The perfect couple

Episode 8
That night, Nick lay on his bed
and wondered
why the pretty gentle lady had
stopped to stare
at him at the supermarket.
Could it be that she
had seen him make love to
Boma? Then why
should that make her look at
him like he was a
strange being?
It was funny, the way she had
acted. He
wanted to called her back and
ask her what the
problem was, but she had
walked away so fast
like she regretted being caught
staring. Why
was she staring? Nick couldn’t
tell if she was
giving him a disgusting look or
a look of
approval. Perhaps she liked
how he had bleeped
Boma. If she hated what she
saw, she wouldn’t
have taken her time to look at
him like that.
Could it be that she was
fantasizing about him
making love to her instead?
This thought got
Nick excited for a moment.
Boma had made him study the
gentle women
in the past few days. The
naughty girl had
exposed him to the fact that
the woman was
good looking. He had since
then studied her
and realized that Boma had
been right. The
lady was quite pretty but that
didn’t give Nick
any reason to lust after her.
She was married
and therefore was not an
option. But he had
thought that the husband was
a lucky man.
Despite the fact that she
always dressed
tastelessly, Nick had noted that
she had firm
sizable bosoms and cute
Buttocks. He had
wondered how she would
handle the man in bed. You
never can tell with such gentle
looking ladies,
they could be as wild as Boma
in bed or even
crazier. Yet Nick had never
lusted after her. He
just allows his imagination to
run wild and
would quickly forget about her.
She was
someone’s wife.
But why had she stared at him
this evening?
He was lonely in his house and
decided he
should talk to Boma before
retiring for the
He picked up his mobile phone
and dialed her
number. She answered the call
as soon as it
rang. “Hi lover boy, missing
“Of course I am missing you.
What are you
doing awake by this time, It’s
past 10pm.” He
“Nothing, just preparing myself
up for work
tomorrow. You?”
“I am just reminiscing on the
wonderful time I
had with you today. You were
She laughed, “I had fun too.”
“You didn’t tell me when next
you will come
around.” He asked.
“I don’t even know that. I am a
person. I might decide to come
at anytime.
When the time comes you will
“Okay… I am already looking
forward to another
meeting with you… that
reminds me, I caught
my new neighbors’ wife
staring at me in a weird
way this evening.”
“You did? Perhaps she saw you
make love to me
at the balcony. Perhaps she
wants a piece of
you.” she said, excitedly.
Nick laughed at her joke,
“Unfortunately for her,
she is married. She can’t have a
piece of me.”
“I doubt the gentle husband is
capable of
giving it to her like she saw
you gave it to me
“How are you sure she saw
us?” he asked.
“Why would she be staring?
She must have
seen us. She might want it…
you can be of
“Are you suggesting I go for
her?” he said,
really amazed, “I said I don’t do
women. Besides, you are my
girl; you are not
supposed to be giving me this
kind of advice.”
“I heard you the first time you
said you don’t do
married women. What has me
being your girl
got to do with this? Are you
now a saint? So you
can commit any other sin but
wouldn’t do a
married woman? What if I
came around this
weekend with a friend of mine,
would you not
do a party?”
Nick always loved the idea of a
party, “party
would be fun but…”
“If the lady wants you to have
her, I don’t think
there is anything wrong in
helping her out.”
“But that would be too bad
and the husband
would get hurt.” Nick said. He
thought she was
sounding like she was sure the
lady wanted to
have him. The possibility of
that was in itself
“You are not going to scream it
to his face that
you slept with his wife would
you? All I know is if
she wants it and makes the
move, there would
be no harm in trying her out.”
The idea wasn’t a bad one, Nick
thought. The
lady was good looking, and it
would be nice
knowing what the very gentle,
innocent looking
lady would be like in bed. But
he thought they
were both getting way ahead
of themselves.
The lady just stared at him;
that does not mean
they should start getting ideas
into their head.
But Boma never ceased to
amaze him. How
could she be making him break
all his rules?
How could she advice him to
sleep with a
married lady? “We don’t even
know what she
“Trust me; she must be
imagining you making
love to her at the moment.”
Boma said
“And how did you know that?”
he asked.
“She would soon come
begging you to do it to
her; I just hope you would be
man enough to
give her want she wants.”
“Of course I am man enough,”
immediately replied. He felt
“That means I might consider
coming around
with a friend, she is hot and
Sexy and having
both of us will be the best
experience you will
ever have.”
Nick instantly became excited.
He loved the
idea of a party with two Sexy
chicks. He had
never had one before and
would sure love to do
it someday.
“When will you come with
her,” he asked.
“Take it easy lover boy; I will
bring her once I
confirm that you are capable to
Handle the married lady like a
man when she comes asking
for it, then
you will have me and my
“What if she does not come?
What if she really
does not want it?”
“I told you she will come, trust
me. Meanwhile, I
am beginning to feel sleepy.
Let’s talk some
other time.
Boma almost screamed for joy
when she cut the
call. Her plan was working. She
would give it
some days and ensure the
neighbor’s wife was
really lusting after Nick before
going for plan B.
Who said life wasn’t fun.


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