She’s Worth The Kill
(He Brought Light)

:Cal Empéror

Season 2

Episode 16

12am at night.

The brotherhood members gathered to deliberate on the war at hand, the war has been prolong for too long, it’s time they take the bull by the horn, and end everything, so the can be free and reign in supremacy again.

Eoth: our course have been tampered with and trampled upon, by some forces and for sometime now we have not been active as brothers, but tonight, we will kill those who has been a threat to us, and victory will be ours forever. He called out in a loud voice, that was followed by chants from the brothers, They were glad it was time to end the war once and for all. “We head straight to Cal’s house, and we will destroy everything that comes our way, a child that decided to grow protruding teeths must also grow enough flesh in his lips to cover the teeth, the called for war, and war we shall give them in a hundred fold, as he continued his parable, so loud and intense the chanting of the brothers increased. Soon he brought out a pot painted red, that contains blood, this is the fortification wine drink of it and be fortified, he called, he started making incantations, that made the pot light up in flame, the fire engulf the whole pot, the transformation that occurred with the pot insighted a smile on his lips, the other brothers saw this and the burst into rounds of loud laughters, that no one could tell the reason. The Eoth drank from the pot, and pass to the next person who was hilton, and then they passed it round, till he got to the last person, and was returned back to the Eoth who in turn returned it back to where the took it from, and once they held hands together, they disappeared.

Cal’s Residence

It was a cold night, the couple could be seen in a cuddle position, sleeping peacefully, Just Like their son who laid on the bed, one look at him, you would think he was sleeping, but he was wide awake, he was having a peaceful sleep before, until when he got the urge to wake up and he did, he remained in the sleeping posture, till he sense a foreign presence in the atmosphere, Just then he realised why he had woken up, and he prepared his mind. From the air in the atmosphere, he could tell that whoever it is that is coming is already very close by, so he went to his parents room and woke them up, they were both agile, they seem not to bother about night rest, the battle at hand was greater than sleep, only those that still have life, that will have the mouth to talk about sleep, He told them his observation, and told them to call the Pastor blessed, which they did instantly, the pastor picked up at the second ring, after cal cleared the air letting him on the latest development, he promised to join them in prayer, he also encourage them to start praying immediately, which they obeyed. Just then a strong wind swept through the house, clearing everything that seem to be and hindrance to its passage, including the family that was already blasting in prayers the wind blowed past them as they held hands together, it cycled in their midst and increased it’s intensity in the space that was formed in their center, they tried to hold on to each other, but the force was too much for them, and it blew them apart, sending them to various directions, Cal’s head hit hard against the tiled floor as he dropped down with blood gushing out from the back of head all he could hear as he passed out was streams of endless laughter, he heard hilton’s mocking voice saying, ‘You can’t steal from me and go scott free’!
San had knocked her head the edge of the bed, but she didn’t sustain any injury, she was conscious of the unending stream of laughter, ”we will make you a widow, and you will losed that evil child of yours”, the mocking voices kept on saying, to her, “How much i enjoyed her” hilton’s voice popped up from the numerous voices mocking her, “After tonight you will be all mine”
Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she screamed and used her both hands to cover her ears, but that didn’t stop her from hearing the voices.

Messie on the other hand looked lifeless, no breath was coming out from his nose, he saw himself going back to his kingdom where everything was perfect, no wrath, no strife for powers, as he got closer and closer to the white gate, he saw his friends waiting to receive him at the gate, he was glad to see them once again, he started running towards them, but then he heard a scream!! It was San’s voice, Oh mother, he said and stopped right on his track, his mind was at war, he knew the human world needed saving, he was their only one that could save them, Just then he saw he heard his name, Messie!! And he turned back and low and behold there was Joyce, standing in her all white,

Joyce: Messie don’t Go, finish the work you started, the fate of the human world lies in your hands, you are the light bringer, she said to him, just as she said those word, messie mind went straight to the picture the ‘Dead king’ showed to him, but just as he remember that, the voice of his friends persuading him to come, come be with them rang in his ear, and he said to his friends on a loud voice, “You guys don’t need saving, Let me Go to the people who needs it, I AM THE LIGHT BRINGER,” a said with a very loud voice, that shook even the earth, thunders struck unendlessly as he returned to his human body,. The thunder that struck had taken the heathen a back, they thought the battle was over, as they had check the boy’s body, to see he was dead. They were even more surprised when he stood up, and with grate force thay shook the earth, they started casting spells in cones of fires and directing it towards the boy who either dodged or broke them, he applied what ‘the dead king’ had taught him in breaking spells, it got to a point where he stopped breaking them or dodging them, he let the fire spell gathered in the air as they kept on firing it towards his directions, when they saw it wasn’t gaining any effect on the boy, they had relented and stop looking all weak, he soon gathered all the spell demonstrating his hands, and threw it back to them, voommmmmm!!!!!!!The fire caught up with them, as they tried to dodge it or break it, soon they were all burnt beyond recognition, and they started disappearing one after the other, as the battle came to an end, the intensity of the thunder strikes increased and soon it started raining. The rain of victory, the battle has been fought and won.

Messie ran up to his dad, and he placed his hands on him and did his thing to revive him, soon he coughed, messie saw he was ok and ran out of the room to find his mom, he found her in his room looking all scared and covered her ears with both hands.

Messie: it’s ok mom, he said to her, we have won the battle. When san saw him she jumped up happily, and hugged him.

San: omg!! Son they say you were dead, i touched you but you were lifeless. She said hugging him tightly than before, and also planted a kiss on his forehead. Just in that position cal walked in and joined on the hug. It was 5am

Early morning the next day, News has spread round the country like fire placed on a bush during harmattan period, that the Demonic dictator of a president Hilton and his vice Marcus, are critically ill and their health condition, was one that has no medical solution, as all part of their bodies were rotting away, they smell like burnt meat, so was the comment of one of the reporters of a popular Tv channel in the country. Few hours later, their conditions had deteriorated, and Hilton called for a confession, he confessed to the media on a live program, all the atrocities he had comitted with the help of his heathen brotherhood, almost every citizen in the country watched, he also named all his counterparts and accomplice/brothers he stated how much he had hunted the Cal family and how Messie was responsible for his calamity, before he finally gave up the ghost.

Soon messie’s name spread all over that country and abroad with every one singing his praise.

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