The BadBoy Diary
(A New Romance )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Chapter 6
I got to school the next day to hear the fuss going on about Jayson beating up the school badboy.
I rushed to where the students gathered and pushed in through the crowd to see a bleeding Justin who layed on the ground, wailing in pain and a Jayson who went to him and sent another blow to his face. As if that wasn’t enough, Jayson picked up a big stick laying beside and swung it on Justin’s.
A loud wail followed from both Justin and the crowd.
He hit it again on him and I yelled out.
“Jayson!!” and rushed to him. He had bruises all over his left cheek and forehead.
“What’s wrong with you! Haven’t you done enough!” I yelled.
“I’ve not,” he said, “I’ll kill him.”
He raised the stick again to hit Justin.
“No Jayson!!!” I yelled so louder than my voice. He paused and looked at me.
“What Danelle? I need to deal with the asshole so he would know where he belong,” he said.
“You’ve dealt with him enough please,” I said.
I was even pitying Justin.
“He doesn’t wanna say sorry. I’ll keep hitting him this until he learns how to say sorry,” he said.
“Don’t hit him that again Jayson, he’s bleeding so much,” I said.
“I will,” he said and raised the stick up but then we heard the sharp clicking sounds of Mr Hansburg shoes coming in.
“Stop that this minute!” he ordered.
“And why should I?” Jayson asked without turning.
“Because I order you to as the principal of this school!” Mr Hansburg said.
“When you did that yesterday, tell me, what happened?” Jayson asked.
“I don’t care what happened, drop the stick now!” Mr Hansburg ordered.
Jayson smiled. He looked at Justin who was wailing silently in pains. He stretched forth his hand to Justin.
“Say sorry to me and give me your hand,” Jayson said.
Justin spat out in a way that shows he’ll never do that.
Jayson laughed and placed his feet on Justin’s chest.
“If you don’t want your arm twisted, do it ” Jayson said.
Justin said nothing so Jayson made to grab his hand but before he could, Justin let out a “Sorry.”
Jayson laughed and removed his feet from Jayson’s chest.
He took Justin’s hand and helped him up.
“Follow me to my office, both of you,” Mr Hansburg said and walked away.
Jayson smiled at Justin who had no smile on his bruise filled face but kept touching his bleeding lips.
Before they followed Mr Hansburg, Jason gave me a smile that made my stomache tighten. Even in his bruise filled face, he still look so cute.
The students went away but two girls walked to me.
“Who are you to him? Is he your boyfriend?” one asked.
“My friend,” I said.
The second one smiled. “Can I be your friend so I can get to be his friend as well.”
“We!” the first one corrected.
The second rolled her eyes at her, “Yeah I know.”
I inhaled. “Im sorry but you can go to him if you wanna be his friend,” I said and walked towards my class.
Once I was in class, my eyes went to Neil’s seat and Tessy was with him.
I suddenly wished Jayson was here.
I sat down and brought out my books. I focused my eyes on it but I wasn’t concentrating, my eyes kept going to them.
I felt bitter and broken.
I packed back my books, stood up and was heading out when Jayson came in.
I stopped. He smiled at me. His bruises had been treated.
“Hello beautiful,” Jayson said and touched my cheek. In front of this whole class.
“You look so beautiful,” he said and touched my hair.
“What happened there?” I asked, ignoring what he just said.
“Normal stuff.. For fighting, im to take the rest of my exams alone,” he said.
I gasped. “And you call that normal stuff? What about Justin?” I asked.
“I don’t give a damn,” he said.
“Where are you going?” he asked.
“Library,” I said.
He smiled. “Let’s go together then,” he said. and took my hand.
I smiled and we walked out. Somehow, I glanced back to see Neil eyes on us.
I felt happy.
“So what happened, why did you fight Justin?” I asked.
He rolled his eyes, “Don’t ask me like you don’t know.”
“I do but what really happened?” I asked.
“He challenged me to a fight and I went for it,” he said.
“How were you able to beat him that way. Tell me, no one in this school had ever defeated Justin that way,” I said.
“Do you want me to teach you how to fight?” he asked, smiling.
“Yeah, if possible,” I said, smiling as well.
He laughed and squeezed my hand.
I recalled we were still holding hands.
