I’m fine now” He nods before
“Was that the incident that took your sister
away from you?”
“What?” I ask confused.
“You sister, I heard she died when you were
about 5 years old”.
I nod noncommittaly and he nods too.
Thunder crashes into the window and I squeal,
hiding my face in his shoulder.
He becomes still and I slowly lift my head. His
eyes go to my lips and he pulls closer.
I pull away and he immediately does too, I feel
guilty, enjoying his touch and presence when
he is not mine.
I have to tell him that he has the wrong person,
that he made a mistake but I can wait, just one
more day.
It’s raining now and there is no place for me to
go, just one more day.
He pulls me closer and I go willingly, just one
more day, I can pretend he is mine.
“You smell nice” He says in my ear and I
“What?” He asks.
“Your breath, it tickles, I’m extra sensitive
around my ears”
“Ha, I should remember to do that every time”
He says and my heart clenches but I respond.
“You should”
We stay lying like that for a while and I think
how weird it is that I am extremely comfortable
with this man I met yesterday, In person.
“Where did you learn how to cook?” Aaron
asks as he takes another bite of his roasted
It’s still raining and the weather forecaster said
it’s not going to end for like another 12 hours.
I decided to make something since we very
well can’t survive on bread.
I made roasted chicken tenders and toasted
bread paired with ham and cheese with bell
peppers and garlic.
It’s superb., i took into consideration that as
athletes they have a very strict diet.
“Well….?” Aaron asks again waiting for a
“My Fos…..,” I stop, my eyes going to Levi’s,
he doesn’t seem notice my slip up.
“My mother taugh me how, she said it’s an
essential skill for a woman to learn” I say and
they both nod.
“Well, thanks for learning this essential skill, I
and my stomach are eternally grateful” Aaron
I smile and stand up to get our dishes, they
follow me to the kitchen as I load the dish
I begin to wash and I freeze when I feel hands
on my stomach, just above my abdomen.
“Don’t let me distract you, please carry on”
Levi says quietly, his face going to my neck.
My eyes flies to Aaron’s and he just stretches
out his hand for the plate I am holding.
He doesn’t find this weird at all, I begin to relax
and we do the dishes.
We go back to the sitting room when I am done
and Aaron grabs the remote and tunes in to a
football game.
I begin to sit away from them but Levi pulls me
and I land on his lap with a little oomph.
He settles me between his legs and throws an
afghan around our legs, he pulls my head back
to rest on his chest and it’s surprisingly warm
and comfortable.
I relax into the game and soon my inner
football freak comes out.
“Oh no, that referee needs to be banned from
ever refereeing again, did you see how he
ignored the lines man?! And a red card? Who
does that?!!” I yell at the TV and get greeted
by silence
All episodes of this story can be found here >>
. Oops, did I yell too much?
“How do you know so much about
football?”Aaron asks and I chuckle nervously.
” I knew it! You must be a secret fan of mine!
“He says excitedly and Levi throws a remote at
his head.
” If she is anybody’s fan it would be me, idiot
“He says and Aaron grumbles, mimicking him
when he turns away.
I laugh softly as we go back to the game and
the rain patters against the roof.
Not once did I become scared of the numerous
thunder and lightning.


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