The BadBoy Diary
( She Still Love Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Brenda’s POV continues
I pulled into maymack and seeing her car, I believed she was home.
I got out of my car and walked upto her door to realize that it was locked.
“Uhmm really,” I muttered to myself.
Well I didn’t even think of her being at work. All my focus was on coming down here to lay my last warning and threat.
Just like you know, Brenda doesn’t have the heart to kill..
I will have to threaten her for the last time and if she prove stubborn then Nikky would do the needful.
I checked the time, ‘2:30pm’
I have a meeting with Genestyle managers by 3:30pm. I will reach home first, freshen up and change for the meeting.
I headed back to my car but midway, I saw an elder woman come out from one of the apartments.

She gave me a sign to wait with her walking stick.
I stopped and waited for her.
I wonder what she wanna say to me.
She soon got to me after it seemed like forever.
Her wrinkled face displayed a warm smile at me.
I faked a faint smile at her.
“You came for Drake?” she asked, suprising me a bit.
Anyways I answered. “I know he isn’t home. I came for someone else,” I said.
“Who then?” she asked with a faint smile.
“Her,” I pointed at the girl’s apartment.
The old woman nodded her head.
“Why do you came for her? is she connected in anyway to you?” she asked, annoying me a bit with the unecessary questions.
“I wanna see her. She knows me,” I said.
“Do you know her very well?” she asked.
I almost rolled my eyes.
“Not really,” I said.
She nodded. “Which means that you have no idea that she is a nurse at.. oh I can’t recall the hospital. There are so many hospitals in this city and around but I think it’s either Gra-Avantees, Healthon or Washington,” she said.
‘Oh really, the brat is a nurse. Thanks for the information old woman but the information would have been more complete if you knew the exact hodpital that she works at.’
I smiled at the old woman roaming her eyes all over my body and even my car.
“Okay ma’am. We just got to know ourselves and we haven’t talked much. Thanks for letting me on that. I’ll come back later when she must be home,” I said and with that, I reached my car, went in and zoomed off.
My eyes glanced went to her packed car again.
‘But why didn’t she go to work with her car?
Ah if only I can get her names and the hospital she works. Asking the annoying granny her name would arouse unecessary suspicion’
‘Whatever, I’ll be back at night, exactly the same time that I came the last time. That was on tuesday.’
I turned into the next road.
‘Drake not getting moved by my touch and seduction wouldn’t really have been an infuriation to me if the bitch wasn’t the reason! but she is, a lady like me. Some stupid nurse with no style had to be the reason! I can’t bear the anger!’
I searched for my phone in my purse with my left hand while my right was controlling the steering wheel. I found it and took it out and made a call to Nikky.
She picked up at the second ring.
“Nikky are you at my house now?” I asked.
“Yeap,” she answered in a sleepy voice.
“Alright, im coming,” I said and ended the call.
I pulled into the garage and stepped out of the car with my purse. I slammed the door and headed to the door where I rang the doorbell and it was opened in a minute time by Mrs Edmond.
I walked in.
“Welcome Brenda,” she greeted.
“Thanks,” I answered and walked upstairs.
Walking into Nikky’s room, I saw her arranging her wardrobe.
She smiled widely and drew near. She wore a black short over a white singlet. She love white singlets
“So tell me B, hope it was fun filled. Gist me please,” she said with eager eyes as she sat beside me on the bed.
“You can’t believe the shit, Nikky,” I said and scoffed.
Her smile faded away as she narrowed her eyes, “What’s that?”
I pulled off my heels for ease.
“The Drake I know can’t resist my seduction. Yeah he hates me, right but when it comes to sex, he’d succumb instantly to me. He love the way I do everything and give the styles so perfectly. Seriously just my first touch and first word would get his d**k hard but shockingly today, none of that happene. He refused to get aroused. Well not hime at first but his body. Everything was fine when I arrived, we kissed and he kissed back, we fondled with each other’s clothes but then when my hand went there,” I paused and looked at Nikky who seem all keen.
“-he wasn’t even getting the slightest hard on and when I told him about it, he let me know that he wasn’t focusing because of some stupid girl that he’s inlove with but she doesn’t love him back. Though he’s trying to stop his love for her but it isn’t stopping.
God I was so infuriated and mad! I got to know that it’s his neighbour, the same girl you’ve been telling me to get rid of,” I said with my eyes on Nikky.
“So what are you going to do?” Nikky asked with her eyes on me.
