The BadBoy Diary
Written by, Rejoice
# Chapter 16
**Clara’s POV**
I came down from the cab and closed the door
as the cab driver drove off.
I walked over to the train station and searched
for Danelle.
Where’s this girl! she told me she’s here
“Sister Clara!!” I heard her lousy voice behind
and then a tight hug followed.
“I’ve missed you sis,” she said and then
withdrew the hug and I turned to her.
She was grinning and chewing gum at the
same time.
She wore her favourite type of skirt, very short
and flair with a white shirt with boots and a
“Sister.. i’ve really missed you, look at you, you
look so sweet.” she said and hugged me again.
“Danelle, you look good too. Let’s go.” I said.
“Alright alright.” she said.
I turned and headed towards the road.
“Sis, where’s your car?” she asked.
“Broke down and i’ve been too busy.” I said.
“duh.. A cab then.” she said and waved to a
cab coming. It stopped and we entered.
“GraAvantees hospital, Austin Freeway.”I said
and he drove off.
Danelle rolled her eyes, “I thought we’re going
home straight.”
“No ofcourse.” I said.
She twisted her face, “So I’ll have to percieve
that unpleasant hospital smell. I hate it. That’s
why Law is just the best for me. You won’t get
percieve such smells in a court.” she said.
“You fit that, you talk to much Danelle.” I said.
“Sis, did mom call you? did she tell you
anything about Noah?” she asked.
I sighed. “Can we talk about this when we get
home?” I said.
She shrugged, “Alright, I was just thinking that
maybe mom might be right, you know ther-” I
cut her short.
“Danelle, stop this talk right now.” I said.
“Alright, when we get home then.” she said.
Soon, the driver pulled in front of GraAvantees
hospital and I paid him. Then we got down,
closed the door and he drove off, behind us.
“Wow.. look at how big this hosplital is. How
much are you paid sis?” Danelle said.
I ignored her and lead the way into the hospital
“Wow sis, this hospital is really large.. it could
contain thousands of patients.” she said.
I sighed, “Danelle!”
“Yes sis, im saying the truth here, look there,
that’s a beautiful art work.” I asked.
I went into the elevator and she was still
“Danelle c’mon.” I said.
“Im coming.” she said and hurried in.
“I love here and no much of an unpleasant
smell.” she said with a smile.
“Sis hope we are still going to the Motana park
tomorrow? I really want to go there.” she said.
“I think.” I said and she rushed me in a tight
hug, in the elevator.
“Yes yes! I love you..”she said and kiseed my
[Third floor]
I came out of the elevator and Danelle too and
headed to my office.
“Wow sis, this is really a standard promotion.
You have an office as well.” Danelle said as we
went into my office.
“Yeah, a nurse who works with a medical
doctor here always have his own office.” I said.
“Wonderful.” she said as headed for the fridge.
I shook my head as I pushed her travelling box
to the side of the office, then I sat down on my
swivel chair.
“Yes!” she said after searching in the fridge.
“I love this flavour juice.” she said, raising it for
me to see then closed the fridge, and opened
the juice box and gulped down.
“So who’s this doctor you are working for or
with? I hope he’s not up to fourty years old?”
she said and I shook my head.
“Danelle, what’s your problem? He’s not old,
he’s a ryoung man.” I said.
She gasped and rushed to the guest seat
opposite me, grinning.
“So what are you still waiting for! accept his
love proposal sister Clara!” she said and I
almost slapped her.
“Danelle, are you crazy now? what’s wrong
with you and mom? Have you all forgotten
about Noah huh!” I said with fumes of anger.
She grinned and gulped down from the juice
box again.
“Mom is damn right Sister but anyways, who’s
this Doctor? I really wanna see him.” she said.
“Why do you wanna see him?” I asked.
“You’re asking like you’re his girlfriend
already.” she said and I shook my head.
Just then, the door opened and suprisingly it
was the new nurse, Helen Morgan.
She closed the door and came near, fixing her
eyes which were delivish to me. I fixed mine at
She got to the table still placed her eyes on
“Hello nurse Adams” she said and I inhaled.
