The BadBoy Diary
Written by, Rejoice
# Chapter 13
**Clara’s POV**
“ honey when are you actually coming down
next week? so I can prepare awesomely for it”
I asked with a smile.
“…baby I haven’t picked out the date yet but I
guess it’s gonna be thursday or friday.” he
I sighed, “But that’s really far Noah. Can’t you
be back on monday or tuesday?” I said.
“I don’t think baby.. ”
“But you said you’re getting through with
everything this week.” I said.
“Yeah I said that but I can’t be back on
monday.. Be a little more patient baby, it won’t
exceed next week ok I pro..I promise you.” he
I breathed out, “Okay baby, Im sure gonna be
“Gooood.. I love you so much ok? now you get
to sleep baby, and dream of boyfriend.” he said
and I smiled.
“I will.. take care baby. I love you too.” I said.
“I will, kisses.”he said and the call ended.
I sighed as I dropped my phone, then layed my
head on the bed pillow and pulled the duvet
over my body, to sleep but then my phone
A text message.
I picked up the phone and read the message.
From Dr Tony Campbell.
~~It was a great dinner Clara, but then it wasn’t
completely great because I can’t have you. I
fell for you the very first day that you were in a
surgery room with me. Your smartness and the
way you smile at every little thing, your beauty.
I wish I could have a place in your heart Clara
but it’s so obvious that there is no place for me.
I’ll get over this anyways, Goodnight dear.~~
I sighed.
Dr Campbell you can’t be serious.
Yeah, you are so very nice but you should
better quit this love, there’s no place for you in
my heart cos Noah, my boyfriend had taken the
whole place in my heart.
This was all I typed in the Reply message box
but then I deleted it all and sent just.
~~Im sorry doctor, I already have a boyfriend
who I dearly love. Goodnight.~~
Then I dropped my phone and just as I was
about drifting off to sleep, loud crazy music
from Drake’s room came hitting in my ears that
I got frightened that my ear drums would go
Oh my God! Drake!!!
I tossed on my bed and hissed angrily.
His demon is back into him again after leaving
him for some days.
And damn! the music is so loud and annoying!
What stupid music is that?
I wonder when he’s gonna stop this crazy
music for me to sleep.
This guy has gone weird again!!!!
I couldn’t sleep… The music was too loud and I
didn’t think he’s going to stop the craziness
anytime soon.
I hissed with anger as I got out from my bed
and walked out to the sitting-room.
I switched on the TV and sat down on a couch.
The music wasn’t so loud here as it was in my
Maybe I could even sleep here but im gonna
deal with Drake tomorrow.
BBC news channel came on..
I picked up the remote from the table to change
the channel.
~~~Two men have been caught at Beamout
Airport with hidden illigal drugs..The police
commissioner had stated that more are gonna
be arrested and there must be a stop to every
illigal drug operation in America.~~~
The two young men pictures where displayed
and videos of their arrest.
I chuckled.. Is there ever gonna be a stop to all
illigal drugs operation in America. I don’t think
I chanced the channel to AMC to watch movies,
as I tried not to be bothered about the loud
music from Drake’s Apartment.
**Drake’s POV**
I drank from the the glass as I listened to the
music playing loudly.. I have just one stupid
reason for playing this music so loudly.
To disturb Clara.. cos she’s making me think.
She have to be annoyed cos im annoyed too.
Im not gonna put off this music.
Ahh Drake! what’s wrong with me.
Why im I still upset about that dinner?
But nothing is gonna make me stop this music.
I gulped down the drink and poured more into
the glass.
**Clara’s POV**
I woke up to find myself lying on the couch.
Wait! did I sleep on the couch?
Arghh I did, I did.
Drake made me sleep in the sittinng-room.
Im so going to deal with this stupid neighbour.
“If he’s crazy then he should go to the
pyschiatric hospital. Here is not the place for
mad people.” I seethe angrily as I got up from
the couch and headed to my bedroom.
All through my bathing, I couldn’t stop my
annoyance as I talked on and on. About how
im gonna talk some sense into that punk skull!
After bathing, I ate and then went back to my
bedroom to dress up.
I dressed up and picking up everything I
should, I switched the lights, walked
outdoor,locked the door and headed to Drake’s
door with the anger boiling inside of me.
I pressed the doorbell button countless times
and waited impatiently.
He should better open this damn door.
He have to understand that this is not the right
place to display his madness.
“Hey miss nurse goody two heels.” I heard his
voice behind.
I turned to see him standing behind his opened
car door, dressed up for work.
