The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice
#Chapter 33
[Clinging On Me ] **Drake’s POV**
I smiled to myself as we settled on a seat, her at my right.
She began eating her popcorn slowly as we waited for the movie to begin.
Yeah, Clara was right, the movie will be scary, it’s actually a horror movie and I have no idea why I wanted us to just watch it.
Time clicked and the theatre lights went off, then the movie began.
A witch in long black horns and black dress stepped down and walked slowly to a green stone emerging a green smoke.
She kept chanting long spells, looking down at the stone then the smokes went hight to the sky and the sky darkened and green lightings and thunder stroke, then she looked up with her scary green eyes.
I felt Clara’s shoulder brush mine.
I glanced and she’s really close to me.
What! is she scared of this? The movie haven’t even started and she’s gletting scared already.
I smiled.
Well you can hold me. Cling to me when you get scared.
Im here for you.
Then the witch said aloud with a very frightening voice,
‘I am Azavira De Mar, The great witch of Eer, I am indestructible and most powerful! I am back to take over Eer and no one can’t stop meeee!!’
Frightening lightenings and thunder strokes followed.
“Drake I told you this movie would be scary!” Clara said.
“Are you scared already?” I asked.
“Im just saying it’s gonna be scary,” she said.
I smiled.
“Those things ain’t real,” I said.
“Didn’t you see her eyes! her horn!” she said.
She was so close to me, almost leaving her seat to mine.
“You hate horror?” I asked.
“I hate them,” she said.
I glanced at her twisted scared face, then at her popcorn,
“Eat your popcorn, it will make you feel less scared,” I said.
She began eating the popcorn again.
I smiled.
I had no idea she hated horror.
**Tony Campbell’s POV**
I pulled into my house and turned off the car engine.
Then picked my phone.
I could just end that damn girl’s life and the killer won’t charge up to 10million.
I can’t be stupid to pay that bitch 30million dollars when I have someone who can silence the bitch forever!
She’s got no idea who I am!
I never thought I could have a business with Nikky again but now I think I do.
I opened the glove box and picked out a memorandum note, flipped through the pages and scrolled through the phone numbers till I got to Nikky’s.
I dialled it on my phone and called.
It rang and she wasted no time in picking up.
“Doctor Tony, been a while,” she spoke first.
“Nikky, someone had found out about Austin and too much other secrets about me. I needs her to be eliminated without delay,” I said.
“Give me her details and it’ll be done in few days,” she said.
“I want her silenced before this week ends.. I’ll send her details,”
“Remember my pay price, and rules,” she said.
“I do,” I said and ended the call.
Expect your death soon, Helen Morgan.
I came down and one of the maids rushed to me.
“Welcome sir,” she greeted and took my briefcase.
I threw my suit jacket to her and walked to the door which another maid opened,
“Welcome sir,” she greeted and I went in.
**Danelle’s POV**
I layed on my bed with my phone on my chest.
Pheww.. im just sad.
I was able to get my phone from Mr Derick after lessons were over and now i’ve been calling Drake, he’s not picking up.
I really want to talk to them. I wanna hear from my sister.
I wanna know how she’s coping.
Why’s he not picking up.
I’ve called him ten times now.
I took my phone and called him again but he still didn’t pick up.
Is he sleeping already?
Is his phone switched to silent mode?
Ahh my sister. I can’t stop worrying about her.
I sighed.
Tessa, my bestfriend, roommate and my bunk bed partner came out from the bathroom wrapped in her pink towel.
She walked to her locker, unlocked it and pulled out a pink pajamas.
Tessa loves pink alot and she’s the closest to me among the other three room mates.
My bestfriend like I said.
She pulled the pajamas on and then grabbed her History note.
We are classmates too but unfortunately, not seatmates.
Then she came over and I shifted as she layed beside me on the tiny bed that could hardly contain two people.
“Nelle, you don’t look happy,” she said as she flipped through her history texbooks.
Mine layed over my head.
She’s the only one who calls me that name because she jokingly say it’s sounds like my boyfriends’s name, Neil. But it doesn’t. I’ve told her countless times.
“Im trying to reach Drake but I can’t. I need to talk with my sister,” I said.
I told her what happened.
“Is the line unavailable or he isn’t picking up?” she asked.
“He isn’t picking up,” I said and sighed.
“Maybe he’s sleeping now or probably not near his phone, he’ll call back when he sees your missed calls,” she said.
“I hope so,” I said.
“So, I don’t wanna get 40% again on history text tomorrow, im tired of Ms Agnes reporting of my poor marks to my parents,” she said.
“Alright then, let’s read,” I said.
Her bed is up, but she always love reading history with me just the way I love solving math with her.
She loves math and hate history, while I love history and hate math.
**Drake’s POV**
“Oh my God! the night shadow is behind him! Ahh!!, oh my! he’s moving back, he should turn now! jeeeeeeez I don’t wanna see thattt” Clara was clinging to me while saying all that.
Then she dropped her face on my shoulder, away from the movie.
The night shadow was so close to Luor, he turned and was quick enough to kill the night shadow with the fire he held, it screamed and vanished away.
Clara clinged to me so tightly, it gave me lingering feelings and all I could do was smile.
I love this movie.
See the way it made her cling so tight to me like her life depended on the hold! like if she loose grip, the night shadow would come for her.
