He was later to learn that Rita had arrived in the house
from Abuja hours before he came. She had checked into the
house with a threat to the security man not to reveal that
she was around to anyone. That meant as at the time Linda
came, Rita was already in the house! She had bid her time
and had caught them pants down.
That night, they remained in-doors, but her fears remained,
despite his numerous assurances that such an incident
would not happen again.
‘What about Oyin?’ he asked.
‘I took her to my brother’s place at Ojota,’ she answered.
‘Tomorrow morning, I’ll bring her around.’
The following morning, to ‘compensate’ his wife, Tope
ordered for a brand new Toyota Camry car. He also secretly
transferred fifty thousand
naira to Linda’s account and to apologize for the grave
embarrassment she suffered on his account. When Rita saw
the car, she broke into tears of joy.
‘Oh, darling, you shouldn’t have done this. I already have
two cars!’
‘It’s not a crime to have more,’ he pointed out. ‘And my
darling deserves more.’
That settled the rift between them, but not completely.
About noon, Iye called his number.
‘Why do you continue to subject me to ridicule?’ she
‘Subject you to ridicule? Iye, how?’
‘When you subject your wife to ridicule, it’s me you’re
doing it to. You have been doing this your unfaithfulness
for long. You’re not fair, you
Tope was surprised that Iye knew what had happened. ‘How
did you know, Iye?’
‘Forget how I knew,’ she replied curtly. ‘There’s a
punishment for all your unfaithfulness. Listen and listen
good. For the next three months, you
must do without sex. By whatsoever means, you must not
have sex and there must be no discharge of semen from
‘Ah, Iye, that’s too much!’
‘That’s your punishment.’
She cut the line. Tope was bewildered. Three months
without sex! That would be impossible. It was as much as
pronouncing death sentence on
him. He would try to see her and appease to her. Except he
was seriously incapacitated, there was no way he would live
for three months
without having intercourse with a woman. It was
Some minutes later, he told Rita he would like to go out.
‘I hope you’re not going to see that LovePeddler again,’ she
‘Oh, forget that issue. I have better thing to do.’
He drove to a shopping mall and bought several dresses.
The big Ghana-must-go bag he put what he bought inside
was filled up. He was sure Iye would be impressed with
what he would give her. He drove straight to Olutunda
Estate at Ketu, where she now lived in a two-bedroom
apartment. That lady was completely queer. He almost had
to force her before she moved to the flat which he got for
He met her in the house, lying idly on the sofa in the
‘Good morning, Iye,’ he greeted warmly, hoping to warm her
‘Good morning.’
It was an effort for him carrying the bag. He wished his
Abuja driver was with him to carry the load. He put it in
front of Iye.
‘This is for you, my dear Iye. All is for you.’
She looked at the big bag. ‘All these load?’


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