The BadBoy Diary
(A New Romance )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Chapter 1
[Around 3pm, same saturday| Hamilton High school] It was saturday again and every Hamilton student know what the day holds for us. Freedom from classes but lots of fun and leisure.
Just like we always do, Neil and I decided to play table tennis. Tessy was off for her cheerleader practice.
The week has been stressful, so much.’
I caught the tennis and hit it back to him.
‘Reading for hours at night and writing it all down at the examination hall. It’s been hell and we still got two weeks left.’
I got the tennis and hit it back to him and smiled at the very hard way that I did though he caught it.
‘The new guy who had to be admitted to the school by this time when the term is almost over and during the exam period. How possible and who is he really for Mr Hansburg to approve his admission.’
“Babe, have you heard about the newbie in school?” Neil suddenly asked like he was reading my thought.
“Yes I did. I wonder why Mr Handsburg had to give him such admission,” I said.
“Uhmm he’s said to be related to the proprietor and that he’s really a badass,” Neil said.
“Now I get it,” I said.
He dropped his racket as his phone rang in his shirts pocket.
He took it out and glanced at it.
“Bae I’ll be back. Some nigga wants my presence,” he said.
“Alright,” I said and he left the tennis court.
I let him go far enough then I followed carefully behind him, hiding at crook and corner so he doesn’t see me.
I gotta find our if it’s actually his friends he was going to see.’
He turned to the way leading to the old ballet practice hall.
‘Oh, this isn’t about his niggas, something’s fishy and ofcourse, im gon.a find out.’
My mind went to Tessy.
I kept following secretly behind him.
He got to the doorless entrance to the large hall and I quickly hid behind a big pillar. I felt his eyes roam around before he entered into the hall.
I waited a while before comig out and tiptoed to the side of the door where I peeped in to find the greatest shock of my life.
Neil and my bestfriend Tessy where kissing and fondling with each other’s clothes. The large hall was dark but a little light came from the door.
The things that happened next made me feel nausea and got me dumb.
Tessy turned round, her back on him. She placed her hands on the ballet teacher’s old desk.
Neil pulled down her cheerleader skirt followed by her pant. Then he loosened his belt and he brought out his….
A masculine hand covered my mouth tightly and his other hand wrapped round my stomache and he pulled me back. Fear gribbed me.
I landed on his body with my back widening my eyes in fright.
“Shh don’t make a noise,” he whispered into my ears.
His cologne smelt awesome.
“Come, come” he whispered and pulled me more back with him.
I stared at his had round my stomache. He has three stars tatoo on the wrist.
He stopped pulling.
“I’ll remove my hands now and when I do, no noise, im not a murderer,” he said.
“Show a sign that you are in,” he said.
I nodded my head and so he released his hands.
I turned to see it’s the newbie.
His blonde hair were rather too bright and his blue eyes stupidly made my stomache tighten.
He’s rather too handsome to be a guy. But is this what I should be thinking about or the-
I turned my eyes to the hall entrance with a shattering heart.
“How does that make you feel?” he asked.
“It feel like a dream that I must wake up from,” I said.
He chuckled. “Well I will say it’s fun. ohh…” he dragged me and we found ourselves in a hidden corner.
I stared confusely at him. How fast did he do that?
He only returned my look with a smile.
“They are out. It was just a quickie. Ah bad I hate that shit,” he said.
I managed how I got the kinda energy cos I forcefully pulled myself away from his hold and stormed out and stood in front of my now two worst nightmare who paused on their track, shocked to the bone to see me standing in front of them.
The newbie still hid there, obviously listening.
“Bae, what are you doing here?” Neil spoke.
I walked to him and gave him the hardest slap accross his stupid face. He staggered back by the force of the slap.
Tessy moved backwards in fright.
Neil placed his hand on his now red cheek, nursing the pain.
I controlled the hot tears about to pour down my eyes.
