The BadBoy Diary
( She Still Love Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Brenda’s POV
[ Genestyle Modelling company] I walked slowly into the office of Genestyle manager, Mr Carlos Huffs
He wore a tuxedo suit and sat on his office chair going through series of magazines pilled up on his desk.
The white painted wall were decorated with pictures of various top models owned by the company both males and females like Tasha Gates, Jack Rain who I wish to meet one day and soon!, Rita Douglas and few more.
My heels carried me to one of the guest seats and I sat down. He closed the magazine and looked up at me.
Mr Carlos Huffs is quite a handsome young man with thick Austrailian accent.
A young man in his late thirty, according to google.
“Im listening,” he said.
Is he tryna be mean or what? whatever!
“I’m Brenda Adams. One of the three models interviewed on monday for the conract of the face of Genestyle,” I said.
“I know that. Why are you here again? The interview didn’t favour you,” he said.
I smiled.
“Yeah but you can still make it to..Just mention whatever you need and I’ll do it immediately. How much do you want?” I said.
He relaxed on the chair backrest with his arms on the armrest as he stared at me.
I could see his eyes on my boastful cleavage.
“Anything that you need, I’ll give it. I just need to get this contract,” I said and when I saw that his eyes weren’t leaving my cleavage, I bit my lips seductively and placed my hand on my cleavage rubbing it slowly for him to watch.
“I promise to give anything to get this contract Mr Carlos,” I said.
He smiled and swivelled his chair left and right, slowly.
“How much did Mary Miller pay and i’ll double it. If she gave you this-” I trailed my fingers on my boobs and then stood up and turned round to view him my amazing figure in a tight red gown. “- I’ll give more of it.” I sat down. “I just need the contract Mr Carlos,” I said.
He let out a smile, the kind that tells he’s interested now.
“You’d pay four million for it,” he said.
I smiled.
“I will do that. Just get the contract off Mary Miller’s hands and hand it to me,” I said.
He smiled. “Not just that,”he said.
“What else?” I demanded.
“We’ll meet at Grande Hotel by 8pm tonight for a hot session,” he said.
I smiled. “That isn’t a problem Mr Carlos,” I said.
He got out a pepper from his drawer and pushed it to me.
“Get the money into that bank detail and give me a call after it. That should be done before coming to Grande Hotel. You may leave now,” he said.
I picked the paper, glanced at the details written on it before dropping it into my bag.
“I’ll do exactly that Mr Carlos. See you at Grande by eight,” I said, winked at him and stood up.
I walked out and beamed with a smile.
“That was so easy,” I breathed.
I got into my car and drove out of the company.
I dialled Drake’s line, it rang but he didn’t pick up.
I dropped the phone and drove to the bank.
At the bank, I transfered the millions into Mr Carlos account and drove home.
Pulling into the garage, I turned off the car engine and came down with my bag.I walked to the door and rang the doorbell, Mrs Edmond, the cook opened the door.
Finally she got back this morning.
“Welcome Brenda,” she said and closed the door.
“Thanks. Is Nikky upstairs?” I asked.
“Yes I think so,” she answered.
I headed upstairs.
My dad isn’t back from work.

I got to Nikky’s room and pushed open the door and walked in to see her wearing a trouser. Her black pant appeared and vanished as the trouser was finally pulled to her waist.
The black bra cupped her boobs good.
“How did it go?” she asked.
I sat on the bed.
“Perfect. He accepted with the deal of a four million dollars and a hot sex session tonight at Grande Hotel,” I said.
She pulled on a white singlet and went to the dressing table to dress her red hair.
“Really? what if he scam you?” she asked.
I thought for awhile.
“No way, he can’t. I talked with him after I sent the money into his personal account,” I said.
She turned to me. “Oh you’ve paid the money already. Well anyways, if he try shit, use this-” she picked a gun from the dressing table and showed me, “-to send him to hell,” she said.
I chuckled. “You ain’t serious Nikky. Everything isn’t about using gun. Trust me, by the time im done showing him my bed skills, he’ll make an immediate cancel of the contract to Mary Miller and sign it to me,” I said,
“Wow! I trust you babe!” Nikky said, clapping, then stopped and drew near.
“So what about Drake?” she asked.
“He’s not picking up. I’ll keep trying till he picks and when he do, I’ll track him down to where ever he is,” I said.
“I’ll help you with that,” she said.
