The bad boy diary

The BadBoy Diary
( She Still Love Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Clara’s POV
I stepped out of the shower and dressed into a yellow pajamas and repacked my hair.
I sighed when I recalled Drake. Coming home from work, I didn’t find his car.
I remember i’ve gone out twice to check if he was back from where he went but I didn’t find his car. And now, I was heading outside to check again.
I sighed when I didn’t see his car. He isn’t back yet. it’s getting to midnight.
I sighed again and walked back inside.
I felt worried as I layed on my bed till I eventually slept off.
[Next day: Tuesday] I woke up and the first thing I did was to go outside to check Drake’s car and when I didn’t see it, I couldn’t help my worry.
Where did he sleep last night?
Could it be that he went for clubbing again?
Could it be. Where did he even go!
I walked back in, and in thoughts, I made breakfast, had my bathe, dresed up for work and walked out.
His car wasn’t still there.
I breathed out and headed to the road.
A cab pulled by and I entered.
“GraAvantees hospital,” I told him and he drove away.
Soon, I got to work and was told by Matron Gracia that sir edwardo needs my presence at his office at the fourth floor.
I was heading to an elevator when I saw Johanna emerge from one of the corridors with health records in her hands.
She smiled happily at me.
“Goodmorning nurse Clara, how was your night?” she asked.
I smiled, “Goodmorning nurse Johanna, my night was okay and yours?”

“It was fine, I need to take this health records to doctor Kelvin,” she said.
“Im going to sir edwardo’s office,” I said.
“Alright when is your free time? I’d wanna come to your office,” she said.
I smiled.
“I have two surgeries with Dr. Rosh but I think i’ll be free by 5pm,” I said.
She smiled, “Alright i’ll come by,” she said. I walked into the elevator.
She walked away.
I got to the fourth floor and headed to sir edwardo’s office.
I placed a gentle knock, waited a bit before walking in and closing the door gently.
He’s always in white suit.
He sat on his swivel chair with his eyes on his tablet, operating on it.
I walked to one of the quest chairs and sat down.
“Goodmorning sir,” I said. He looked up with a smile.
“Nurse Clara, how are you?” he asked.
“Im fine sir,” I said.
“You made a nice pick of a male nurse. He’s really good in his works,” he said.
“Thanks sir,” I said.
He nodded. “It’s been five days now that Dr. Tony had been in a coma with a move, im worried.” he said.
“Sir, you know about all this, sometimes people in coma, it takes some weeks, some months, some years before they wake up,” I said.

“Yeah Clara but we really need him to wake up soon,” he said.
“Yes sir and that’s our prayer for him to wake up soon,” I said.
He nodded. “So what is your schedule for today?” he asked.
“I have two surgeries with Dr. Rosh today, one scheduled by 10am and the second by 2pm,” I said.
He nodded.
“So about your heartbreak. Are you really getting over it?” he asked.
I breathed out. “Im fine sir,” I said.
“If you finally get over it and Dr. Tony recovers, would you give him a chance if he asks you out again?” he asked.
I inhaled.
Should I tell him the truth? the story of Noah and how im still inlove with him.
“She’s thinking about it and I still don’t get how Helen Morgan got to know about your heartbreak.. Is she connected to you in someway?” he asked.

I decided to tell him, “No she’s not. I’ll tell you about my heartbreak sir,” I said.
He nodded with a beckoning smile.
I told him about Noah, everything about us and all his lies to me.
How he got arrested and I was so heartbroken in the most painful way. Then I thought I felt better and I went to see him and how he explained to me and I couldn’t help it. I forgave him and promised never to leave him. (not mentioning Drake in any of thestory)
Sir edwardo exhaled with a smile.
“I understand Clara, how truely you are inlove with him and such love can make one make decisions that you wouldn’t care if it might hurt you later or make you feel better. Clara you did no wrong by forgiving him after listening to all his explanations but the truth here is that, accepting him back means you made no deep thinking and you only followed the path where love led you. You see Love sometimes lead someone into making a wrong choice and having the wrong thoughts and feelings. You should have thoughts really deep about what you just did, not just thinking, listen to people’s own thought about it. You know what? if your boyfriend really care about you and your future, I didn’t say love but Care, if he really care about your future Clara then I don’t think he would tell you to wait for him, but he’ll tell you to move on and find someone else who would make you happy. What the court sends him to thirty years imprisonment or even a life imprisonment. Did you think about it? you can’t get married to a prisoner no matter what. Can you actually wait for him?” he paused for me to answer.
I breathed out.
I knew things like this were gonna happen.
“I love him sir and I did think deep about it before making the decision,” I said.
He shrugged. “Fine then Clara, goodluck with that,” he said.
I nodded.
“And thanks for the advise sir. I’ll have to go now, it’s 9am. I need to prepare with Dr Rosh for the surgeries,” I said.
He smiled. “Alright.”
I stood up, walked out and closed the door.
‘Everyone say I did the wrong thing by accepting him back but didn’t I promise myself not to be moved by what they say? I love Noah and my instincts makes me believe that he wouldn’t be sentenced to such long years imprisonment. I even feels that he’ll be bailed in no time. He was manipulated by his father. His father is the one who suppose to rot in jail and not my boyfriend.’
I got to my office and fell on the chair.
“Ahh! why can’t everyone let me be! why are they all against my decision!”
I loosened the hairband on my hair and repacked it.
‘I need to change into my nurse wears.’
I stood up and walked into the change room conjoined with my office with a door ofcourse.
[Seashore Resort] *Drake’s POV*
It’s been a while I gym. The gym hall was buzzing with lots of people this morning and as I rode the exercise bike, I couldn’t take my eyes off the girl at my right, riding an exercise bike as well. She’s slim but with super hips.
She stopped and drank the remaining water in the water bottle.

