1. The Juilliard School, NewYork United States
2. Conservatoire de Paris (Paris
Conservatory), Paris
3.Royal Academy of Music, London
4.Royal Conservatoire of Scotland,Glasgow, Scotland
5.The Manhattan School of Music,New York City, USA
6.The Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia
7.The Norwegian Music Academy,Oslo
8.San Francisco Conservatory of Music
9. Berklee College of Music, Boston United States
10. New England Conservatory of Music, Boston United States.
1. The Juilliard School, NewYork United Statesestablished in 1905 the julliard school is considered as one of the,best music school in the world. It collaborate with some other music school in and outside the country. Its alumni have won several Grammy awards,Emmy awards,Oscars awards,Pulitzer’s prize and many other award.
2. Conservatoireire de Paris (Paris Conservatory), Paris: the conservatoire DE Paris music school was establishes in 1795, the conservatoire offer course in Music,drama,dance and many other course highlighted in there curriculum.
3.  Royal Academy of Music, London: is the oldest in the UK founded in 1822 by john fame and Nicolas-Charles Bochsa.
4. Royal Conservatoire of Scotland,Glasgow, Scotland: formerly royal Scottish academy of music and drama  is a School of Music,Drama,production,film located in Glasgow,Scotland
5. The Manhattan School of Music,New York City, USA: one of the private music school in USA, located in New York. they offer undergraduate,masters, and doctoral degree in Classical and jazz performance.
6. The Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia: they grant musical
courses of study which lead to a bachelor of music,performance degree, diploma or a professional studies certificate.
7. The Norwegian Music Academy,Oslo: situated at the Majorstuen, Frogner neighborhood,  the school offer top level of music education it offer courses to both undergraduate and post graduate.
8. San Francisco Conservatory of Music: one of the top music school in San Francisco they offer pre-college divisions for upcoming musicians. They offer admission to undergraduate and graduates.
9.  Berklee College of Music, Boston United States: established in the year 1945 the school have produced some best-know musicians in the world. its alumni have won more Grammy and Oscars award. it also organize online music program.
10. New England Conservatory of Music, Boston United States: established in the year 1867 new England conservatory is one of the oldest music school in the world. producing student in stringed and bass instrument, the school collaborate with Harvard University and run 5 years course.


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