“Tell me,” I said.
“I will later,” he said.
We got to the library and settled on a bench and began reading.
Occasionally, when I glance at him, his eyes will be on me.
This went on till I got fed up.
“Why are you staring at me?” I asked.
He smiled without saying anything.
“Why?” I asked.
“You are beautiful,” he said.
I sighed. “You are not reading. Have you forgotten you are taking the exams alone,” I said.
He smiled and faced his textbook that have been on page.1 for thirty minutes.
Coming out of the Library and heading back to class, Jayson didn’t leave my hand.
I wonder what’s really special in holding my hand.
We turned into class and everyone’s eyes were on us.
‘What will they think about me holding hands with someone who just got admitted into this school and beat up Justin-the school bad boy.
Whatever they wanna say but Neil’s eyes seem not to be going off our direction.
It made me feel like doing more or rather wish Jayson would do more.
“See, I don’t want to sit at the backseat anymore,” Jayson said.
“So what do you want to do?” I asked.
“Beat him up and take the damn seat,” he said referring to Harry who sat, typing on his phone.
“Do you keep beating people up?” I asked.
He smiled. “Im just kidding, c’mon im not troublesome. I don’t look for trouble,” he said.
“So are you going to the backseat now?” I asked.
He chuckled. “Have you forgotten that im taking the rest of my exams alone?” he said.
Oh that’s right. I felt bad.
“Alright,” I said.
“I’ll see you at lunch,” he said.
“Alright,” I said.
Knowing he’s not gonna be in class hurts. I just want this guy around me. He gives me some courage that I can’t be able to give myself.
He drew nearer to my face. I raised my brows at him.
“Are you sad that im not gonna be in class, you’ll miss me right?” he asked.
I inhaled. He caught me.
“Im just sad that you gonna take the rest of your exams alone.” I said.
He smiled.
“Awwwwn,” he said, making me look at his lips. I looked away instantly.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine and i’ll be back, Don’t miss me too much,” he said and took my hand.
He kissed my hand.
I glanced around and all eyes were on us.
‘Jayson what’s wrong with you?’
“Jayson,” I muttered and he smiled and walked out of the class.
I glanced at Neil to see his eyes on Jayson. It made me smile.
I got out my writing materials to prepare for Geometry.
Hours later:
The morning exams were over and the bell for lunch break rang.
I packed up my bag and excitedly waited for Jayson.
Neil and Tessy walked out of the class hand in hand.
Just then Delia walked in. I smiled at her.
“Danelle,” she called and came to my desk.
“How was your exams this morning?” she asked.
“It was okay, and yours?”
“Uhmm lemme say okay too.”
I smiled.
“Let’s go to the cafeteria, im hungry,” she said.
“Alright,” I said and locked my desk locker.
I stood up and we were about walking out of the class wen I remembered Jayson. I stopped.
“Delia we should wait for someone,” I said.
“Who?” she asked.
“Jayson,” I said.
“Alright,” she said and we walked back to class.
“Danelle, did you know Jayson from somewhere?” she asked.
“Nop,” I said and sat down on my seat while she sat on my desk.
“So how come you two are suddenly talking so fine to each other? I mean why are you both friends already. He just started school last week friday,” Delia said.
“Well we met the day I caught Neil and Tessy at the old ballet hall. He’s actually stubborn, he made us become friends and gave me this,” I said and showed her the necklace.
She gasped. “Really?”
“Yeah and took my bangle. We have a cute plan tho,” I said.
“What plan?” she asked.
“To hurt Neil and Tessy,” I said.
I told her.
“Wow, that’s a nice idea but be careful with that guy. He’s deadly. He beat up Justin without washing a minute. I think that guy is into something. Maybe a vampire or werewolf. He’s too fast and jeeez! he’s so handsome at the same time,” Delia said.
I chuckled. “Vampire or werewolf? funny. Those are only in movies, I don’t believe em,” I said.
She shrugged. “Me either. Im just baffled at the way he fights and the words he always say; I hate war but if you bring me into a war, you’ll die by my sword. I just think there’s something about him,” she said.
“Well I did ask him but he said he is gonna tell me later.” I said.
“Alright,” she said. “..but what’s keeping him. Im hungry and wait, where did he go to anyways?”