Her ponytail hair tilted back with her face up as she did. Her hair reminded me of Clara.
When I couldn’t help the staring and admiration, I stopped and walked to her.
She looked at me. Her face moist with her sweat which she cleaned off with the hand towel which hung on her neck. mine hung on my neck too.
“Hi pretty,” I called softly with a smile.
“Hi handsome,” she mimicked causing both of us to chuckle.
“Your face remind me of something.” I said.
“What?” she asked, raising her brow.
“A rose, how beautiful you are,” I said. she chuckled.
“And your hair remind me of something,” she said.
“The curles of a rose petals,” she laughed, knowing she just said trash.
I smiled. “Thanks.”
She raised her brows.
“Uhmm! im Drake,” I said.
“Im Claire,” she said.
“Beautiful name,” I said.
“uhm Thanks.”
[1hour later
We sat at the large restaurant, munching our order.
“So Claire, uhm it seems every lady here got a boyfriend, so do you too?” I asked.
She chuckled. “Nop, I don’t.”
Wow, very good.
“When?” I asked.
“A year now,” she said.
“You broke her heart right just like mine did to me. Men are heartbreakers.” she said.
I chuckled. “Nop, she did. I caught her cheating,” I said.

“I caught mine straffing my bestfriend.” she said and chuckled.
I smiled. “Bad stuffs happens,” I said.
She nodded. “Yeah.”
“Hey guys!” I heard Evan’s voice behind. I turned to see his Chelsea behind. She wore blue bomshort that hugged out her wild hips and blue top. Ah? she most love blue. Well her name is Chelsea so what did I expect? Blue! and it fits her skin colour so well.
“Hey man,” I shook Evan. “Chelsea, how you doing babe,”
She smiled. “Im good, seems we are a bit late. Last night was damn hot.” she laughed and sat down on the other side of the square-shaped table. Claire and I sat opposite each other.
“Lemme get meals babe,” Evan said and walked away.
Chelsea turned to me. “So Drake, how was your night?” Chelsea asked.
“It was fine, and yours?” I said.
She laughed. “Yeah I swear it was fun, so-” she glanced at Claire then back to me, “-Wow already, ain’t you gonna introduce her to me huh?” she said.
I smiled and looked at Claire who chuckled.
“What do you wanna hear?” Claire asked her.
“Anything,” Chelsea laughed.
“Well, she’s Claire. I met her this morning at the gym hall, we are friends now, right Claire?” I said with a smile at Claire who chuckled without giving an answer.
I can say Claire is more beautiful than Chelsea but Chelsea is more endowed. If only Chelsea have no boo, i’d fvck her just like im gonna make every possibility to get Claire’s ass on my bed. Maybe when I do that, i’d forget all about Clara, finally. And again, i’ve missed sex.
Evan came back with two trays of dishes and dropped one for Chelsea then sat on the last chair which is opposite Chelsea. His tall hair rocks.
He glanced at Claire and then at me. I smiled.
“She’s Claire, we met today at the gym.” I said.
He turned to Claire. “Hey Claire, im Evan and over there is my babe, Chelsea,” he said.
Claire nodded with a smile. “You both look perfect.” she said.
He gave her a thumb up. We all laughed.
The meal was fun and when we were done, the two lovers, left with an excuse of going to take a shower.
The table was cleared by a waitress leaving only two bottle waters.

