He smiled and nodded. Annabel cried when he was leaving,
but he had to go. He went to his old house to take some
money. According to Iye, even if he had no need to spend
money, he must continually spend from the money. He left
the house and went back to the hotel he was lodging at
Ikeja. His phone rang. It was from Sade.
‘Hello, Tope dear,’ she said. ‘I was wondering if I could come
and say hello to you in your hotel’
He grinned to himself. ‘Well, that will be alright.’
‘What if I come by seven this evening?’ she asked.
He sighed and nodded. ‘That will be cool.’
Few minutes after seven p.m., Sade knocked at the door of
his hotel room. A minute ago, the receptionist had called to
inform that a Miss Sade
was wishing to see him and he had asked that the lady be
directed to his room. Now, she was here.
‘Good evening,’ she greeted.
‘Good evening.’
He had already set a bottle of wine and two glasses on the
center table. She was happy that he had made it look like a
grand welcome.
‘How’s Annabel?’ he asked.
‘She’s fine. I’ve taken her to my aunt.’
He poured wine to fill the glasses. Then he handed her one.
His eyes went to study her. Sade was dressed in a fitting
‘ankara’ skirt and blouse.
Her hair was well-made and packed. He had no doubt that
she was out to make an impression on him.
‘You must be enjoying Abuja well,’ she pointed out. See as
you dey shine.’
He shrugged. ‘Thanks. The truth is you’re looking gorgeous
She smiled at him. ‘Thanks.’
They sipped their drinks in silence.
‘Maybe we should be together again,’ she suggested.
He grinned. ‘My dear Sade, you know that will not be
She looked at him as if puzzled. ‘Why? Why is it not
possible again?’
‘For God’s sake, I’m married to another lady.’
‘That shouldn’t stop us.’
He looked at her sharply. ‘What are you saying?’
She smiled. ‘What I’m saying is it’s not late for us to be
lovers again.’
He shook his head but said nothing.
‘I loved you before she did,’ she added.
He grinned again.
‘And I know inside me that you still want me.’
He raised his brow. ‘How could you tell?’
‘It’s obvious, isn’t it?’
‘I don’t think so.’
‘You don’t want a lady and you invited her to your hotel
room? Come on.’
‘Maybe, it’s just to chat.’
He sighed and added. ‘Getting intimate with you will lead
us nowhere.’
‘Maybe it will.’
‘It won’t. I’m married, Sade.’
‘I know. I’m not stopping your marriage.’
He had thought Sade was the perfect lady for him years
ago. It was love at first sight and he had tried within his
limited means to satisfy her,
but financially, she was insatiable.
‘I’ve learnt my mistake and I’m ready to make amends,’ she
was saying.



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