The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
#Chapter 44
**Writer’s POV*
Inside Gra-Avantees hospital, there have been grave silence except for the shoe sounds of doctors and nurses rushing in and out of the surgery room.
Helen Morgan has been confirmed dead but Dr. Campbell, there was a chance, there was, just like sir edwardo and two doctors had said.
For hours, an operation has been taking place on him.
A senior police officer sat on the hospital lounge with a female police officer, waiting for sir edwardo.
Inside the surgery room, the two doctors and sir edwardo in their surgical wears and tools, were trying their best, working on Dr. Tony Campbell. Even sir edwardo had to joinin in the operation process..
He can’t fold hands and watch Gra-Avantees best doctor die just like that. Gra-Avantees can’t loose Dr. Tony! it will be a great loss that would affect the hospital badly!
The bullet have been taking out since hours ago, but now, they are working on saving his life.
Three nurses with trays of surgery tools stood in line, delivering and taking tools.
Another nurse, recorded.
Sir Edwardo’s greatest fear is for Dr. Tony’s memory not to be affected if he survives but there is just a slight chance that it wouldn’t.
Hours laters (4:30pm)
Sir Edwardo finally walked out of the surgery room, removed the nose mask and walked down to the hospital lounge where the two police officers have been waiting.
They stood up on seeing him.
He stood before them and they shook hands, (he had removed the gloves at the surgery room)
“William Christopher from Connit-Four police department,” the senior police officer introduced.
“Katy Heater,” the female police said.
Sir Edwardo nodded.
“Doctor Edwardo, we’ll like to speak with you,” William said.
“Alright,” sir edwardo said and they headed to his office.
They settled down immediately they got into the office.
“Sir edwardo, as you know, we are incharge of the investigations on the shot of Dr. Tony and Nurse Morgan.” William began.
“So have you found the killer?” Sir edwardo snapped in, impatiently.
“We are still investigating, we’ve found no trace yet just a laptop, shut and destroyed, we scanned the finger prints and it was only Dr. Tony and Helen Morgan finger prints. The laptop which belongs to Helen Morgan. But we’ve not given up.” William said.
Sir edwardo seemed disappointed with his answers.
“I need that person caught!” sir edwardo half yelled.
Officer William adjusted on his seat.
“We are not giving uo sir,” William said.
“Better,” sir edwardo breathed.
“Sir edwardo, we have few questions to ask you,” William said.
“Go on,” sir ewardo said.
“How many years have Dr. Tony being a doctor in this hospital?” William asked.
“fifteen years,” Sir Edward said.
“Do you have any idea if Dr. Tony and Helen Morgan have whatever in common?” William asked.
Sir edwardo tilted his head back.
“Well, Helen Morgan was transfered few weeks ago from Healthton Hospital to work in here as a personal assistant nurse. She was supposed to be an assistant nurse to Doctor Rosh Winston, but was asked by Tony to be nurse assistant because he gave his nurse assistant a break. I got informmed and I placed back his nurse assistant back and placed Helen Morgan to her duty which is to work for Dr. Rosh and not Dr. Tony,” Sir edwardo narrated.
William glanced at Katy and then back at Sir Edwardo.
“What are the names of Dr. Tony’s assistant nurse?” He asked.
“Nurse Clara Adams but she is recently on a leave,” sir Edwardo answered.
William nodded, “Why?”
“Dr Tony explained of her going through a heartbreak and needs a break,” sir edwardo answered.
“Has it been up to a week? and who has been his nurse assistant since the leave of Nurse Clara Adams?” William asked.
“Nurse Helen Morgan, as he said when we communicated via phone call,” sir edwardo answered.
William nodded and tiltled his head in thoughts.
“I think there is something that was going on between the both. We need that laptop, working,” Katy said for the first time ever since the conversation started.
“We need Nurse Clara Adams here. She need to be questioned.” William said.
“Don’t you think she might have something to do with this?” Katy directed her question to William.
“We’ll see to that,” he said and turned to Sir Edwardo who only stared at them both.
