The bad boy diary

The BadBoy Diary
(A New Romance )
Written by Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Episodes 14
(The party 1)
School dismiss bell rang and the classroom became all noisy, lousy, and so annoying.
Everyone kept talking about the birthday party tonight.
I rolled my eyes as I dropped my books into my bag.
We are having only three subjects next week and that’s a lot of relief. After that, summer break.
Great. I’m going to sis. Clara. We should visit Motana park and so many places again. Right? Since I’m gonna spend so much weeks!
She, Drake, I and…
I sighed, as memories flashed back.
I shouldn’t worry about all this.
I was shot out of my sad thoughts by a headphone which was placed on my head (the song, Boyfriend by Justin Bieber was playing) and then a firm warm arm wrapped me in a hug from behind.
I already knew who it was, who else but Jayson.
“If I was your boyfriend, I’ll never let you go” he said.
I hit him.
“You should take permission before hugging a friend. Such a pervert,” I said.
He dispatched the hug and came to my front, smiling.
I removed the headset, stretching it back to him.
He slide his hands into his pocket.
“I thought the noise was too much for a friend, so I came to help,” he said.
I smiled and wore it back.
“Thanks dear friend” I said, stood up and picked up my bag.
“Let’s go,” I said.
“may I have your hand then?” He said.
I chuckled. “Why not?”
We laughed and he took my hand.
As we were leaving the class, I turned back to see Neil and Tessy’s eyes on us.
I turned away and smiled.
We were about using the class exit doorv when two girls and classmates blocked us, smiling.
“Excuse us,” Jayson said to them.
They glanced at theirselves and smiled.
One name is Olivia and the other, I think her name is Eve.
Olivia is tall with straight black hair while Eve is shorter fat and a bit shorter with short, fringe, brown hair.
They seem to be best friends and among the lousy girls in the class.
“Wait Mr handsome, no rush.. We got something to say,” Olivia said and Eve grinned.
“What?” Jayson asked, a little impatient.
He still held my hand.
Their eyes went down to our intertwined hands and back to our face and they smiled awkwardly which made me roll my eyes.
“Well we are just curious to know you guys relationship. You guys seem to be doing all things together huh, you guys dating?” Olivia said.
I had no idea why my heart began beating fast.
“And, wasn’t it just last week that Jayson got enrolled here?” Eve said, giving Jayson some look.
“Maybe you guys knew yourselves before huh?” Olivia said.
I rolled my eyes.
“What’s your business with that huh?” Jayson asked.
They glanced at themselves and back to us.
“Nothing.” Eve said, smiling.
“Well, see you guys at the party” Olivia said and they left.
I breathed out. Jayson looked at me and smiled.
“What’s there to smile about?” I asked.
We walked out of the classroom.
“Everything Danelle. What song is playing now?” He asked.
Ahh I totally forgot I had a headphone.
“Love yourself” I said.
“Ofcos I do, but what uhm, that love is incomplete without someone,” he said.
I wanted to ask who but tch thats not my business.
“Won’t you ask me who?” He said.
“Thats not my business.. I guess there’s no reason for me to know,” I said.
He stopped causing me to stop too since he’s holding my hand.
We turned to me, I turned to him.
“What? Friends are supposed to tell each other things huh,” I said.
I raised my brows, “Really?”
“Yes,” he said and pulled me on as we continued our walk out of the school building and towards the place we’d practice.
I sighed. I’m so exhausted to practice today.
“I think we shouldn’t be practicing on Fridays” I said.
“Only few days and you are already quoting” he said.
I rolled my eyes. “Im not quiting. I’m just kinda tired today after that stressful exams.” I said.
He smiled.
“Alright, let’s sit here for awhile or you are hungry, do you wanna eat?” He asked.
I smiled. “Nope, I’m fine. Let’s sit here”
He smiled and pulled me to sit with him.
We sat down on the grass and stared at the trees and flowers ahead.
They danced to the passing wind. The atmosphere was great.
“You are still holding my hand,” I said.
He smiled and squeezed my hand instead.
“Ouch, I’m not playing with you,” I half-yelled and hit him with my right hand.
He smiled and pushed his head back.
‘Idiot, I know you are cute, so quit doing that.’
“What are you thinking?” he asked, staring at me.
I raised my brow. “Huh”
“You’ve been staring at me, maybe admiring this handsome guy sitting beside you right?” He smirked.
I hissed in pretence and turned away, back to staring at the trees and flowers.
“Such a presence” he said, smiling.
“You think so? I’m the least of girls who would admire someone like,” I looked at him with a smirk “you”
He bursted into laughter.
“I will take that as the opposite,” he said.
I rolled my eyes.
“Danielle,” he called after few seconds.
“Jayson” I answered.
“About the birthday party, are you gonna be there?” he asked.
“If I don’t, then I will be the only one in the dormitory tonight” I said.
“Yeah thats right.” he said.
I removed the headphone to take a look at it.
“More cute than you,” I said.
“You think so?” he said.
“Yeah” I smirked.
“I don’t mind” he said and scattered my hair.
“What!” Shouted.
“Ah, you should be glad that I touched your hair instead of shouting” he said.
I laughed and gave him a smirk.. Then I scattered his hair too.
He laughed and came to scatter mine again but I dodged and fell on the grass and someone I saw him on top me.