I frowned and walked over to him.
“Wait Drake, you were in your car and you let
me stress myself by walking up to yoyur door,
pressing the doorbell and waiting!?” I barked.
He let out a lopsided smile as he stared at me.
“Answer me Drake, well that’s by the way.
What madness did you display last night?” I
He arched his brow, “What are you talking
about Clara?”
“You know what im talking about and you
answer me. Why would you be disturbing the
whole neighbourhood with crazy music!” I
He chuckled, “I wasn’t disturbing the whole
neighbourhood,. I was disturbing you.” he said
with a smirk smile.
“What nonsense are you saying?” I asked.
“You understand me Clara, I don’t need to
explain what disturbance means to a nurse
goody two heels.” he said.
“Drake! I guess you are really insane but you
should know that isn’t the place to display your
insanity. Go to a pyschiatric hospital.” I threw
and he erupted into laughter.
What’s funny!
“You are really crazy. I’ve given you my last
warning Drake or else you’ll have to shake
hands with the police as you use to but it won’t
be a bribe handshake this time.” I said and
turned to walk away.
He stopped laughing, “Yes you are right.”
I smiled, he was behind so he didn’t see the
“Better that you know, it’s a warning.” I said.
“If you say so, come let me give you a lift miss
nurse.” he said.
I chuckled and turned back to face him.
“I’do gladly go by foot than in your car Drake.”
I said.
He shrugged, “Fine then.. im just tryna help
since your beloved boyfriend ain’t doing his
duty.” he said and I almost punched him.
How many times do I have to make this clear to
“My boyfriend is currently in south Africa on a
business and once he’s back, I wouldn’t even
be standing here talking with you.” I said.
He raised his brows, “Oh really?”
“Yes!” I snapped.
“What business is that anyways? that have to
take him to south Africa and all?” he asked and
I rolled my eyes.
“His dad is a car import and export dealer
tycoon with brands including in America and
Africa.” I said.
He shrugged, “Alright, so if his dad is, then he’ll
probably get you a new car when he comes
back, so what’s his work?” he asked.
“He works with his dad. I wonder why you are
asking me this question maybe cos your work
isn’t important to you but mine is.” I said and
walked away.
I waved to a cab coming, It stopped and I got
“GraAvantees hospital.” I said and he drove
**Drake’s POV**
I watched as the cab left then I entered into my
car, placing my hands on the steering wheel.
Ahh.. this girl’s so stubborn. Im gonna get her.
I drove off, to work.
**Clara’s POV**
I got to work and met Johanna coming out from
the elevator.
Her face didn’t appear so good as she saw me.
“Nurse Clara, welcome.” she said.
“Thanks nurse Johanna, hope you’re okay?” I
asked gazing at her.
“Im fine, just that there is a new nurse is in the
hospital and I saw her with Dr Campbell. I don’t
understand.” she said.
A nurse with doctor Campbell?
“Really?”I said.
“Yeah”she answered.
I inhaled, “So why are you bothered about
that?” I asked.
“You nurse Clara.” she said.
“Me?” I raised my brows.
“Yeah, I have to go now.” she said and walked
Why is a new nurse with doctor Campbell?
And why im I suddenly having a fast beating
I got into my office and let out a relief breathe.
I thought im gonna see Dr Campbell on the
I wonder how im gonna face him today, ahh.
And did Johanna say there was a new nurse
with him?
Anyways, It’s none of my business.
Just then, the door opened and he walked in.
I inhaled.
He wasn’t smiling as usual… he seemed dull
and his expression seemed pale as he looked
at me then glanced at his wristwatch.
“Goodmorning doctor.” I greeted as I stared
face down.
“Thank you nurse Adams. There is an
operation by 10am this this morning but Im
afraid to do it.” he said and my lips went ajar as
I looked up at him.
“Why doctor?” I asked.
“You Clara, you.” he said and I swallowed.
“I thought about it. I can’t risk my job because
Im inlove with someone who is inlove with her
boyfriend so I think you have to stay behind, I
have called up another nurse to go with me to
the operation room,.cos if you be there with me
then I might do the wrong thing and loose a
patient.” he said.
I gasped, “but.. but doctor I.. I it’s not my
fault.” I stammered, not knowing what to say.
“Im sorry Clara, for now.. I have a new nurse
practitioner and she’ll be the one to be working
with me till i’ve gotten over every feelings that I
have for you.” he said.
I gasped, “I..I can’t believe this doctor.” I
“Im sorry, I have to do it.” he said, turned and
walked away.
Oh my God… What’s all this!

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