“I felt it but I was doubting all this weeks! I had no idea it has gotten to even the point of sex! sex at the old ballet hall. Neil how could you!”
I turned to Tessy who stared at me with scared eyes.
“Theresa Hogan,” I called her by her full names. “I took you like a best friend and a sister to me. How could you stab me behind my back! How could you betray me?”
I couldn’t control the tears anymore as they rolled freely down my eyes.
“Nelle, I- I” Tessy stammered but Neil took her hand, shocking me the most.
“Danelle you see,” he cleared his throat. “I knew you were gonna find out someday. I had wanted to tell you a long time ago but Tessy was being scared and now you have found out, and now im gonna say it out and clear to you that it’s over between you and I, Im really sorry. Tessy is the girl im inlovw with now so please move on, im sorry Danelle,” he said leaving me paralysed.
Tessy said nothing more but I saw her hidden scornful smile as they walked away hand in hand.
I wiped the hot tears that was tickling down my cheeks
“Oh wow… I loved that slap you gave him,” the new guy suddenly said behind me.
I turned.
“Just get lost!” I yelled at him and ran away in tears.
Back to
[Around 8pm, same day| Seasore Resort] I came back with a tray of different dishes, fruits and dessert juices.
Clara was in towel and sat uncomfortably at the edge of the bed.
I smiled.
“Im sorry I took a little long,” I said and walked to the suite where I dropped the tray on the table.
I came back and squatted in front of her as I touched her cheek.
Her hair weren’t packed. I touched it They were kinda wet.
“Im sorry, I could have ordered a showercap for you,” I said.
She touched her hair.
“That’s okay,” she said.
I smiled. The happiness she gives me is beyond description.
I can’t believe how lucky I am.
She crossed her arms tryna hold the towel from falling off her chest.
My eyes landed on her chest then back to her face.
“I can’t wear the gown,” she said.
I nodded.
“I know. Im gonna get you a pj,” I said and got up.
I walked to the wardrobe and opened it, searched through and found one of my pj, white with blue, yellow and red stripes. I picked the trouser and shirt out and walked to her.
“Wear this,” I said.
“Would be big on me Drake,” she said.
I smiled. “Not really, try it,” I said.
She it and gave me some look. I shifted back and she got up and turned towards the ensuite.
I smiled when she went in and closed the door.
I sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed my face in smiles.
I fell on the bed and spread my arms.
“Finally,” I breathed out.
It’s a dream come true.
No one would understand the joy I feel right now.
I had no idea it was gonna happen so fast. Even the sex. Ah, it was amazing.
And when she slept off after it. I wanted to make it all romantic. I wanted to bring a smile to her face and I wanted to do something that would make her say yes to me.
So I got the idea and quickly ordered those things and it was brought in time.
And everything worked as I had wished. She gave me the chance that I never thought I was gonna get.
And nothing’s ever gonna make me loose her, nothing. She still love Noah but im gonna try my best to make her fall outta love with him because im gonna do everything possible to make her fall inlove with me.
I smiled and touched the side where my my heart beats.
“Thank you,” I breathed out.
The ensuite door opened. I removed my hand from my chest as Clara came back dressed in the pj. It look big on her but she look just beautiful.
I sat up. “You look awesome,” I said.
That made her chuckle.
“That’s a lie.” she said.
“C’mon it’s not. Come here,” I said as I stood up and took her hand.
“Where are we going to?” she asked.
“To have your dinner,” I said.
“And you holding my hand?” she asked.
I smiled. “Yes I have to. Come on before the meal gets too cold,” I said and led her to the suite and she sat on the couch.
I sat beside her and put on the tv.
I opened the dishes and poured a juice into the glass cup then I picked the fork.
I tried feeding her.
“Here open your mouth Clara,” I said.
“Feed me?” she chuckled.
“Yeahh” I said.
“Yeah I want to.”
She shifted abit away, “I not sick this time,” she said.
