Perfect Couple
Episode 21
“Let’s go pay our neighbor
visit.” Paul said to his
At first Ruth was not sure she
heard him well.
“What?” she politely asked.
Hoping what she
thought she heard was not
actually what he said.
It was Sunday afternoon and
the couple had just
come back from church. It was
the most
tormenting two hours of their
lives. The pastor
talked about fornication,
adultery, unforgiveness
and selfishness, making the
couple wonder if the pastor
had seen them in a vision
before mounting the
pulpit that morning.
Ruth couldn’t let go of the
adulterous act she had
enjoyed with her neighbor.
This thought made her
feel very bad and guilty, yet it
had a way of
making her feel sexually
excited even right there
in the church. Her life, these
past two weeks had
been all about s*x, s*x and
s*x. It had been two
weeks of her life without
prayer and fasting and
studying the bible. It had been
a time of self-
reflection, self-discovery and
learning. It had been
adventurous and eventful. She
had learnt, in two
weeks, what she had not been
able to learn her
whole life. She had done
things she never thought
she was capable of doing.
Worst still, she didn’t
know how to blend her new
person with her
spiritual life. She felt she
didn’t belong in the
church any longer. She felt the
people here didn’t
know about themselves or
perhaps everyone had
his or her own personal
dilemma and adventure
that they were holding tight in
their heart. Perhaps
everyone was going through
different phases like
her and her husband; perhaps
even the pastor was
not as perfect as he seemed.
Paul couldn’t bring himself to
look into the
preacher’s eyes. The word that
really sank into
him was when the preacher
talked about
forgiveness. Paul knew he had
to forgive his wife,
not just because the bible said
so, but because
this was the only action he
knew would give him
peace of mind. He was certain
that she must have
had s*x with the their
neighbor, but had come to
realize that such action was
good for her.
Surprisingly, he now found her
more attractive and interesting
to be with.
He now looked forward to
being with her,
not just because of the s*x,
but also because she
was more opened and easy to
be with. Now they
talk about almost everything
without feeling the
like worst sinners in the world.
Yes, it was just a
day after the revelations about
their secrets, the
look in her eyes even when
they prepared for
church this morning told him
that they could talk
about just everything in their
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As the preacher preached, Paul
began to wonder
what was really expected of
him in this life. Why
did he need to involve in
adultery, an act
condemned by God, to find
another level of
happiness in marriage? Why
had he failed to see
what was missing in his
marriage despite taking
his faith personal? Was God
angry with him now
or was his maker glad he is
happier with his wife?
Well, he was still the good
man he used to be. He
was happier too. From now
on, he was not going
to condemn others as sinners
and was not going
to overlook the emotional
feelings of loved ones
around him. He was done
trying to be perfect.
That was why he resolved he
was going to see his
neighbor after church and he
was going there with
He also wished Boma would
be there too.
Ruth didn’t like the
suggesting. Why did her
husband want to go visit the
Nick, Boma and Princess
didn’t go to church; they
never even thought of it or felt
guilty about it.
They had woken up very late
that morning on the
same bed because of the s*x
marathon they had
all through the night. The
three of them loved
every moment they had shared
together and each
of them had contributed to
make it much
Even though both girls were
very different in
physical appearance, Nick
could not tell which of
them was the sweetest. The
feel of their virginal
walls were different, but both
were loveable. He
would give everything to have
both of them for
They had woken up almost at
the same time
around eleven am. Nick looked
around him to
observe the two Unclad girls
lying carelessly on
both sides of the beds. His
eyes rested on
Princess’s huge Bosom and it
went down to her
back and rested once again on
her Buttocks. He
looked towards his left and
observed Boma. She
was lying faced up with her
two legs folded
towards heaven. Nick was not
sure she was still
asleep. He could see the faint
pubic hairs that
covered the V shape between
her legs.
He smiled and stretched his
right hand to feel it.
She just opened her legs and
allowed his finger to
slip into her and then she
covered her legs to lock
it in there. She looked up and
smiled at him too.
He caressed her wetness and
decided he
shouldn’t arouse himself; he
needed to eat
something before thinking of
s*x this morning. He
sat up and gently forced his
hand out of Boma’s
K—y-Cat. He stood up from
the bed and made to
take his boxers.
“Ah ah,” Boma warned, “No
one wears anything in
this house for today. We are
all going to walk
around Unclad, cook Unclad,
eat Unclad and F–k
whenever we want to.”
Nick just smiled at her and
dropped his boxer, and
then he walked into the
“Princess, we need to prepare
something to eat.”
Boma said to her friend.
Princess just moaned and
stirred on the bed.
Soon they were busy in the
kitchen preparing food
for the house. It was fun doing
it Unclad.
Nick also felt as free as a
flying bird. He just sat
in the sitting room and
watched the girls walk around
Concentrating on the program
on the TV was
almost impossible. He
couldn’t wait to have
something in his stomach;
f—–g the girls
afterwards would serve as an
By 1.30pm they were already
done eating.
Boma cleared the table and as
she did, Nick
couldn’t help staring at her
smooth protruding
Buttocks. He tapped it before
she left the dining
table. Boma just laughed and
wiggled before she
“You girls are beautiful. I have
never had such a
wonderful time with two
angels in my life before.”
“Mnnn, sure?” Princess asked.
“Ya, last night felt like nothing
but heaven.”
“Ha ha,” The black goddess
laughed, “Will you like
to feel that way again? Can
you handle it?”
“Now that I have eaten some
food, I think I can
handle you girls perfectly.”
Nick boasted.
She stood up and slowly
walked up to him on the
chair. She took his right hand
and directed it to
her K—y-Cat,
“caress me hard.” Her voice
was soft.
Nick’s finger found its way
deep into her virgina.
In a couple of seconds the
warm hole was filled
with K—y-Cat juice.
“Ahh,” she moaned, “just
continue doing it,” she
wiggled her waist and rubbed
his head. Her knees
became weak and she was
trying hard to remain
standing. Then she moved
back and rose up her
right leg to the chair he sat
and pulled his head
towards her waist and said,
“Suck me.”
He held unto her laps and
spread open her
virgina. He observed the red
and wet flesh before
using his tongue to massage
her femalecore.
She moaned in delight and
pressed his head
towards her while her waist
Boma came out of the kitchen
and watched them.
She was just about to walk up
to them and joined
them when she heard
someone knocking on the
Everybody stopped and looked
towards the
entrance door.
“Are you expecting anybody?”
Princess regretfully
*** The End***

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