Mama became a murderer while defending her virginity. No one was ready to address the
attempted rape that led to the manslaughter, not even the Baale. Mama was kept in the village dungeon for seven days awaiting trial. ‘Funmilayo, why did you kill Bayo? the Baale’s personal
assistant asked on behalf of the council of chiefs. It was an accident sir, he was trying to rape
me and I made an attempt to defend myself, hence he died in the process. Please sirs I’m guilty
but it wasn’t intentional. I wouldn’t kill the man l love, a man who gave meaning to my life when
everyone abandoned me. Bayo was a good man and I have no reason to kill him, it was an
accident. Mama explained before the council of chiefs.
My mother was sentenced to 20years imprisonment with hard labour. It was 20 years of
bitterness and agony. Her years in prison thought her hard lessons of life. Her determination to remains Virgin until marriage had landed her into 20 years of incarceration. Life became unfair
to a young lady who did what was right. But the glamour of this life rather chose to smile on the
bad ones. If I had allowed Bayo to take away my precious virginity that day,no one would have heard about it. even I fire ported his attempt to rape me, no one will take me serious because everyone in the village knew us together. Twenty years was like two hundred years in prison.
The prison warders were not friendly. They were brutal and wicked. There was only one female prison warder in charge of the ladies. Anytime she’s not on duty the male warders took turns on the other prison inmates in exchange for one favour or the other. Two months after mama arrived the prison, Mr. Bayo, the head of the prison warders set his eyes on her. Adebayo
Owojola is gone, here is another Adebayo Daniel trying to continue from where Adebayo Owojola stopped. Mama was a moralist, she was never a Christian but she knew god and the redemptive power of
his dear son Jesus Christ. The latter Bayo had more advantage over her as an inmate than the former Bayo. If she has to keep her virginity she knew she needed God. Mama began to pray for
God’s help and started attending the prison fellowship. In no time she became a strong member
of the prison fellowship due to her commitment and dedication. After a years he was made the
women leader of the prisonfellowship.
Mr. Bayo did not give up his lustful desire to sleep with mama but several times mama had
escaped his snares. He continued to push his ambition to fulfill his carnal desire on mama until this fateful day when he had made up his mind like the late Bayo to have mama by all means.
He stayed back after close of work after making arrangements with other female inmates on how he was going to humble mama. An announcement was made in the female room for all
female inmates to report to the office of the head warder immediately. It was late in the night when everyone was ready to go to bed and no one expected any official call to be made at that time of the night but mama was wrong, it was well planned. In haste, every female inmate were assembled at Mr. Bayo’s office. But mama was the only
inmate who came in without her prison garment. Without much a do, Mr. Bayo capitalized on that, ‘Funmi why are you not in your uniform? ‘Mr. Bayo queried angrily. While mama was trying
to explain why she didn’t report wearing her uniform, he l landed her a hot slap.
Did Mr. Bayo succeed in taking mama’s virginity that night?

Let’s see in the next episode….


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