His face so close to mine, his lips so close to mine.
My heart began beating. It seems our heart was beating at the same rate.
His blue eyes roamed around my face.. His lips were a bit ajar and it felt stupidly attractive. His eyes appeared so charming.
I felt like touching his handsome face.
I swallowed.
But wait, why is his face getting more closer?
Why are you so beautiful Danelle?
You are making me fall in love with you.
How do I tell you about it.
How do I confess this to you cos you might not want it.
You might misunderstand Danelle.
Your lips, why are they so sexy?
I wanted to place my finger on this lips and then place my lips but I can’t even though I feel my face getting closer.
What I’m I doing?
Is this right to do without her permission?
She told me not to yesterday… And going for it today again might make her think ill about me.
I love you Danelle.. I can’t wait to kiss you.
“Jayson!” Her voice slapped me out of my thoughts.
“Huh?” I muttered with raised brows.
She pushed me off with all her strength.
“Don’t you realize how heavy you are huh!” She said.
I sighed and placed my arms behind my head and stared at the sky.
She did same.
“Won’t you at least apologize huh. Such a jerk” She said.
I smiled. “Why should I?”
I heard noises. It was far and faint.
“I think someone or some people are spying on us,” I said to her.
She sat up immediately, looking quite scared.
“Nothing to be scared of, should be some classmates.” I said.
She sighed and played down.
“You are such a puppy” I smiled.
“Shut up, you jerk” she shouted.
“Ahh thats okay, puppy”
“Ofcos jerk”
I smiled.
You are really changing me Danelle.
Because of you, I’m glad I came to Hamilton high school.
I walked out of the hospital building to see Drake waiting for me at his car.
Drake… When will you stop being this nice to me.
With a smile, I walked to him and he did the sweetest thing, he took my hands and kissed me on the forehead.
“I missed you today,” he said.
I smiled.. I want to tell him that I missed him too but I couldn’t just say it out.
“How was work today?” he asked.
“Awesome,” I said. “and yours?” I asked.
“Awesome as well” he said.
Soon we were inside the car, we fastened our seatbelt and he drove off.
He checked the time. “The party starts at nine,” he said.
I smiled. “Alright. Which means we have just an hour.” I said.
He smiled. “Yeah”
The rest of the drive was in silence except for the music playing on the stereo.
Once in a while, I took glances at him and sure he did same and each time our eyes meet, we smile at each other.
I thought he was gonna start up a topic, but surprisingly, he didnt.
In fifteen minutes we were in Maymack, he drove into apartment 3 and pulled up.
I unfastened my seatbelt.
“Ring the doorbell in twenty minutes, I will try to be fast in my dressing,” I said.
He smiled. “There’s something I want you to try on,” he said.
“What?” I asked.
“Excuse me,” he said and unfastened his seatbelt.
He lowered the seat, turned, stretched his hand to the backseat and pulled up a cream coloured shopping bag with the name labelled ‘Lady Victoria.”
“Here” he stretched the bag to me.
I hesitated before taking it.
“I don’t know what to say Drake. I think I will when I see what’s inside.” I said.
He smiled.
“Go now,” he said.
I opened the door, walked down from the car, closed the door and headed up to my apartment.
‘I can’t believe Drake bought me a dress for the party?’
I felt excited.
I couldn’t wait to see the dress.
I unlocked my door and walked in. I foundvthe switch and the lihts came on. I threw my bag on the couch and opened the shopping bag to reveal a wine dress with two strap that is tied st the back of the netlck and left to fall down the bare back.
The cleavage is V-crossed and I’m afraid abit of f my cleavage might show but it doesn’t matter.
I looked into the bag again to see two pairs of cream-colored stiletto heels.
Wow.. Drakeeeee.
I have to try this On.
I ran up to my bedroom and turned on the light.
I ran into the bathroom and took my bathe.
Why I’m I so excited?
“Come on, let me help you with that Danelle,” Delia said as she took the comb from me and began combing my hair.
“Your hair is so long. I’m jealous” she said, laughing.
“Stop that. What if I say I love yours, just okay.” I said.
“I know cos you can’t appreciate what you have until you loose it, isn’t it?” She said.
“Yeah, in your case” I said.
“Oh its you I’m talking about” she said.
We laughed.
Delia is all dressed up and all enthusiastic about the party but I, I don’t even wanna go.. I’ve managed to find a black skirt and red top and black boot in my closet.
She wore a red skimpy strapless gown with black boot.
She had lots of makeup on her face and fixed her hair in a really pretty style.
She look so pretty.
“I heard that some boys from Richmond High is in the school now, they were invited by Ava and I heard they are so many handsome guys in the school,” she said as she handled my hair and I watched from the hand mirror that I held.
I said nothing.
“You need some makeup to look more more like can angel” she said as she came to my face holding a fountain and powdercake.
“No, I don’t really like makeups” I said.
“No, wait just a little, don’t u wanna look good for him huh?” She smiled.
“Who?” I asked.
“Come on, Jayson of course ” she said.
“Delia, we-” she cut me short.
“Or isn’t he coming to the party?” She asked.
I chuckled even though my heart raced at the mention of his name.
“Yes he is” I said.
She smiled. “So you must look really beautiful” she said and began applying powdercke on my face.
“What do you mean? we are just friends” I said.
She smiled.


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