“I am the sick one here, im sick inlove with you Clara and I wouldn’t want you stressing yourself when im here. Come on get your mouth open.” I said.
She finally did and I fed her. This act reminded me of the time she fell sic at maymack and I fed her right there on her bedroom.
I smiled at the memory.
Minutes later, the plates were empty.
I ate as well.
A resort attendant came and took the dishes away.
“Do you want to take a walk around the resort. We could go to the beach,” I told her.
“No,” she said with her eyes on the tv displaying a music playing.
I nodded and crossed my left arm over her shoulder.
I noticed her pale face.
“Is there something you’re thinking about?” I asked and stroked my fingers gently through her now packed hair.
“Nothing,” she said.
I kissed her hair.
“Tell me the truth please,” I said.
She breathed out.
“It’s so hard to believe that we we had sex Drake and not just that, I said yes to your proposal but do I even feel remorse about it? I don’t know,” she said, still facing the tv.
I gently brought my hand to her chin and turned her face to look at me.
I looked into her pretty brown eyes as they stared into mine.
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“I swear Clara..It was meant to happen. If it wasn’t meant to then trust me, it wouldn’t have. It was meant to be this way and that was why it happened and I swear, it only made my undying love for you to become stronger and nothing in this world would make me hurt you and let you drop a tear. I promise to love you always and never stop.”
She just stared at me. Her eyes not blinking.
“Believe me Clara. We are meant to be inlove. It was meant for us to make love. Not just once but again and again. I can swear that I can see my future with you and our unborn kids.”
She looked away.
“And Noah, what about him?” she asked.
I inhaled.
“Look at me Clara,” I said and brought her face to look at me. She look sad.
About Noah! The same Noah!
“You see Clara. Noah might love you and you love him too but your future isn’t with him. It’s high time you starr believing this Clara. The debth you owened him was forgiveness which you had paid. Your future is with me me and mine is with you,” I said.
“Why do you say that?” she asked.
“C’mon Clara have you forgotten about the dream. We had the same dream. It seem like something which only occurs in stories and movies but it happened btween us. Can’t you see that even the spiritual and God wants us together not only your mom and your sister. It’s obvious. When you told me that you had the same dream, I had no idea what took control of me and I kissed you. I kissed you and never wanted to stop. The spirit, the body and humans, everything supports us in this so let’s do it. Let’s be together Clara and everything will be fine. If you think im gonna break your heart or hurt you in anyway, then I can swear with my life.” I said.
She looked away and touched the necklace I wore on her.
“Drake I don’t know. I wanna be with Noah but again, I wanna be with you. Im confused. Everyone wants us to be together. My sister, my mom, my friend Louisa, even Mrs Roger and the nurse you saw at Gra Avantees. No one wants me for Noah. When you kissed me I felt like a spell waa casted on me, I lost control of myself. Did you use charm on me?”
She looked at me.
I shook my head and cup her cheeks in my palms.
“No Clara. It’s the sign, it’s the pull, the force of truel love. It’s called the power of true love. It does magic. The heart knows truely that I love you and wanna spend the rest of my life with you,” I said.
She blinked her eyes and sighed.
“Like I said, I wanna be with Noah and again, I wanna be with you.” she said.
I smiled.
At least she said she wanna be with me too
“Im giving you this chance because of my sister and not anybody else but her, because I love her so much and don’t want her hurt. But im going to see Noah tomorrow. He would be expecting mw and I wouldn’t want him to feel neglected,” she said.
I caressed her cheek with a smile.
“That’s okay,” I said but there is no way im gonna let her go to that Noah.
I have a perfect plan about it. She’ll have to accept to move on and not just because I want her to be mine but also for her future.
She can’t risk that all for him.
I know what to do.
She touched the necklace again.
“It’s beautiful,” she said.
“You are more beautiful,” I said and kissed her forehead. Then my eyes fell on her lips.
“Can can I kiss your lips?” I asked.
She gave no answer.
I cup her cheeks on my palms again and kissed her
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