The BadBoy Diary
Written by, Rejoice
# Chapter 6
**Drake’s POV**
Nightshade Club’s same like always..
Smoking, drinking, dancing and making out.
Then carry some hoes home.
And that is exactly what im doing.
“Hey girls, we’re home.” I said in my drunken
Giggles from the girls followed as I stepped
down from the car, slamming the door shut.
They came beside me with I inbetween and so
I slide my arms around their waist and we
staggered to my door. The two hoes also
I managed to unlock the door and stagger in
with the girls, shutting the door after.
“Now… I. want each of your damn slutty ass
visible for my view.” I said, and smacked Jess,
the redhaired one on her **s.
“Oh yeah.” Jess let out with a sexy laugh.
I slumped on a couch and grabbed the TV
remote to play music.
Im gonna make sure it’s so loud.
The girls began undressing,following the
beating of the music playing.
Like the stripper that they are and I watched in
pleasure and lust.
Jess came over seductively and began giving
me a Lap dance while Mady, went twerking in
my front..
The music so loud and the tension building.
I undid my belt and flung it away.
Now this is damn good.
Tonight’s gonna be so much fun!
**Clara’s POV**
I hit my fist angrily on my reading desk as the
loud crazy music came on.
When I thought it has all ended, it became
Lousy music again!
What kind of a crazy music is this.
This is so crazy!!
I can’t even hear my inner voice.
What the hell is wrong with Drake!
Arrghhh! argh!!
*I slammed close my book and walked over to
the bed, layed and pulled the duvet over to my
ears in anger.
And just then, Noah ran through my mind.
We haven’t spoken again since then..He told
me he was gonna call.
I miss him.
I picked up my phone and texted him.
++++Hey sweetie, how are you?+++
I waited for his reply but got none after so many
I called him and got shocked when his lines
didn’t go through.
My goodness.
I sat up as my heart began beating so fast.
“Noah’s lines are always on and available.
What’s wrong.” I sighed and kept retrying his
lines but it was just same word ‘unavailable’
I sighed, feeling deeply worried.
I cared no longer about the lousy music from
Drake’s room.
All I cared now was Noah.
What’s so wrong.
I hope he’s okay. Oh my God.
I barely slept last night. My head hurts due to
so much thinking, about Noah with his
unavailable lines. I’ve still never quit trying this
I don’t feel the joy of going to GraAvantees
today. My boyfriend’s lines ain’t going through.
Im all dressed up and already late.
Pulling in my cream coloured heels and
adjusting my white dress, I picked up my
phone again.
“Im gonna keep calling you Noah till you pick
And oh my God… oh my. It went through!!
“Noah. I’ve been so worried about you, since
last night. What happened? I couodn’t even
sleep.” I said immediately he picked up.
“Oh babe, you have to understand that my
dad’s business takes alot of my timme. I barely
have time for myself baby, Im so sorry for
getting you worried. My dad had a meeting with
the new company share holders and I had to
be in the meeting, my phone had to be away
from me. im sorry Angel.”
I sighed, “But rather than switching off your
lines, you should have just placed it on silent. I
would have been less worried.” I said.
“Im so sorry baby, sincerely, I forgot. You’re at
work now right?”
“Still home, heading to my car now.” I said.
“Oh alright babe, you should go to work now.
We gonna talk later okay?”
I breathed out, “Alright.”
“I love you baby.” he said.
“I love you too.” I said,smiling.
“Guess what? im gonna send you some sweet
message right now to make you smile. Awwn I
miss your smile bae.” he said and my smile
“Awwn. I can’t wait to read it.” I said and
grabbed my car keys and walked out of my
bedroom to the living-room.
“Yeah baby,” he said and the call ended.
I smiled, relieved and all happy to hear his
voice and know that he’s okay.
I switched off the lights and walked out, locking
the doors.
Once I got into my car, my phone began
Aha… mom? woah.
Alright. I don’t mind answering it while I drive.
I clicked on ‘Loudspeaker’ leaving the phone
on my thighs.
“Aha.. mom. How are you??” I said aloud with
a smile.
Then I ignited the car but then why did I had to
take a brief stare at Drake’s door before finally
driving off.
Argh.. Maybe cos he played that lousy music
last night. Yeah yeah.. Such a punk.
“Clara? are you there?” Mom’s loud tonr shot
me out of my thiughts.. and stupid ne. Was I
driving and thinking?
“Oh Clara?” mom’s voice came again.
I shook my head.
“Sorry mom, just that im driving. To work.”
“Oh alright. I’ll talk with you later then.” mom
I rolled my eyes,“Oh no mom, im okay. The
road is free.”
“Alright, so how’s your work place?” she asked.
“Great mom, the doctor im working with is so
nice. He’s such a good doctor.”
“Ahh thank God. And your new home?”
I sighed, “Fine mom but there’s a crazy
neighbour who thinks he could disturb the
whole neigbourhood.” I said.
“Oh that’s pretty bad. You’re coping or you
wanna get another place?” she asked.
“No mom, im fine, for now.” I said.
“Alright and Noah? is he back from Africa?”
she asked.
“No mom. He said he’s gonna be back next
week. I miss him.” I said with a dreamy smile.
“Yeah he should come back and propose to
you, cos you ain’t getting any younger Clara.”
mom said.
I rolled my eyes, then smiled afterwards.
“Mom.. can you not start this now?”
“Alright. Danelle is coming this thursday for her
werkend holiday.” she said.
I sighed, “At Florida right?”
“No with you dear. ” she said and I sighed.
**Drake’s POV**
“Rise and shine ladies and get your ass off my
bed.” I said as I fixed my necktie.
“Your pay is beside you. I need you both out of
here before I get back in here.” I added.
“Oh Drake… you.. woke up too early. arghh”
Mady muttered, stretching herself.
I ignored them and walkee out with my phone
to the kitchen to prepare coffee.
She came to my mind instantly as I prepared
the coffee.
Im certain she’s gone to work.
I sighed.
I don’t understand why I have to think about
Clara now.
Well I know. Well im sure once I f**k her, every
stupid thoughts of her and so badly wanting of
her would die and be gone.
But she’s just so stubborn.
Like she shut the door to my face twice!
Why’s the bitch proving so stubborn?
What the hell should I do to get her.
What really?
Damn she’s so hot and pretty..


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