The BadBoy Diary
(A New Romance )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Chapter 4
Jayson came back when the first exam which is Practical Literature was about to begin.
Infact, the question papers had already been shared.
I’ve been so worried, wondering if he isn’t going to take the exams.
And when he walked in, I felt relieved.
He got to me, smiled which I returned before he looked at Harry who buried his face in his papers.
“I’ll still get the seat.” he said to Harry then winked at me before going to the empty backseat.
The class was silent.
Mr Cale and other two invigilators; Mr Kenneth and Mrs Pat moved around with the question papers and once it had gotten to everyone, Mr Cale ordered for the start.
I stared at the questions.
I know almost all of them but im sure Jayson doesn’t know any of it.
I glanced behind to see him staring at the paper.
I faced back to my paper.
I wish I could get the chance to help him.
I sighed and began writting down on my answer sheet.
When I glanced behind again, he was chewing his gum and tapping his fingers on the desk.
I sighed and faced the papers in my front.
‘I can’t help you. I wish I can, but exam malpractice isn’t done in Halmiton.’
An hour and fourty minutes later, time got up and the exam invigilators took the papers.
When I glanced back, Jayson’s head was on his desk.
“Your next paper is in an hour time, prepare!” Mr Cale said and they left.
I glanced behind again. His head is still on the desk.
Wait is he sleeping?
And truthfully he was sleeping cos twenty minutes later, his head was still on the desk.
I got up and walked to him.
I tapped him on the shoulder and he raised his face.
He wasn’t sleeping cos he didn’t seem like.
He had a slight cut on his upper lip and on his left cheek.
He smiled at me.
“Danelle, how was the exam?” he asked.
“Fine but I know it wasn’t for you,” I said.
He shrugged. “Normal stuff for me.”
“The main paper is coming soon,” I said.
He rolled his eyes, “Fuck it.”
I shook my head.
“Uhmm I thought you were sleeping, so I came to wake you up, you should be reading now,” I said.
He rolled his eyes, “Read my ass. Reading is the most boring thing in the world,” he said.
“Really?” I said.
“Yeap and don’t worry I wasn’t sleeping,I was thinking,” he said.
“Thinking? okay,” I said.
I would be stupid asking him what he was thinking, besides eyes are now staring at us.
“But I don’t mind reading with you,” he said.
“Yeap,” he said and stood up. He got out a textbook from his bag.
“Let’s read together.” he said and walked over to my desk with his chair.
He dropped it in front of my desk and sat down.
I inhaled, walked over and sat down, facing him.
Im sure all eyes will be at me and the newbie that twisted Justin’s arm today.
‘Including Neil and Tessy,’ the little voice within me said.
I avoided taking my eyes to their direction but I can’t deny that I did catch a glimpse.
They are reading together.
I felt so bitter. I’ll never fall inlove again. Men don’t deserve through love at all.
“It hurts right?” Jayson asked.
“What?” I asked, not getting him.
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He glanced at Neil and Tessy and faced me back, “They.”
“It do but im strong,” I said.
He chuckled. “Really? How strong are you?” he asked.
“Im strong enough to face it,” I said and opened my note book.
He opened his textbook.
“Are you strong enough like Justin?” he asked.
I smiled. “Im strong enough like you,” I said.
He laughed.
“Good to find someone who is strong like me,” he said.
I smiled.
Even though i am developing some hatred for guys, I can’t deny that I like this handsome, fearless, funny and arrogant boy sitting in front of me. He is sweet.
Being his friend won’t be a bad thing. At least for someone who twisted Justin’s arm.
He brought his face closer like he wanna whisper something to me. He have stopped chewing his gum.
“So tell me, how cute am I?” he asked.
“Huh!” I blurted.
He pulled back his face.
“Cos you’ve staring at me,” he said.
I rolled my eyes in pretence but the truth is that I was actually admiring his handsomeness, his blue beach eyes and his blonde hair.
His lips is just too attractive.
“Stop denying it,” he said.
“What! I was only looking at the injuries on your lip and cheek. Sorry about it. It hurt much?”I asked.
“It doesn’t hurt one bit,” he said.
I remembered the books on my desk.
“But stop lying Danelle, you were admiring my cuteness,” he said.
“I wasn’t!” I snapped. I bet my voice was loud because eyes turned to me, including Tessy and Neil and somehow, I felt happy that Jayson is more handsome than Neil.
When I turned back to Jayson, he was smiling.
“Let’s read. It’s almost time.” I said.
He brought out two bubble gum, opened one, threw it into his mouth and stretched the other one to me.
“Thanks, I don’t want.” I said. He smiled and dropped it on the desk.
“I love chewing gum while reading, what about you?” he asked.
“I love silence,” I said.
“Ah yeah yeah I love that,” he said and glanced at Harry who’s eyes were buried on his books.
“I’ll still get that seat, trust me,” he said.
“…what do you think dad?” I asked my dad who’s eyes were on the shakespearean novel.
He looked up.
“I told you son. She can never wait for you. She might be very inlove with you but she can’t wait for you,” he said.
“She promised to. She said she is gonna stand by me, stay with me and love me no matter the circumstances,” I said.
“What if she’s with someone else?” he said.
“Clara can’t do that!” I said.
He smiled. “I tell you son, you are a prisoner and we are not getting out of here soon,” he said.
“Just shut up dad! you caused this all for me! I regret ever knowing who you are!” I said.
He smiled.
“You enjoyed the money and the fame or didn’t you dear son?” he asked.
“You made me do every single mistake that I did!” I barked.
“Because I wanted you to be comfortable and rich, just like me, your father,” he said.
“And where are all these fames now huh!” I asked.