“Im going to give her the last threat to get far away from Drake’s reach and cut off anything that would connect her and Drake. I drove straight to maymack to find out that she’s at work. I found out from one of the neighbours, an old woman that the girl is a nurse at one of the higher hospitals in this city,” I said.
She stood up and walked back to the wardrobe.
“Don’t you think eliminating her will be better than threat? if she’s killed, she’ll be gone forever but if she relocate their’s a chance for them to meet. B, you should know that this world is a small place and revolves,” she said.
I sighed.
“Im beginning to think so too but I find myself not making the decision. Im a very soft hearted person Nikky. Yeah im a bad girl, a sex addict, a clubber and drinker but I can’t hurt a fly talkmore of a human,” I said.
“Well let’s see how the threat works and then if it doesn’t, we gonna know what next to do,” she said.
I picked my phone.
“I took her pictures from his phone,” I said and she rushed to see.
“Wow, her smiles are really pretty,” Nikky said, getting me a bit angry and jealous.
She noticed it and chuckled. “C’mon B, you are more beautiful with the sweetest smile. Your body is a die for!” she sang and that made me smile tho.
Clara’s POV
Hours later:
[Hospital Cafeteria] We settled down on an empty table and with our tray of Pizza and soft drink.
I picked my own pizza, unwrapped it and took a bite.
Johanna did same and then cleaned her mouth with a white serviette.
“So, are you gonna tell me now nurse Clara?” she asked.
“Just call me Clara now. our shift is over,” I said.
She smiled.
I dropped the pizza and wiped my mouth with a serviette too.
“Well, it’s the story of my love life and what I am currently going through. Once im done, all I need from you is a true advise, an advise that you think is the right thing for me to do,” I said and she nodded with a beckoning smile.
I breathed out to begin the long story.
I told her my love story from David’s part and my first heartbreak then to Noah and how our love life began.
Then Drake came into the story. About his playboy lifestyle and his lustful attempts towards me the early weeks I parked into maymack apartment 3.
Then he began changing bit by bit, firstly by offering his help of driving me to work because my car broke down which I haven’t even repaired.
How I hated him untill he told me his sad stories of how he lost his family and then got heartbroken by someone he loved so much which changed him into a playboy.
After he told me the story, how I began liking him.
Then how I got my second heartbreak and how Drake was with me all through just like Noah had been at my first heartbreak.
I had no idea if Drake had some feelings for me because he was always talking about us just friends, about caring for me cos im his friend and all.
I had no idea if he was inlove with me. I only took him as a friend and loved his company.
Then how I went to see Noah at the police station and all Noah said.
How I went the next day and forgave him, not only that, I accepted him back and the reasons why I did.
Then Drake hears about it and he just disappeared the next day.
And how i found out why he left and how much guilt I began feeling.
How everyone is against my decision to be with Noah and my encounter with the taxi man in the morning.
“…and now I’ve decided that I wanna see him to just clear this guilt, maybe talking to him would stop it. I can’t help it Johanna, but Im inlove with Noah,” I concluded.
She glanced at one of the hospital staffs who just walked into the cafeteria, then back to me.
“Drake is really a handsome man,” she said.
“Just like Noah is,” I said, as Noah’s handsome face displayed in my head.
She smiled. “Believe Clara.. You can’t be with Noah, no matter what, you can’t be with him. He’s a prisoner and he would spend years in the prison or even face life imprisonment. Yes, you love him and he loves you and he did everything just for you, but now he’s in prison. You can’t wait for him unless you don’t wanna get married and have kids. But if you want to, then move on with your life but you shouldn’t forget about him. See, Drake loves you sincerely and believe me I saw it that day. I was suprised when you told me that you guys are just friends,”
“Noah sincerely love me too. He love me,” I said with a sigh.
“Yeah he do, but this love didn’t lead you both to be forever. And then there’s another love seeking for you, why don’t you just give that love a chance. Okay, even if you still love Noah, you can also give another guy a chance. Noah would spend years in prison and if he want you to be very happy, he will tell you to move on and be happy. You can’t wait for Noah please. Drake should be given a chance. Even if it’s just a little,” she said.
“Really I can’t think of doing such, Everyone says the same but I don’t see myself accepting Drake’s love but I miss him, i really miss him and I feel so guilty for his leaving, I wanna tell him to come back,” I said.