I smiled.
I know she’s gonna yell at me after for picking the movie.
Ahhh.. Till then. But now, lemme just enjoy this hold of hers.
Where’s her popcorn?
On the floor I guess.
I still held mine.
“Is he dead?” she asked, her face still on my shoulder.
“He isn’t, raise your head,” I said.
She raised it but still held my hand so tightly like the night shadow is going to come for her.
“Oh thank goodness! I thought he’s gonna die. It’s just scary and so interesting at the same time,” she said.
I stretched my popcorn to her.
“Here, I guess your po-” I was cut short by another grip from her. The popcorn pack fell off my hand.
She gripped me so tightly, I thought i was going to loose my breath.
“Another one is coming!” she said and shut her eyes.
I looked up to see.
Luor killed it. It screamed and vanished away.
There were already getting to the witch.
The prince, Luor, his knights, Jerd and Nia but it’s been a difficult task all through.
That green stone needs to be destroyed for Azavira’s power to be destroyed completely.
“He’s alive right?” Clara asked again.
“Yeah.” I said.
She raised her face, but still held my hand.
“Ah thank God, they are getting closer. Omg Nia! where’s she going! What’s she looking for,” she kept asking as I stared at her.
“Clara you ain’t the only one watching the movie, you so scared,” I said.
“See that coming! Nia oh my you have to run! oh my God it’s getting to her!!”
I knew what was coming next, she gripped me.
I smiled.
“Clara if you keep doing this, you won’t see everything that happened in the movie,” I said.
Nia was saved by one of the Knight, but it killed him. Nia screamed his name as he vanished with the shadow.
“Omg! Knight Alber is gone!” Clara said.
Clara kept gripping me,
Every minute.
I loved it… I really loved it.
It gave me tingling feelings and I felt like she should never stop.
“Ahhh it’s behind him!” she said and gripped me again.
“God, Knight Theodre, he’s sacrifing his life! Why!!” she gripped me again.
She kept holding me, gripping on me and I wish it would never stop, untill she gripped me this time and her hand landed on my-
She quickly took her hand away.
I swallowed.
But she still didn’t stop herself from gripping me few minutes later and then again!
I sighed.
Clara can you just stop! im getting a hard on already!
But then she gripped me again and I had no idea when my hand brushed hard on her boobs.
I pulled my hand away instantly and she pulled away too.
I wanted to talk but I felt short of words, I only opened my mouth and closed it back.
God! help me.
[An hour later] I fastened my seatbelt and she did same, then I ignited the car and drove out of the cinema.
We didn’t talk much when the movie ended, just;
“Let’s go now, it’s over,” I had said.
“Okay,” she had said.
I felt scared. I felt scared that she’s really upset with me for letting my hand brush that much on her boobs.
How do I apologise?
But she doesn’t look upset rather… Ahh I don’t even know.
I need to apologise.
I don’t want her having negative thoughts about me.
‘Drake will never change, he’s a pervert! he wanna just have his way with me. He wanna use his help on making me get over my heartbreak to have his way with me, just like Noah did.’
Is these the thoughts going through her mind?
God it musn’t be.
I have to apologise before it does!
Gosh.. im so nervous. This isn’t me! im so nervous! nervous on the words to use.
What do I say first?
‘Clara, im sorry my hand brushed on your boobs’
No no.
‘Clara, im sorry about what happened in there, at the cinema.’
No, she might be like, What happened? and i’ll end up stuttering.
What do I really say.
I glanced at her and her eyes were on her legs.
Why? What’s she looking at?
**Clara’s POV**
How do I even apologise to Drake for all that act that I pulled in there at the Cinema.. not even the grippings but my hand stupidly touched his trouser zipper…
I felt his…
I need to apologise… but he brushed my boobs too.
Won’t he apologise as well?
Im I just the only one who is gonna apologise?
And moreover, he caused this.
He picked that movie!
But he did tell us to go since I don’t wanna watch it but I said no.
I should have just said ‘yes.
Even now, im still scared.
The night shadow and that dragon and mares, it’s so scary! Can I even sleep tonight?
I hate horrors!
I glanced at Drake and he was looking at me too.
Our eyes met and we both looked away, him to the steering and I, down to my legs.
I think this is the time to apologise now.
“Drake im sor-”
“Clara im sor-”
We both paused cos we spoke the same time.
I inhaled and he glanced at me and back to the windscreen.
Has he been thinking of apologising as well?
“Clara, im sorry about what I did, it wasn’t intentional. I was so careless with my hand, I apologise, I know you are upset please forgive me. Forgive me too for letting you watch that movie. It was all my fault. im sorry,” he said.
I exhaled, “Im sorry too Drake, I shouldn’t have acted that way. I act like a frightened kid whenever im watching horror. I could have said yes when you said we should head home but I really wanted to watch the movie even though it was a horror movie. And im very sorry that my hand tou-” I stopped.
“It’s okay. So have you forgiven me?” he asked.
“Yea,” I said.
“Thank you,” he said.
“What about you?” I asked.
“Oh yeah,” he said.
“Thank you,” I said and turned my eyes to the window.
It didn’t rain.
[15 minutes later] He pulled into the apartment and I inhaled and unfastened my seatbealt.
He did same and then turned to me,
“Will you be scared?” he asked.
What would he do if I say yes?

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