“Lemme sort out the contract issue first, Being the face of Genestyle and earning millions each week. Becoming a model star celebrity which is gonna get me topper contracts isn’t a small stuff sweetie,” I said and laughed.
“Ofcourse babyy!” she said, clapping again.
Drake’s POV
[Drake’s suite] Claire layed her head on my bare chest as we layed on the bed, our naked body covered in the thick duvet.
“So how do you feel now?” she asked.
“I feel good baby,” I said and kissed her forehead.
But I lied. I don’t feel good.
I just had sex but the guilty is damn much.
I feel like I just broke the heart of that person so dear to me.
I feel like I just committed the worse crime on earth.
I have no idea what is happening to me.
“You don’t seem so,” she said.
I sighed. “I just feel guilty without no reason. I feel like I’ve hurt someone that I really cherish and who else but her, Clara. I hate this feeling,” I said.
“I told you having sex won’t change the fact that you are inlove with her. I’ll advise you again to go back to her and get her to be yours, you can do that. Did you tell her about your feelings?”
“No I didn’t cos I was scared she would decline or even hate me. She was facing heartbreak and her words towards loving again was really bad. I needed her to get over it before I could finally tell her about my feelings but then she shattered me” I said.
“Maybe she made the decision cos she had no idea that you have feelings for her. Maybe she could have considered your feelings before making an decision,” she said.
I sighed. “You don’t get it Claire, she would have hated me,” I said.
“Oh maybe she wouldn’t have,” she said.
“She was so mad. It was her second heartbreak. But after everything, she went back to him, funny.” I said.
“You can’t blame her. It’s love. Sometimes it mislead you,” Claire said.
“I wish I can stop the guilty feelings. I wish I can forget her,” I sighed.
“It’s gonna be hard. It’s something connected to your heart and your heart is something you can’t touch but can only feel within. It’s really hard to forget who you are crazily inlove with,” she said.
“So what do you advise me to do, I really wanna get over this,” I said.
“Getting her outta your mind would take really long. Well if you want to give it a thorough try, then try giving another girl a chance, someone that loves you,” she said.
“Really? a girl that love me?” I asked.
“Yes, try to love another girl and think of another girl,” she said.
I looked into her eyes.
“What if I say let it be you Claire,” I asked.
She smiled. “No Drake. It can’t work between us. Im not ready for a relationship yet,” she said and sat up, then got up from the bed and began dressing up.
“I’ll be at my suite. I’ll be out at the restaurant by 7pm. We’ll meet there,” she said.
I nodded and she finall left and shut the door.
I breathed out.
‘Well if you want to give it a thorough try, then try giving another girl a chance, someone that loves you.’
The words rang continously in my head.
I sighed.
I have no idea of what to do. Having sex with Claire didn’t make me feel any good but worse.
It didn’t change anything but escalated my feelings and guilt.
I rolled the duvet off my naked body, stood up and walked into the ensuite, I walked into the shower cubicle. I turned on the shower as the cold water poured on my body.
Arghhh!” I groaned as I pushed my hair back.
‘I can’t believe im regretting having sex with Claire. It’s so strong, The guilt is so much for me to bear. Fuck! Clara why are you doing this to mee’
Warning: (Matured minds )
[Grande Hotel] Brenda’s POV
Grabbing the doorknob, I opened the door and walked into the large hotel room.
There was Mr Carlos laying on the bed, in white towel jacket, on his hands is a magazine and his tablet.
He looked at me and smiled. I returned it with my own seductive smile and with that, I slowly catwalked to him and stood before him with my legs slightly apart.
I wore a very short skimpy cream-coloured gown which hardly covered my laps, then red heels and yellow purse with long silver chain-hand.
My cleavage were all visible. He watched them like a movie going on.
“Im here, to give you the good feeling that you want,” I said as I brought one of my legs to the bed. Im sure he’d be seeing my white g-string right now.
His smile confirmed it as his eyes got fixed inbetween my legs.
“Umm lovely.” he said and I bit my lips seductively trailed my finger from my hips down to my lingerie. Thatade him lick his bottom lip.
“Yeahhh,” I said and with my perfect seductive smile, I got my knees on the bed and crawled slowly ontop him.
“Make me feel so good, suck my d**k and ride me good and the contract will be yours,” he said in between his hard breathe cos I was already caressing his growing d**k through the thick towel jacket.
“I’ll do more than what you could have imagined,” I whispered into his ear and trailed my lips from his earlobe down to his neck as I untied the rope of his jacket. I untied it and then trailed my lips to his lips and we began a french kissing as I rubbed my hand on his now grown d**k, moisting it with his pre-cum.
