She’s Worth The Kill

(He Brought Light)

Cal Empéror

Season 2

Episode 9

The conveying cal and family, Left the shores of the Caribbean and traveled through the sky, high above oceans and mountains, disappearing through the sky and appearing very high up in the sky. The journey was three days people got bored and resulted to sleeping, but not Messie he was wide awake even at night, he managed to remain awake. At such times, he goes up to the pilots cabin, and he made friends with them, they like him because he appeared an inquisitive young boy who wanted to know more about how to move a plane. Coupled with his good looks, they grew fond of him he had jokingly asked them on the second day of the flight if they would let him fly the plane, and they laugh it off as being childish and always a teenager’s wish.

Pilot Mike who messie has grown very fond of had replied, If you want to fly a plane, you had got to read hard to become a pilot in future boy, he said to him smiling cheerfully, and patted him on his back.

Messie: I know and I will read hard he said, smiling back at mike

Pilot Mike: Yea that’s my boy. He cheered him up would you go up to dad and mom now? He asked him and messie ran off to his parent.

He knew what was at hand, he knew the heathen would soon strike he knew he was going to control the plan anytime soon, he only laughed at the promise he made to the pilot.

Back in Nigeria,

Only two day after hilton sworn himself in as the president of the country, with no power or anybody strong enough to oppose him not even the military, He had turned the country and it’s laws into what suits him, and what was pleasant to his brothers in the heathen fraternity, there was an amendment in everything, just to suit their taste. Citizens suffered, and just two days the whole country was looking dry, like countries close to the sahara that hadn’t seen rain for decades. the reason wasn’t far fetched, it was as a result of change of power not like the previous administration were saints, but having a demon with an evil power on seat spelt doom for them, as them hope aimlessly for a saviour, one was coming.

When the plane draw closer to africa the third night of the journey by air, the Eoth has felt the presence of the boy so strong, hilton was not left out, he felt the same thing too a night and he felt so hot that he had transformed and disappeared to their coven, on getting there he was even more surprised at the sight he behold, the coven was on fire, the Eoth wiggled uncomfortably he was heating up soon other members appeared too, all heating up and the person feeling the hot night heat the most was the Eoth that was why the heat had extended from his body to every piece of clothing in the tent and the too caught the fire, it had started like a clove and later extended to burning most things.

Eoth: Hilton are you going to stand there and watch? Make use of your staff, or do you think it is just meant for you to transform? He queried in discomfort. And hilton quickly manage to strike it towards the four cardinal points of the earth, and just like that tranquility started returning.

Marcus: Good gracious what was that? He asked still scratching his body.

Eoth:The evil child is returning home. We have to kill them now, he said.

Hilton: No. No… How will I ever get my money if we kill them, let’s do it in a way that only cal will survive so that I can at least find out from him where he kept my money.

Eoth: hilton, it’s like you don’t know the potency of the staff you are holding, once we destroy that child, it will be able to tell you anything you wish to know, but as much as that child is still alive, most of the powers and functions of the staff will be limited he said to him.

Hilton: so what are we waiting for? He asked looking at them quizzically let’s get rid of them he said and brought out the staff, they all place their hand on it and the Eoth made his incantations, and a very big spell that looked very much like a fire set in the air appeared and with great force zoomed into the sky they smiled at the impact they knew what they have done, the spell was headed for the plane.

Messie saw this coming, but he allowed it the plane, and he laughed he like to be adventurous, and here was one hell of an adventure. The impact has made the pilot lost control of the plane, they knew the plane was about to crash, with different sounds and mechanical voices saying words like:

Terrain! Terrain!! Terrain!!!

Altitude of 70,000ft above the ground!!!!!

Every key in the dashboard was showing Error! Error!

They were dead scared, including the passengers who by now have been notified by the pilots about the outcome of events, and were being asked to call on the different God they served. Messie looked at his parents they seem hopeless and he braced them up.

Messie: this is the hand work of Hilton and the Heathen, but not to worry i gat this he said and made to move to the pilot’s cabin.

Cal: are you sure about this son? Can you handle it he asked in fear. The boy only shook his head and headed out, by now the plane was turning including everything in it. Messie passed people, he could see them shivering, but he encouraged them as he made his way through and got to the cabin.

Pilot mike: little boy what are you doing here?? go be with your parents he cautioned.

Messie: is it going to be fine? He asked looking at his eyes.

Pilot mike: Yes boy we are hopeful to God. He said looking down at him, pilot mike was a tall man

Messie: you are optimistic, he said and moved towards the control board, they stared at him, he Placed his two hands on the board, and at first nothing happened, they thought I was just his playful attitude till he did it again and everything started returning to normal, what are you doing messie one of the pilots asked, but got no response, messie closed his eyes, stabling the plane was draining him weak, but the had to manage. With eye’s close, he channeled more and more his human strength, one of the pilots had wanted to pull him away when Cal came in and told them to leave him. And just then everything returned to normal, but messie dropped down, and they quickly called in the paramedics.

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