“Sir edwardo, we need Nurse Adams here by tomorrow morning,” William said.
Sir Edwardo shrugged but he don’t think Clara have any hand in this case.
“How’s Dr. Tony?” William finally remembered.
“In the coma, survived but im afraid for his memory retain,” sir Edwardo answered.
“We hope he wakes up soon, we need to speak with him,” William said.
Sir edwardo ignored that.
“Just find the person behind this, that is what I want,” he said.
“That is what we are doing sir,” William said. “We are leaving now, we’ll return in the morning,” he added and the duo stood up.
Sir Edwardo stood up too.
They all walked out.
Getting out of the elevator and walking out to the hospital hallway. They were welcomed by up to ten press, all holding their phones and mic.
They rushed to them.
Sir edwardo Avantee, is it true that Gra-Avantees best doctor was shot last night?”
A recently transfered nurse was found shot dead with him in his car?
What do you have to say to this great loss sir?
Has the murderer been found?
Sir edwardo sighed.
“Excuse me please,” he said and walked away.
“You all should leave please, investigations are still ongoing,” Williams said and they left one after the other.
“Im getting a feeling that the Nurse Clara Adams got something to do with this,” Katy said to William as they made their way of the hospital building.
“I think there is something more than Nurse Adams having anything to do with this,” Williams said.
Drake’s POV
We were out the street, walking through the walkway (not the side we’d see Nuel)
We took our steps slowly.
She still wore her sky-blue turtleneck dress but had a cream-coloured jacket which I forced her to wear.
I wouldn’t want her getting cold.. This is a cold season and she’s just recovering from sickness.
On her pretty feet are a sky-blue slippers laced with silver chains. She had her hands in her pockeks.
Me too.
The atmosphere was great, cool and welcoming.
The street was cool as always with cars passing in few and people too.
When I woke up. I found a duvet over my body.
I smiled, knowing it was Clara.
She walked in, and I broke our rule of ‘No thank you’
I said ‘thanks’ to her and she only laughed without giving out a punishment.
I guess she had no punishment in mind.
I said ‘thanks’ to her and she hit me.
I asked her what she felt like doing and she said ‘Maybe take a walk’
“Clara,” I called.
She was staring straight but I couldn’t stop staring at her.
“Yes?” she answered without glancing at me.
“I think you need a phone now,” I said.
She shook her head.
“No.. once I do, im gonna get it,” she said.
I sighed.
“Your mom and your sister would be bothered about you,” I said.
“They don’t have to. im fine,” she said.
There was a bench at the spot so we sat down.
“C’mon Clara, be serious. You need to speak with your mom, she’ll be so bothered, okay give me her phone number, i’ll call her so you guys can talk.” I said.
She breathed out, “Not yet.”
“Clara you won’t stop to amaze me, im gonna call Danelle tonight,” I said.
She smiled.
There was a long silence as we stared at the passing cars.
It was getting dark.
“Drake,” she called.
“Yes?” I answered as I looked at her.
She looked up and down again, then breathed out.
“Drake, I think I-” she paused.
Well not this time again.
You are definitely telling me that thing!
“Clara not this time again, tell me, what’s it?” I said, impatient.
She breathed out.
“I’ve been having this feeling since yesterday Drake but Im kinda reluctant,” she said and I swallowed.
Does this feeling gotta do with me?
Do she wanna tell me she likes me or maybe she can’t stop herself from hating me.
It can’t be hate, it gotta be something else.
Wait, is she falling inlove with me and afraid to tell me?
What exactly!
“Please what feeling is that?” I asked impatiently.
She breathed out.
“I think I need to-”
“Heeeeeeeeeeyyy! I got ya two!!” A familiar voice shouted and the guy pulled in front of us on his bicycle.
Wait, Nuel.
He raised his hands high, laughing happily.
He got a new bicycle.
“Oh I thought I wasn’t gonna see you both again. for two days now, I always ride around ‘Forever’ in the morning expecting to see you guys working out but didn’t see you guys,” he said and came down from his bicycle and pulled it to rest on the walkway rail.