“Yes Nurse Morgan.” I answered.
My sis just stared.
“Should I congratulate you on your winning
back Dr Tony?” she asked and I inhaled.
What’s wrong with this girl.
“Nurse Morgan I don’t get you.” she said.
“Better do, well enjoy it for now cos its not
gonna last.” she said, got up and left.
“Who’s she?” Danelle asked.
“A new nurse.” I said.
“It’s okay. Mom told me everything.” she said
and I gasped.
“Mom told you what? how can she tell you
about all that.”
“Ain’t I grown enough.”
“You ain’t.” I said.
“I am, duh!” she said.
The door opened again and doctor campbell,
walked in.
“We have an energency operation in two hours
time. Get ready.” he said, turned and left.
I breathed out.
Danelle gasped,
“Is that the doctor?” she asked.
“Yeah” I muttered.
“Woww.. he’s very handsome,” Danelle said.
[Hours later]
Yeah, the operation went well.. but Dr Campbell
didn’t talk much to me. I think he’s still getting
over me.
And now Danelle and I are walking out of the
hospital building, heading home.
Somehow, I was expecting to see Drake
standing close to his car packed at the parking
lot but I didn’t.
I chuckled. I wonder why he didn’t come.
I hope im not wishing he did.
Im not. Why should I?
“Sis why starring at the parking lot? are you
expecting soneone? or is it there that your car
broke down?” Danelle asked.
I faced front immediately, “Just staring.” I lied.
She looked at me closely, “Really? sure?”
I rolled my eyes, “Yeah Danelle..let’s go get a
cab.” I said.
**Drake’s POV**
From the car window, I stared at them.. My car
packed beside the road.
I can see the two ladies, Clara and the girl I
guess would be her talkative sister.
She stared at the parking lot.
Was she expecting to see me and then pretend
like she doesn’t need my help.
Now they are heading towards the road for a
I sighed knowing i’ve failed my promise of not
giving a fuck about Clara anymore.
I promised myself that im not gonna drive here
tonight but I couldn’t help it.
I kept thinking of her.. I was worried she’d
need help tonight.
I tried so hard to ignore my feelings but I
couldn’t and now, im here.
Im so stupid right? Yeah!
I started the car and pulled to where they stood
waiting for a cab.
She rolled her eyes at my car, then ticked her
hair behind her ears as she looked away.
Her began was whispering something to her
probably about the car in front of them.
I smiled and came down from the car and
walked to them.
She shifted away.
Her sister stared from me to her, from her to
I breathed out, “Hey Clara..”
“Drake, why don’t you understand the words ‘I
don’t need your help’?” Clara snapped.
I smiled, “Like I told you, you are important to
me, I guess that is why I waste my time alot in
helping you.” I said.
“I told you I don’t need your help Drake!!
Danelle come over here.” she said.
Her sister looked at her, then at me.
“Who are you to her?” she asked.
“Im Drake, her neighbour. I knew of her car
break down, and she told me of your arrival so I
decided to help. Did I do wrong?” I asked.
“No not at all. Im Danelle, her younger sister.”
she said with a sweet smile.
She’s really beautiful just like her sister.
“Oh Danelle, do you mind if I take your box to
the car?” I asked.
She smiled, “Ofcourse.” she said and pulled
the box to me.
“Danelle! ”Clara rushed the box but I was fast
enough to drop it inside the back seat.
“Drake! get that box out.” Clara said.
“Sis c’mon he’s just tryna help besides no cab
has been passing.” Danelle said.
“She’ll come in, don’t worry about that. You just
get in.” I said to her.
“I’ll stay at the back seat.” Danelle said.
I smiled.
“But… wait, you ain’t a badguy?” she asked.
“No fear.” I said with an assured smile
“Fine then” she smiled and went to Clara and
grabbing her hand, pulled her to my car,
opened the door and told her to get in.
“Sis just go in, let’s get out of here. What’s
wrong, he’s your neighbour duh!.” Danelle said
and after glaring at me for a really long time,
she came in and Danelle slammed the door
Then hopped into the backseat and I drove off
with a smirk at Clara.
She faced the window.

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