The perfect Couple
Episode 20
Ruth was wary of staying in
the room and shedding
regretful tears. It was more
than five hours since her
husband left her in the room;
she wondered where he had
gone to. But somehow, she
liked the fact that he didn’t
return because she didn’t think
she would be able to face him
again. She was ashamed for
what she had done with her
neighbor and even thought she
didn’t deserve to be forgiven.
She was so depressed that she
couldn’t get up from the bed.
Ruth was still lying naked
since after the wonderful sex
with Paul.
She was thinking of what
would be of her within the next
twenty four hours, would Paul
still stand her if he discovered
she made love to the
neighbor? But Paul also had
some explaining to do. Hadn’t
he slept with the neighbor’s
girl too?
Then Ruth remembered the
second disc that was sent to
her. She had intended to
watch it this morning.
By now Ruth was sure that the
parcel was being sent by the
lady in the video. Whatever she
wanted to achieve with all
these still remained a mystery
to Ruth.
The house was quiet.
Ruth stood up from the bed
and walked naked to the
wardrobe. She took a wrapper
from there and tied around
herself. Then she picked up the
disc from her box and left the
bedroom. She walked into the
sitting room, hoping Paul
wouldn’t be there.
It was empty.
She wondered once again
where he was.
She turned on the television
and DVD, and inserted the disc
into the later. She sat down to
watch, not knowing what she
was expecting to see.
It was her husband and the
neighbor’s girl once again.
The video seemed like a
continuation of the first disc
she had watched two days
ago. The lady was angry at
Paul’s brief session and Paul
was feeling embarrassed and
uncomfortable. He was still
sitting naked and shamefully
in the sitting room. He
demanded to go home but the
lady insisted he stayed and
went ahead to lock the door.
Somehow, Ruth felt pity for her
husband. Paul was obviously
uncomfortable with what he
was doing.
The lady gave him food and
began to talk to him like he
was a child. Ruth was
surprised to hear that she was
even angry that Paul’s wife
was not being satisfied. This
made her kind of liked the
lady. She was putting herself
in her shoes. It also made
Ruth felt like someone out
there was sympathizing with
her. She felt good, knowing
that someone understood her
“I am surprised your wife has
not yet killed you. No woman
deserves a man like you.” she
had heard the lady say to
Paul. Ruth almost smiled
despite watching her husband
cheat on her.
She didn’t hate him.
But what the lady did made
Ruth feel guilty. She seemed
to bear with Paul and
discussed his situation with
him like a therapist.
Instead of talking with her
husband about their sexual
problems, she had taken it out
on him and gotten angry with
him. She had been a bad wife
despite all her religious
perfection. She had thought
that because she was a
Christian and a born again,
everything was under control.
She thought all she needed
was read the bible and
everything would be okay just
as long as she applied the
bible principles. But here was
a worldly lady, acting patient
with her husband despite his
short falls. In the past, Ruth
would condemn this lady to
hell because she was a sinner.
Didn’t the bible say ‘be ye not
on equally yolk with
unbelievers’? Now an
interaction with an unbeliever
was helping her husband
Ruth watched as her husband
took note of every
instruction from the lady.
Soon they started off another
round of sex. She watched in
amazement as Paul instantly
became a horse. All Paul
needed was someone who
would understand and talk to
him. She couldn’t believe her
husband was capable of what
she saw. No wonder Paul had
just given her the best sex she
had ever had.
Ruth found herself wishing she
was the lady Paul banged in
the video.
Then after sex, Paul began to
narrate to her his situation at
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He talked about how he loved
his wife and felt bad he
couldn’t satisfy her in bed.
Paul didn’t hate her for hating
him, he had felt bad instead.
Ruth began to shed tears as
she listened to her husband.
Never had she felt Paul’s love
like this before.
His words were deep and she
could feel that he really meant
everything he said.
She instantly regretted her
actions since they parked into
this new neighborhood. She
had been mean and unkind to
the man who loved her. She
had been selfish too and
Yet, despite regretting her
sexual adventure with the
neighbor, she knew curiosity of
what another man tasted like
would always get the best of
her. Now that she had tasted
another man, that desire
would quench forever. So,
despite hating her action
because it was unfair to her
loving husband, she knew
what she did was inevitable.
While she watched in tears,
Paul’s hand touched her
He had been in his study all
these while and wondering
why he had screwed his wife
instead of letting out his anger
in another way. Was his wife
sleeping with that man? Did
that lady and her boyfriend
plan this all these while? The
thought of having the young
man make love to his wife
was really hurting. Perhaps
she had not done it with him.
Perhaps it was better that he
shouldn’t know the truth.
Then he remembered how she
had responded to his love
making. He was even
surprised at himself for
handling her with such manly
strength. It was heavenly
seeing Ruth respond to him in
such a manner. His wife was
actually more enjoyable that
every woman out there. How
had he missed this part of her
all these while? He just
wanted to love her more and
not think of what she might
have done with the neighbor.
He also needed to forgive
himself for committing
adultery and put all that
behind him.
Then he heard Ruth come out
of the bedroom. She seemed
to be watching a movie. Was
this how insensitive she could
be? Despite everything that
had happened this morning,
all she could think of was
watching a movie at this
He got angry once again and
came out to see her for real.
He would also switch of the TV
and talk with her about the
situation in their home.
But he was surprised to see
that Ruth was carried away
with watching him and Boma
make love and talk.
He stopped.
He had no idea that the lady
had recorded both of them
during the sinful act. She had
even sent it to his wife! Now
Ruth knew he had cheated on
her. Was this what had led his
wife to flirt with his neighbor?
He wondered when she had
gotten the video. Did that lady
really mean to wreck his
She didn’t know he was in the
sitting room and was
watching his infidelity live
with her.
Then he noticed that she was
shedding tears as she listened
to him talk to Boma about
how he felt for her and about
their problems.
He was touched, and so he
walked up to her and touched
her on her shoulder.
She startled and looked up.
“Paul,” his name slipped out of
her lips. She stood up and
gave him a hug. “I am sorry
for everything I have done to
you. I am…”
“No, I am the one who should
be apologizing. I have hurt you
and gone to sleep with another
woman.” He quickly said,
while he held unto her.
“It was all my fault. I have
been a bad wife and
insensitive to your needs too.”
She said as tears rolled down
her cheeks.
“It’s okay, we are both at
fault.” Then he held her on the
shoulder and looked at her
face. “I want everything that
had happened these past few
days become past tense in our
lives. Let’s start afresh and
love each other like we
should.” He said.
“Paul,” she cried, “I have hurt
you… I am sorry for acting that
way with the neighbor. Please
find a place in your heart to
forgive me. I have done…”
“I said it’s all right Ruth. Just
let everything you might have
done or thought of doing go
behind you. Let it go and
forget it.” Paul liked the new
Ruth. She seemed more open
with him. Yet he didn’t want
to hear anything about the
neighbor from her.
They hugged each other again
and then Paul looked at her
and kissed her wet cheeks. He
loved her more even as the
wrapper around her fell to the
She was beautiful.
They made passionate love
right there in the living room,
on the sofa and the couple
enjoyed every bit of the
It was a new found love and it

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