I smiled as he sat beside me.
“Nuel, how are you doing?” I asked.
“At least I don’t fall into a dump or land onto people anymore, so im happy and thanksful to you,” he said with a grin.
I smiled.
“Won’t you say Hi to her?” I said.
He drew his head to see Clara.
“She doesn’t like me at all,” he said. “right Aunty?” he asked Clara.
Clara chuckled. “I never said that,” she said.
“Ah thank God, im glad you are fine now,” he grinned and pulled back his head.
“This is a nice place. I was returning from Mr Sam. An errand for Madam Haley,” he said.
“Are you related to her?” I asked.
I’ve been wanting to ask him this.
“Uhmm im their nanny’s son, I grew up in the house. About what I told you, don’t mind me. I only wanted something that would make you take the card. The Haleys are really kind,” he said.
I smiled. “You got me then,” I said.
“You shouldn’t have lied,” Clara said.
“Yeah yeah I apologise,” he said then stood up.
“I’ll be leaving now, see you some other time,” he said and pulled out his bicycle.
“Alright goodnight,” I said.
“Goodnight lovers, oh sorry I mean, bestfriends,” he grinned, climbed onto his bicycle and rode away.
I chuckled.
“He won’t stop acting crazy,” Clara said.
“He’s just being funny,” I said.
“He told you thanks for the new bicycle,” she said.
“Yeah, I gave him some money to get himself a new bicycle,” I said.
“Oh.. that’s really nice,” she said.
I smiled.
“Let’s go, it’s dark,” I said and stood up. She did too as we headed home but then I remembered that she was about telling me something before Nuel interrupted.
“Clara can you tell me now?” I said.
“What?” she asked.
I sighed. “About the feeling you were having,” I said.
She became silent for awhile.
“You don’t wanna tell me? you refused telling me yesterday too, don’t I deserve to know? we are just friends, if you don’t feel secured telling it to me, then it’s okay Clara,” I said as I felt so sad.
She breathed out. “I wanna go see Noah tomorrow,” she said.
I stopped walking, shocked by what she just said.
It replayed ten times in my head.
“Clara what did you say?” I asked.
She stopped too.
“I need to see Noah. I think he has things to tell me,” she said.
I pushed my hair back as anger flowed through my veins.
“Is that what you wanted to tell me? even yesterday?” I asked.
It took her long seconds to reply, “Yes Drake,”
I felt my heart shrink.
All that I had thought were wrong.
She actually wanna go see her drug dealer boyfriend tomorrow.
But what can I do? I can’t stop her.
I can’t tell her not to go because he wouldn’t have anything to say but ‘lies’ to her.
“You are you can go. Okay,” I stammered.
“You talked like I was asking you for permission,” she said and chuckled.
Really? Claraa really?
Don’t I have the right to? I’ve been here, being with you, helping you, staying with you, wiping your tears, caring for you. I’ve changed all cos I love you.
At least we are friends, don’t I have the right to tell you to go see him or not?
Well im wrong, I don’t have the right.
I don’t have the right to make decisions for you or tell you what to do.
“Nothing, you say tomorrow?” I asked.
“Yeah, just to hear his side of the story and tell him all that i’v been wanting to tell him,” she said.
“You might break down there, You told me you don’t wanna see him so soon, untill you are strong enough,” I said.
“Im strong enough now,” she said.
I nodded with sadness deep within my heart.
It’s obvious she had made up her mind to see him and I can’t stop her.
“I’ll drive you there,” I said.
She looked at me with a smile.
I sighed.
I hope you don’t accept Noah back Clara.
You musn’t no matter what Clara.
It will break me. I’ll be shattered.
Im inlove with you. I feel like just pouring it out to youuu, I feel like telling it to you but I still can’t.
I’ve always have the feeling that you are going back to Noah..
Please this feeling musn’t happen Clara I beg you.
I love you so much Clara. I wish I can tell you now.
I wish I can pour it out this minute and face whatever you gonna tell me.
But im so nervous and scared.
God! im going crazy.

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