He groaned inbetween our kiss. I pulled away with a seductive smile.
“Take off that dress. I wanna see your boobs,” he said.
I unzipped my dress from the side and pulled it down then unhooked my white strapless bra which fell off.
He smiled lustfully and grabbed my left boobs, then the right.
“Oh you got an amazing boobs baby,” he said.
I smiled.
“Now, I wanna feel your amazing lips on my d**k” he said, he said and withdrew his hands from my boobs but didn’t take his eyes off them.
I trailed my lips from his lips down to his nipple which I gave biteful sucks, then down to his erect d**k.
I licked on the shaft, before grabbing his balls softly and covered my warm lips on his excited d**k.
He groaned out.
‘If it’s worth gettin the contract, I’ll do do it and do it really good’
“Oh yeahh baby,” he sang continously as I sucked him.
[Two Hours Later] I got out of the shower with a white bath towel wrapped on my body and a white headtowel tied on my head.
Mr Carlos sat on the bed with his bacj on the headboard as his sipped on his glass of wine.
His naked body covered in the duvet from his waist down to his feet. His jacket at the other end of the bed.
I stood up before him, waiting for his declaration of the contract to me.
He smiled and picked his tablet with his right hand. He sipped the wine and then typed on the tablet.
He made a call and at the second ring, the person picked up.
“Mr Smith, decline Mary Miller’s contract. Miss Brenda Adams is the one to be given the contract. There was a mistake. Let that be done now,” he said to the reciever.
I could hear the reciever’s voice.
“But sir, Mary Miller was the best interviewed,” the stupid Mr Smith said.
“You gonna get your share in this if you stop talking and do what I asked you to do. Be at the company by 8am tomorrow. We need to talk, understood?” Mr Carlos said.
“Okay sir,” The dumb Smith said.
“Email me the proves that you’ve done it and I want it done in the next twenty minutes,” Mr Carlos said.
“Okay sir,” Mr Smith said and Mr Carlos ended the call and smiled at me.
“It’s as easy as that,” he said.
I smiled and began to dress up as I anticipated for the email to be sent.
“You were so good baby,” he said.
“That’s the pay for the pay,” I said.
“Ahh yeah yeah and maybe we could make a deal,” he said.
“What deal?” I asked.
“Satisfy me with your hot ridings and you’ll be the face of Genestyle for three years, I’ll also make you more famous and help you get top contracts for that three years,” he said.
I smiled. “I’ll think about that,” I said.
His phone beeped and he checked it.
“Done,” he said and forwarded the phone to me. I took it and the contracts have been changed and now mine!
I smiled as I took out my phone and took a shoot of it.
A message also came to my phone announcing the news of the contract now mine.
I smiled happily.
‘As easy as the twenty six ealphabets’
I gave him back his phone and grabbed my purse.
“Your first shoot begins on saturday. Be puntual,” he said.
I smiled. “I will, so what about Mary Miller?” I asked.
“I’ll solve that,” he said.
I smiled and headed to the door.
“C’mon no kiss huh?” he asked.
I chuckled, blew him a kiss and left.
‘Ah, that was easy, now I concur with the saying ‘Use what you have to get what you want’’
I smiled excitedly as I walked out of the hotel and to my car.
Clara’s POV
“Here ma’am, thanks for buying from us,” the male receptionist said as she handed me the bag of the phone I just bought.
“Thanks,” I said and walked out.
I stopped a cab and went in.
“Maymack apartment 3.” I said to him as he drove away.
I glanced at the bag.
With the worry that I was having, I don’t think I can stay mute anymore.
Im gonna reach mom and Danelle specially, im quite certain she would know where he is.
I can’t pretend that I don’t miss him. That I don’t care where he is.
I do, I do so much and i’ve missed his company our friendship.
His funny talks, his care and the way he tells movies perfectly.
I miss Drake and im so worried sick about his sudden disappearance.
Why did he just go away without letting you know.
Did he travel?
Was it so urgent that he couldn’t tell me?
Oh this phone, it caused it all. If I had it, I’d have communicated with him.
Drake! I hope you are fine.
I wonder where you are.
I can’t wait to reach mom and Danelle too.
No Danelle first. She must know where Drake is. Im sure.
This phone caused it all and now I have it. I hope I get intouch with Drake. Im so worried and it’s making me sick.

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