The bad boy diary

The BadBoy Diary
(A New Romance )
Written by Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Episodes 17
Waking up to a beautiful woman, the woman who I’d do anything and everything for. This sleeping beauty here, Clara Adams.
I smiled as I caressed her hair.
So pretty
I sat up, walked out of the bed and walked into the bathroom to wash my face and after that, I then walked out and took a brief look at her.
I smiled and walked out to the kitchen to make coffee.
‘Finally, she has fallen for me. She has realized her feelings for me and she said it out to me. I think I’m the luckiest man on earth right now.’
“Oh I feel like flying” I said, laughing.
‘Last night was…special, amazing. When two people who true love each other make love, it’s out ta this world.’
Clara is the second woman I’ve given my whole heart to. Why do I believe so much that she wouldn’t hurt me, ever?
Well because she had faced such twice and I can feel how strongly she love me.
Smiling, I continued with the coffee I was making and began a song.
It’s a beautiful feeling.
What we got deep inside
We got a flame that will last forever
Together you and I…
I danced as I sang.
Such a rush of emotions
There’s no way we can push it away
Cos they’ll never tear our love apart
Our bond will never break…
(Michael learns To Rock – Eternal love)
“Do you love our new home?” he asked me as I stared amazingly at the big house and every wonderful thing inside it.
I thought I lost my breath.
There are hundreds of red rose petals dropped everywhere in the magnificent living room and looking up, there are lighted candles lined up the beautiful staircase.
There were soft tunes of strings and violins playing upstairs and I thought I was in some paradise.
“Don’t you like it?” he asked.
“Of course I do.. It’s so beautiful.” I said, placing my hands on my excitedly fast beating heart.
He took my hand and lead me upstairs. “Come with me, my love, there’s something special I wanna show you,” he said.
The candles stopped in front of one of the bedroom doors and he opened the door. It was dark but he led me in.
The scent in the room felt wonderful and I could also perceive sweet aroma of a nice meal.
“Drake, I can’t really wait to see, can you turn on the light now?” I asked.
No answer.
“Drake?” I called and tried touching him but I couldn’t feel him again and he wasn’t holding me anymore.
“Drake, where are you? I can’t see you,” I said as I suddenly became scared.
“Drake, where are you!,” my voice became louder as my fear became heavier.
I searched around, moving about in the darkness, touching my hand wherever I can to find the switch but I wasn’t.
“Drakeeeeeee!!!!” I screamed and that was the end, I woke up, breathing heavily.
I sat up. “Drake,” I called.
The door opened and he rushed in with a tray of two coffee cups.
I breathed out.
He rushed to me and sat facing me, “Are you alright, I heard you yell my name?” he said and touched my cheek.
I inhaled and exhaled.
“I’m fine.. It’s just a dream,” I said.
He smiled and caressed my hair.
“That’s fine. Will you like to tell me about the dream?” he asked.
“I.. feel like I should,” I said.
He smiled and came onto the bed, placed the tray in between us and crossed his legs. I crossed mine too.
He took one of the cup and stretched it to me.
“Good morning coffee to start a wonderful day, knowing that someone here loves you so much and wouldnt do anything that would hurt you but everything that will make you happy,” he said, melting my heart.
I smiled and took the cup. “Thank you.”
He smiled and took his as we sipped together.
“Do you wanna tell me now?” he asked.
I sipped coffee and nodded.
He smiled, “I’m dying to listen to my girlfriend’s dream,” he said causing me to smile.
“In that dream,” I began. “You put a blind fold on my eyes and took me somewhere, when we got to our destination, you removed the blindfold and it was a beautiful home, so big and heart catching. There were roses on the floor and lighted candles up lined up the staircase.
You said it was our new home and asked if I don’t like it? Of course I said said that I do and you took my hand and led me upstairs, telling me that there’s something you wanna show me.
You took me to a dark room that smelt wonderful and also smelt like there were sweet dishes there but I couldn’t see if there was cos it was dark.
When I couldn’t hold back the anticipation of wanting to see the room, I called you to turn on the light but you didnt answer. I kept calling you but you didnt answer. I searched in the dark but couldn’t feel you and touch you neither did you answer me.. I became extremely scared and yelled out your name so loud and woke up.” I narrated it all and he was silent for awhile, thinking I guess but then he smiled and touched my cheek.
“There’s nothing to be scared of okay, I’m here and will never leave you in the dark. Its something I will never do, you have to trust me Clara,” he said.
“Ofcourse I trust you.. but I feel weird about this dream. I think its a danger sign,” I said.
“Danger sign.. You mean that I’m going to leave you, break your heart, hurt you” he asked.
“Not that, I feel something more dangerous. Like you getting into trouble. I mean, I feel like you are going to get hurt.” I said.
He leaned closer and kissed me, then looked into my eyes. “Don’t think about anything. Nothing is gonna happen OK. I’m here and I’m gonna be with you, stay with you and protect you,” he said.
I nodded.
“So please don’t be scared. ” he said.
“I wont” I said.
He kissed my forehead and my nose and pulled away.
“You are going to work in an hour time, so you need to finish this up and prepare for work,” he said.
I smiled and began sipping the coffee, he did same as we stared lovingly at each other.