“He’s on a punishment of taking the rest of his exams alone,” I said.
“Oh that’s bad for him,” she said. “..but is he intelligent?” she asked.
I chuckled. She laughed.
Just then, Jayson walked in.
I smiled. Seeing him excites me unknowingly.
He’s just cool and sweet to me.
Delia raised her brows at me. I smiled at her.
“I just like him,” I told her.
She raised her brows more.
Jayson got to me and without minding Delia or anybody else presence, he kissed my forehead.
I felt butterflies in my stomache.
Delia stared from him to me.
Jayson smiled at me.
“I took so long, you missed me right?” he asked.
I rolled my eyes. “Who?”
He smiled. “Stop the pretence, come.” he said and pulled me up from the seat and began walking out.
“My friend is here, have you forgotten?” I asked him. He stopped.
“Oh sorry. I thought you said she’s not your friend,” he said.
“She is,” I said and turned to Delia who I couldn’t picture the expression on her face.
“Let’s go Delia.” I said and she got down from my desk and smiled.
We walked out.
We got to the cafeteria and settled on an empty table, after making our orders.
I sat beside Jayson while Delia sat opposite me.
My eyes searched around for Neil and Tessy but I didn’t see them in the large place.
“Uhm sorry to ask you this Jayson but how did you beat up Justin? he’s the strongest guy in this school,” Delia asked Jayson who was picking his rice.
He smiled at her. “The way you saw it is the way it happened,” he said.
Delia raised his brow,“Really? how were you able to?”
“Stop the curiosity. I don’t talk while eating.” he said to her.
She smiled at me. “But you were going to tell Danelle if I wasn’t here right?”
Jayson looked at me with some eyes that said ‘You talk too much Danelle’
I swallowed.
He turned back to Delia. “Yes and do you have a problem with that?”
She shook her head, “Nop.”
“Alright let’s eat then,” he said.
I looked at Delia who smiled. I don’t understand her smile.
Lunch hour got over and we headed back to class. Delia went to hers and Jayson his and me to mine.
We had two more exams before school finally got over.
I packed my books into my bag and sat down, expecting Jayson.
And yes, he walked in few minutes later.
He got to me. “Where do we go today?” he asked, smiling.
I smiled. “Yesterday, you took me to the music class. Maybe today, we can go to the dance class,” I said and he laughed.
“Im all round. If you want us to go to the bedroom class, that will be really breathtaking,” he said and I hit him.
“Im just kidding,” he said.
“I promised to tell you something right?” he asked.
“Yes,” I said.
“But if you can’t keep it only to yourself then I can’t tell you,” he said.
“If it’s about Delia, I promise im not gonna tell her anything,” I promised.
But could what Delia said about Jayson be true?
Why should I keep it a secret?
I suddenly felt scared.
“Let’s go to somewhere private then, I found out a place yesterday,” he said and took my hand and we walked out.
Neil and Tessy were still in class and now im sure his eyes are on us.
I smiled but I was kinda scared of Jayson.
I silently prayed that what Delia said wouldn’t e true.
Jayson took me to a part of the school that i’ve never seen for the three years i’ve been schooling in Hamilton.
It was almost like outside the school.
A small narrow stream flowed across and the whole little place is filled with red hibiscus and white lilies.
He helped me sit on the only rock there while he stood beside me with his hands in his pullover pockets.
“Wowww.. here’s beautiful. How did you find here?” I asked.
“I just did, yesterday after you left,” he said.
“No one has ever mentioned here,” I said.
He smiled.
“So do you wanna hear about me now?” he asked.
“Yeah,” I said.
“But tell me, who or what do you think I am?” he asked.
I remembered what Delia said but I wouldn’t want to tell him Delia said something like that. It might anger him cos from the look of things, I see he don’t really like Delia.
“I don’t think of anything. You are Jayson,” I said.
“That’s a lie,” he said.
I inhaled. “Delia think you are a werewolf or vampire but I don’t wanna believe that,” I said.
He erupted into laughter. He kept laughing and I wondered what’s funny about what I just said but I can’t deny that his laughter is really handsome like he is..
First time im seeing him laugh so loud.
Sorry for the late posts.
I had very busy days. I missed you all.
From Author RiRi Library
All right reserved©

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