“And you think it’s gonna help? It will only worsen the guilt and will make his love for you to grow more and more if he stays close to you that was why he left,” she said.
I sighed.
“But I just wanna see him,” I muttered.
[An hour later] “Here,” I said stretching the money to the cab driver.
He collected it and I stepped down from the cab and headed to the apartment.
Getting into the compound, my eyes met a red car parked at the front of my apartment.
‘Wait, that is her car. The girl who came few days ago, threatening and warning me to stay clear off Drake. What’s she doing here again?’
Anyways, I breathed out and walked towards the car, The driver door opened and her two legs in a golden heels where first to step out before she got out of the car and rested her right arm on the door with her car keys dangling in her hand.
She wore a black jump-suit which exposed her body too much.
Her cleavage displayed too much and I can swear that she wore no bra.
The crossed piece of long clothe which covered her boobs in the little way went all way up to her neck and tied behind her neck, leaving the remaining to fall over her uncovered back.
A golden purse with long golden chain hand hung on her left shoulder and reached down to her hips.
She wore a black eyeglass as well but now she removed it.
Her makeup was much but perfect on her.
She look really beautiful and would make it in the modelling world if she goes into it.
I drew nearer to her.
“What do you want again?” I demanded.
Her face wore no smile.
The red lipgloss which seem too much on her lips glittered in the bright night. Her long lashes rolled with her eyes as she scoffed.
“What I want, uhmm,” she said in a very soft tone.
“Yeah cos the last time you came to me, you came with warnings and threat, so now?” I said.
She brought down her arm from the car door and held the bunch of keys with both hands.
“Well you see. I don’t have much to say but im going to warn you for the last time, Get away from maymack and far away from Drake if you don’t wanna regret ever being here and ever knowing Drake,” she said and then took a few steps out as she glanced at the sky then back to me.
‘Oh again’
“I wonder what he saw in you. You ain’t even that beautiful like I thought. You ain’t a fashionmonger or even sexy. Ah! I can’t believe he resisted me all because of you brat!,” she said.
I inhaled. “You see, I can’t stand here and watch you insult me. I would go to my apartment and you might leave when you are tired of staying here,” I said and made to walk out but she grabbed my hand and pulled me back to face her.
We stood facing each other. Her face were fierce, mine was calm but I was annoyed.
“Don’t touch me again. I have told you that I have nothing with him.. We are just friends and by the way, he told me that you guys ain’t dating and that he hates you so much. The Drake you are even talking about isn’t home yet, so do not dare pull me back again,” I said and began my walk to my apartment.
She didn’t pull me back but her words halted me this time.
“Oh that was then, but we are dating now, he called me yesterday begging me to be girlfriend. He is my boyfriend now but you know the annoying thing?”
I turned to face her.
She came to me.
“He was unmoved by my touches, because of you! He couldn’t make love to me because of you brat! After telling me to be his girlfriend just to get over you, he broke up with me in just few hours, because he can’t get you off his head. You are being an obstacle to my relationship with Drake, if you don’t wanna meet your doom, get far away from him. Get outta here forever never to return. It’s a warning, if you like yourself enough, heed to my warning. I give three days to leave,” she said and with that, entered her car, shut the door and drove away.
My mouth had been agape since she said Drake wasn’t moved by her touch because of me. That he broke up with her in just few hours because he couldn’t get me off his head.
“What, why? I mean why couldn’t he? what kinda love does he have for me?” I muttered to myself, just then I heard my name, I turned and it was Mrs Roger, coming towards me from her apartment. She wore a brown sweater with a black trouser and her slippers. Her walking stick with her and her transparent glasses on her ageing eyes.
“Clara,” she repeated my name and soon got to me.
“Goodevening Mrs Roger,” I greeted and she nodded.
“Goodevening too Clara. I have been watching you with that young lady who just left in her car. She came here in the noon, to see you but she didn’t cos you were at work. I spoke with her and got to know that you both just met and she don’t even know about you. I recall seeing her few times with Drake those times Drake always come home to play loud music and im sure you understand what I mean. I wonder why she came to see you and not Drake and about Drake. do you know where he went to? did he travel or something? I saw him the day he was leaving. That was uhmmm on monday, do you?”
I sighed. “About her granny,” I realized that I don’t even know her name.
“..there’s nothing to worry about. And about Drake, I have no idea where he went to, i’ve been worried and all,” I said, not giving the main details.
She nodded.
“Drake, he told me things about he and you,” she said.