[Hamilton High school] Danelle
Waking up to a wonderful Saturday, I smiled recalling my precious moments with Jayson last night.
I sat up and stretched myself, smiling as my eyes roamed the dormitory. Few had woken up but many were still sleeping due to how late the party ended.
I remembered Jayson had walked me to the gate of Girls dormitory with our hands intertwined.
It was wonderful dancing with him and after that, sitting together and drinking together. How he took my drink away cos I was drinking too much.
I smiled at all that.
What he acted in front of that jerk, Sly. Took my hand and we walked away together. Oh I remember Delia was there too..
Wait, Delia? I didnt see her after that.
I looked at her bed and she isn’t there.
Why did Jayson tell me to be careful of the friends that I make, even Delia?
Why was she with him at the restroom passageway.
Well, I think she was also looking for me and they met while doing that.
I know Jayson had a dislike for Delia from the very day and I shouldn’t really bother about that. Well whatever it is, I feel so happy today cos I’m going to the tennis court with Jayson and a swimming, (oh I miss that) and… Ninja practice.
I’m learning.. Haha.
Argh I need to take my clothes to a Dry cleaner.
I got down from the bed, pulled into my slippers, picked my toiletries and headed to the bathroom.
On the way, I saw Delia in a towel. And her toiletries in her hand.
“Hi Delia,” I called and she smiled but her smile seem differently odd. It doesn’t feel bright.
“Danelle,” she said.
“You’ve had your bathe already. Aighhh.. I need to go do mine now,” I said with a smile.
“Hmm.. Nice, you have to. I knew you had so much fun at the party with Jayson,” she said.
I smiled. “We danced. It was nice,” I said.
“Alright,” she said and walked away.
I turned, gave her back a brief look, before walking into one of the unoccupied bathroom.
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[G.A Hospital ] Clara
He pulled into Gra-Avantees hospital and stopped at the parking lot.
I unfastened my seatbelt. He leaned close and we kissed.
“Have a nice day. Take care of yourself dear, bye. ” he said.
I smiled. “Have a nice day as well and take care if yourself too, bye.”
“I will If you will,” he said.
“I will,” I said.
We smiled at each other.
“Drive safely,” I said.
He smiled. “I always do.”
“There were times you werent” I said remembering those weeks as a new neighbour.”
He laughed. “Thats all in the past and I’m glad they happened.” he said.
I smiled, picked my bag, and opened the door.
“Bye,” I said and walked down.
“Bye,” he said and I closed the door and headed to the hospital building with smiles on my face.
I walked through the hallway and met Johanna talking with doctor Vanessa.
She saw me and smiled.
“Welcome nurse Clara,”
“Thank you Nurse Johanna, hello Dr. Venessa,” I said.
“Hello Nurse Clara, welcome,” Dr. Vanessa answered with a smile.
I walked past them and headed to an elevator.
Getting in, I pressed the second floor and soon, I got to the second floor and stepped out of the elevator but bumped into someone.
A man, I looked up and it’s the retired Detective.
“I’m sorry,” I said.
“I’m sorry too.” he said with a smile.
I walked pass him and turned left towards my room. I got inside and fell on my chair.
“I feel so happy,” I said, smiling.
Once she went into the hallway, I started the car and drove out of the hallway, heading to a car company.
I’m thinking of proposing to her soonest and since I’d be moving out of maymack this weekend, I’d want us to move out together and have a quiet court wedding.
Which means I’d have to meet her mom and of course that lovely talk active sister of hers, Danelle. We haven’t spoken for long and now I really feel like giving her a call.. Since today is Saturday, she won’t be in class.
My proposal idea I think it’s quite beautiful.
‘What about get her a sweet car and drive it down to the hospital with some beautiful decoration and a lady singing a Celine Dion song while two or three violinist play, since she love Celine Dion songs so much.
Then I’d propose to her in front of everyone present.’
I smiled at such idea. It’d be sweet. Yeah.
I will think over it again.
I opened the door and Nikky walked in.
“Hey B,” she smiled and removed her face cap.
“My dad left about two hours ago.” I said.
“You opened the door, what about mrs Edmond?” she asked.
“Out to the grocery shop.” I said.
She walked up the stairs and I walked behind her.
“So did you track her?” I asked.
“Yeah.. They are dating now.. He drove her to work and I’m certain he’s been doing that all this while because her car’s broke down. Well I didnt want to follow after him after she got down from his car but when he followed another road, I had to and well, he pulled up in a car company. I think he wanna get a new car or probably get a car for her,” she said.
“They are dating?” I fumed.
“Yeah,” she said and walked into her room, pulled off her gloves and collapsed on the bed.
I sat down on the chair.
“I hate to hear about that brat. When are you getting rid of her?” I asked.
She rubbed her forehead instead of answering me.
“Nikky?” I called.
“Tonight or tomorrow, I would need to go to the hospital and follow her.
I’m certain that Drake will drive her home and to kill her, I have to make sure that Drake isn’t with her.” she said.
I thought for awhile. “Yeah you are right.”
She got off the bed, pulled off her shoes and wore a slippers.
“I’m damn hungry, Im going to the kitchen now” she said, grabbed her phone and walked out.
I scattered the things on the dressing table I anger.
“They are dating! Not possible. Not possible! I can’t stand this anymore!!”


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