“You said you’ve been here for three days?” I asked Claire.
“Yeah, I felt like being here. My twin sister travelled with my mom. My dad hardly stays home due to his business. So I felt really lonely at home and I decided to be here, it’s a nice place,” she said.
I smiled. “Nice decision. Actually I came here cos I wanna forget about someone,” I said.
“Who?” she asked.
“A girl I fell inlove with but she doesn’t love me in return,” I said.
“Why don’t she?” she asked.
I inhaled. “It’s a really long story I wouldn’t wanna bore you with, come on let’s get outta here. My suite is 104. I’d wanna go take a shower just like those crazy two left to go do.” I laughed.
She smiled. “I love the way they are. They trust each other. With the way they love each other, I think they are gonna end up becoming a couple,” she said.
I smiled.
“My suite is 80” she said.
“Ah downstairs, but same building,” I said.
She smiled.
“Let’s go,” I said. We stood up and while we headed to the building, I held her hand.
We got to the building and she stood before her suite door. I still held her hand.
“Can I take my hand now?” she asked.
I smiled. “Holding you feels wonderful,” I said and she chuckled.
She must love chuckling.
“I don’t mind holding this soft hand till sundown,” I said.
She smiled.
“I’ll let you go now, can we meet after?”
“Alright,” she said.
I let go of her hand.
“Can I have your phone number?” I asked.
She smiled and called if for me which I saved immediately on my phone.
“I’ll give you a call,” I said.
“Alright,” she said, with that she walked in and closed the door.
I smiled and walked up to my suite.
After taking a shower, I pulled into a black trouser and white and black stripe shirt. I dressed my hair and applied cologne.
The said ’12:35pm’
I picked my phone and walked out.
I called Claire’s line as I approached suite 80. She picked up.
I smiled. “Hello Claire?”
“Drake, If you are standing at my door, just come in,” she said. I love her voice, soft and calm like Clara’s.
‘Why do she seem to be like Clara?
Ponytail hair and voice too.’
I grabbed the dootknob and opened it. She was sitting on her bed, fixing her cute pink sandals.
I closed the door and walked to her.
She looked up and gave me a smile which I returned.
She wore a white crazy bomshort.. wow, hot! with a pink slim-sleeved crop top.

The wall of the room is painted pink, the wardrobes pink too and the window curtains, pink and cream-coloured.
She fixed the sandal and stood up as she picked her phone.
“Alright,” she smiled.
“You look really beautiful,” she said.
“Thanks Drake, you look handsome,” she said. I smiled.
“Thanks beautiful,” I said.
We walked out.
We had a long walk around the garden and had a long view of how beautiful it is. We saw the blue fountain fall and even a zoo at the far end of the garden. It reminded me of my visit to the zoo with Clara. How my tears poured out and how she wiped them off.
We then headed to the beach which is behind the lodge buildings owned by the seashore company.
Walking through the beach shore with smooth sandy soils covering our feet, I held her hand as we talked.
“C’mon don’t say that Drake,” she laughed.
“Im serious, I started swimming in a beach water when I was just ten,” I said.
She laughed. “I don’t believe that. I learnt swimming in the pool when I was thirteen and the swimming pool is the only water I can swim in, not some wild beach,” she said.
“Alright let me teach you,” I said and made to carry her but she ran away, laughing as she did.
I smiled.
Staring at the beach reminds me of that day at Motana beach when Clara fell into the water and I was so scared.
Jeez! why is it that almost everything reminds me of Clara!
“Drakee come over! I found something” Claire called as she picked something from the sand.
I ran to meet her.
“What’s that?” I asked.
She showed me. “Pendant of a necklace, it’s really beautiful,” she said.
“Must belong to someone,” I said.
“Yeah but it’s really pretty. Im keeping it,” she said and held it.
I smiled and took her hand again.
Night came and we headed back to the suite.
At the beach, we played, danced and even sang.
She rapped, giving me some of her raps and played some of her demo.
There were great.
“So what’s keeping this songs from reaching the world? You can beat the American best female rapper with your songs,” I had said while sitting on the sand with her inbetween my leg and her head laying perfectly on my chest. We faced the beach water.
“My boyfriend. He was my strength in these but when we broke up, I couldn’t just do it anymore,” she said.
“You can still do it without him, im here,” I said. That is a lie ofcourse.
She chuckled. “Really?” she said.
“Yeah,” I said and kissed her cheek.
“I feel like drinking tonight,” she said as we headed back to the resort.
“Alright, alcohol or juice?” I asked.
“Alcohol,” she said.
I smiled. “Alright, that’s the bar,” I said and with that, we turned to the bar.
We filled our head with so much alcohol.
Laughing and talking about not so important stuffs.
I felt tipsy, she felt more tipsy.
Soon, I helped her into her suite. She held me tight.
“Let’s play Drake,” she muttered, caressing my chest.
I smiled.
‘Something that I need’
I pushed my lips on hers.. she reciprocated and soon we were on her bed, fondling with each other’s clothes.
Her moans alone can get you to cloud nine.
I found her top and swiftly took it off, and the bra as well.
Then I moved over to her bom short. My shirt was off already by her.
I was about taking her bomshort down when something stopped me.


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