“What ma’am?” I asked with curiosity.
She stared into my eyes like she was finding something, “He told me you were facing a heartbreak which he’s been helping you to get over, but he’s afraid to tell you that he is inlove with you cos of the heartbreak. He wanted you to get over it first before he can take the step. I know that there is something wrong going on between the both of you. He couldn’t have left without telling you.
Just be careful. Drake was a playboy but all changed after you came in. That means he could do anything just to be with you. Don’t let your heartbreaks stop you from opening your heart again for another man. And that girl that left, tread carefully with her. She look dangerous to me.” she said.
I nodded.
“He left because of me ma’am, cos I went back to the man who broke my heart. You know what Mrs Roger, I think you should hear my story too ma’am,” I said.
“Oh if it’s too long, let go over to your apartment. My legs are hurting me already,” she said.
“Alright ma’am.” I said as we headed to my apartment.
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I stared at her after telling her the whole story just the way I had told Johanna.
She smiled and sipped from the fruit juice that I poured into her glass. She dropped the glass back on the saucer which is on the table.
“Clara, sometimes the heart tricks one, the heart isn’t always truthful, sometimes it decieves. So I won’t advise you to follow your heart but follow the truth. Im not siding Drake neither im I siding Noah. Both men are inlove with you and once helped you outta your heartbreak. Forgiving Noah was a great thing to do, accepting him back was out of love which your heart led you to. Now if you look into this very deep, do you think your heart is being truthful to you about being with Drake and everything will be alright? You should know that Love and Truth are two different things,” she said.
I tilted my head in thought.
Love and truth are two different things.
I love Noah.
But the truth is that nothing will be alright if he spend long years in the prison.
“Before making a decision, try seeing how it’s gonna affect the people around you. Your mom, your sister even your friends,” she said.
“But I truely Love Noah ma’am and it wasn’t his fault,” I said.
“Yeah, but you should consider your future. You love him but he might not be your future. Maybe you both are not destined by God to be together in the future.” she said.
“Then who?” I asked.
She let out a faint smile.
“I can’t tell but there is Drake, who love you, who changed because of you. Who couldn’t get you off his mind even though he left to be far away from you, im not telling you to give him a chance but go to him, and talk things out with him. Let him confess his love to you and see what your minds tells you. This time, don’t follow your heart but the truth,” she said and stood up.
“I’ll be leaving to my apartment now, my husband will be waiting for me. Goodnight Clara,” she said with a warm smile.
I stood up, then suprising me, she gave me a warm hug.
When last did I recieve such a warm hug.
I miss my mom presence.
She told me she is coming tomorrow, I wonder if she will come.
She’s always occupied with works.
Mrs Rogers pulled away and I smiled.
“Thanks ma’am for your advises. I’ll follow the truth like you have said.”
She smiled and finally left.
I breathed out and locked the door.
‘Follow the truth this time, not your heart.
Consider the people around you, how they are gonna be affected by the decision you make,’ the words rang in many forms in my head.
Just then my phone rang.
I picked it up from the couch where I sat with Mrs Roger.
I picked it up.
“Sis, there is goodnews, are you there?” she said, her voice sounding really excited.
“What’s that?” I asked.
“Drake, he finally told me where he is, Seashore Resort Georgio, you woulf find it really quick.” she said.
I raised my brows as my heart beated.
“How did you?” I asked.
“I told him that you are dying to see him. That you regret ever hurting him.”
“That you are feeling so guilty for being the reason why he left and that you wanna make things right,”
“That you are falling sick out of too much worry and guilt. That you miss his presence and can’t wait to see him.”
Jesus christ!
“Danelle! why did you tell him all that!” I shouted.
“Because it was the only way to get the location he is, and I swear sister, his happiness was beyond explanation. I bet he even jumped into seashore beach due to the much happiness he felt. Sis, Drake is head over heels inlove with you,” she said, excitement ringing in her voice.
“I’ll go see him tomorrow,” I said.
“What! sister are you serious or joking, please say the first,” she said.
I sighed.
“Im serious Danelle, I’m trying to see if I’d follow the truth this time,” I said.
“Woah! the truth which means that Drake is the right man for you,” she said.
“Not that Danelle. Goodnight,” I said and ended the call.
“Seashore Resort, I’ll research about it,” I said and headed to my bedroom as I scrolled to google.
‘Im not going there to tell him that i’ve accepted his love, but to make things right..’

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