“You had enjoyed it all and now it’s time to pay,” he said.
I wanted to hit him with the anger boiling in me but I couldn’t. He’s still my dad.
I walked to the door with a bitter heart.
Why haven’t Clara come again to see me? it’s a week now.
What’s wrong? she promised to come.
It is true that she’s suddenly with someone else?
No I cant let that happen. No one can have her. She’s mine alone.
It’s either I have her or no one else will.’
I smiled as a plan suddenly formed in my head.
I recalled someone, someone that can do the job perfectly but it’s how im gonna get intouch with her.
I hit my fist on the door. ‘Oh fuck this cell!’
If I don’t have Clara then no one can have her.
She’s mine. Clara is all mine.
[Hamilton high school] Danelle’s pov
The Exams were over for today and I packed up my books into my backpack.
Jayson was standing infront with earphones deep in his ears.
I wore my bag and looked at him cos he was blocking the way.
“Where are you going?” he asked as he dropped one of the earphone off his ear.
“To the girls dormitory,” I said.
“Really, so early? Come let’s take a walk around the school,” he said.
“I don’t want to,” I said and tried walking pass but he took my hand.
“Shh let’s go,” he said and pulled me along.
I met Delia at the hallway.
She gasped at seeing Jayson. I wonder why.
“Oh my…” she muttered and then smiled at him then at me.
“Im going to the dormitory babe, see you there,” she said to me.
“Nooo, im going with you.” I said and tried taking my hand from Jayson’s hold but it was just strong.
“Don’t worry, your friend is safe with me,” he said to Delia who gave him some kinda smile and walked away.
“How many friends do you have in this school?” he asked.
“Why asking and how did you know my name back there at the class?” I asked.
“Answer mine first,” he said.
“I have no friend now. I don’t wanna have,” I said.
He turned me over to face him.
“What? what about me?” he asked.
“You ain’t. She isn’t too. We just talk,” I said.
“We just talk too?” he asked.
“Yes,” I said.
“Alright,” he said and pulled out the necklace he wore and wore it on my neck.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
He took my bangle which a wore and wore it on his wrist.
“Symbol of our friendship. We are now friends. Keep it safe,” he said with as smile.
Seriously who is this guy!
It was then that I saw Neil and Tessy walk pass. They saw everything, im sure.
Somehow I felt that Jayson did what he just did because of them. I felt kinda happy.
He took my hand again.
“Why are holding my hand?” I asked.
“Don’t act like you are some kid. Don’t you want to revenge?” he asked.
“Revenge on what? who?” I asked.
He rolled his eyes. “The asshole that just passed with the whore you called a bestfriend,” he said.
“And im gonna revenge by us holding hands?” I asked, amuzed.
“Silly nop! I mean by being with me. He’s gonna regret ever toying with your heart,” he said.
“Being with you in what way?” I asked.
“Being my friend. What are you thinking?” he chuckled.
I chuckled. “Being your friend isn’t gona make him regret toying with my heart,” I said.
“Just accept to be and you’ll see how it works,” he said.
“Alright but just friends,” I said.
I really wanna hurt Neil for hurting me. I want to make him regret ever hurting me but I don’t wanna use force but make it an emotional hurtness and maybe that is what Jayson is talking about.
Emotional hurtness and regret.
Im in.
“Yeap just friends but it won’t be a bad thing if you later fall inlove with me cos im hot!” he said with a smile.
I rolled my eyes. “Stop thinking such,” I said.
He smiled.
“Let’s go to the music class. I want to sing,” he said.
“You can sing?” I asked.
“Yeap,” he said.
We headed towards the music class.
“How did you know my name back there in class?” I asked again.
“Stop asking that, I saw it on your textbook,” he said.
Oh smart.
But he still held my hand. The hand where he wore my bangle.
I can’t believe im wearing this guy’s necklace, all in just one day.
We got to the music classroom and he settled on the keyboard and switched it on. I sat beside him and he played the keys perfectly.
“Sing Danelle,” he said.
“I can’t sing,” I said.
He smiled.
“ Looking at these pretty eyes of yourss ” he sang ans played.
Wow what a voice. His voice is really different when he sings, more sweeter.
“ And this beautiful hair that you’ve got ” he sang the second line.
Wow.. but wait, is he talking about me?
Your smile is amazing, just like the one on your beautiful face now he said.
Ah.. this guy! he’s singing about mee.
Tell me, Isn’t it best to fall inlove with you
Fall inlove with who??
“How was the song??” he asked, smiling.
I smiled.
“Wow, sincerely speaking, you have a sweet voice when you sing, but annoying voice when you speak,” I said.
He laughed.
“I got the voice from my mom, that’s just the way her voice was,” she said.
“Wow.. she must be an angel in singing,” I said.
“Yeah but she’s gone,” he said.
“Gone to where?” I asked.
“Heaven to sing with God Angels,” he said with a hurtful smile. I saw it.
My face went pale. “Im sorry about that,” I said.
He smiled. “I’ve gotten over it. I have my dad but he’s pretty annoying,” he said.
“Just like you are,” I said.
He smiled and played the keyboard again.
“There’s this song I just remembered. Let’s sing it together. All you’ll do is play this key every two seconds while I play the rest,” he said showing me the key.
I smiled. “Alright.” I played the key. Wow. I can’t wait to hear the song.
“So at the count of one, two, three, you play,” he said.
I smiled.
“Alright,” I said and got ready.
“One two three go,” he said and I played the key, he also played the rest and then he began a song.
If the whisper said come,
Are you gonna come to meee
His voice when singing is outta this world.
From Author RiRi Library
All right reserved©

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