My Indoor Holiday
Written by Rejoice
Chapter 6
I opened the door and aunt Kiki jaw dropped
She walked in, closing the door.
“Isa what did I hear?” she said.
“what aunt?” I asked, looking at her.
“That you sent Rose away when she came to
stay awhile with you.” she said.
I sighed. I’ve no idea how to explain.
“Aunt Kiki, you see I was angry then, I needed
to be alone.” I said.
“She said you were screaming.” I sighed. That
girl must be weird mouth. I’d wish to see her
right now and smatch those lips of hers.
What do I explain?
“I was–” I got cut short by Henry, appearing
beside me.
I breathed out. This guy’s so stubborn.
“Im not. Just tell her you hit your hand at the
stair rail, it was so painful.” he said.
I inhaled.
“Isa!” aunt Kiki called.
“Yes, I hit my hand on the stair rail, it was so
painful.” I lied.
She gasped as her eyes fell on my hands.
She came to take my hand and I let her.
“Where exactly Isa? it must have really hurt.
Did it bleed?” she asked, scanming my hands.
“No it didn’t bleed. Im fine now.” I said.
She smiled and touched my forehead.
“Are you feeling weak? do you wanna take
drugs?” she asked.
I glanced at Henry and he was smiling.
“The sitting-room is looking so sparkling.” she
I looked around. Okay I recall not cleaning the
sitting-room cos I went straight to the kitchen to
I glanced at Henry.
He giggled.
“When did you do this?” I asked him before
realizing it.
He gasped and I tightened my lips in a shiver,
then turned to aunt Kiki.
“When did I do what?” she asked with raised
My eyes fell on the new curtains
“When did you change the window curtains.” I
“Oh that was yesterday.” she said.
“Alright.” I said and breathed out.
She walked pass and headed upstairs.
“I don’t have home lessons with the kids today,
im heading to church.” she said.
“Today isn’t sunday.” I said.
She laughed, “Oh Isabel, we don’t go to
church only on sundays, we have a midweek
worship with God. Go dress up. You’re going
with me.” she said.
I rolled my eyes.
“I don’t want to.” I said.
Henry giggled and I shot him a glare.
“Ofcourse you will. Go now.”
“I didn’t come with church clothes.” I said.
“Oh come with me then, I’ll give you one.” she
said and finally walked up.
I sighed.
“Great. It’s been ages I went to church.” he
“Ofcourse, Spirits don’t go to church.” I said
then caught my breath.
Im so stupid. aunt Kiki might hear me.
He giggled.
“You musn’t talk when I do.”
“Why won’t I!” I said and gasped again,
clutching my hands to my mouth.
He shrugged, “Keep talking then.” he said.
“Isa! come on… hurry up, im almost done.”
aunt Kiki shouted from the upstair.
I rolled my eyes.
“I don’t like going to church. I rather be at the
beach with my friends.” I said.
“Oh I was so better than you. When I was
human. I never miss church.” he said.
“Even on a wednesday?” I said.
“Yeah, it’s called Midweek service. My dad was
a Deacon in St. Andrew’s Anglican church.” he
“So where is he now? Your parent?” I asked.
He sighed, “I don’t know. I’ve not seen them
for five years now, ever since I became a
ghost.” he said.
“Really?” I asked.
“Yeah.” he said.
I breathed out and headed to the staircase.
He followed behind me.
“You should go, im going to dress up.” I said.
“I know.” he said.
“Then why following me!” I snapped.
“Shh your aunt is coming.” he said and I
When I turned she came out in flair flowery
gown that reached below her knees, a red hat
and red shoes.
She slapped her forehead at seeing me.
“You ain’t dressed yet Isabel. Come on, I’ll
give you a sweet looking dress.” she said and
took my hand, pulling me along.
When we entered her room, I saw a pink nice
gown laying on her bed with creamy hat and
flat shoes.
I turned back to check if Henry followed us but
he didn’t.
“You like it?” she asked.
“Yeah, it’s pretty but how did you get it.” I
She smiled.
“It was a dress I bought for Regina on the day
she got lost in the ocean. She loved pink just
like you do too, but after buying it and getting
home, I was welcomed with the horrifying news
of my daughter’s lost.” she said and a tear
almost dropped from my eyes but I blinked it
back in.
“But.. but I don’t wanna wear it, it’s meant for
her.” I said.
She smiled, “It’s okay, you just have it.” she
I picked the dress with a smile, then walked to
the closet and hung it back in.
Then did same to the hat and shoes.
“Isa… why that?” she asked.
“It’s not mine aunt. It’s okay, im gonna search
through my closet for a dress.” I said.
She smiled and stared amazingly at me as I
walked out.
Gosh tears almost dropped from my eyes.
Such a painful news!
I really want to do this now, if not for anything
but for my cousin.
Maybe she isn’t really dead. Maybe the
Holloways captured her like Henry said.
I really wanna do this but im scared.
I pushed open my bedroom door to see Henry
standing beside my bed and a royal blue dress
with strap sleeves.
“Cool right? wear it.” he said.
“How did you find this dress? did you search
my closet?” I asked and picked up the dress.
It’s cool for it.
“Yeah.. Didn’t want you stressing yourself.” he
“Well thanks,” then I paused and narrowed my
eyes at him.
“Did you stare at my undies!?” I asked him.
He twisted his lips.
“Maybe a little.” he said.
I raised my brows,.“What!?”
“I never wanted to but my stupid eyes went
there. Okay I apologise.” he said.
I rolled my eyes and headed to the bathroom.
“I don’t wanna find you still here when im out.”
I said and slammed the bathroom door shut.
I came out of the bathroom in my towels, and
Thank goodness, he wasn’t in.
I dressed up and combed my hair to fall over
my shoulders. Then I applied a little mascara
and pink lipgloss.
Then slide my feet into my cute yellow sandals.
I picked up my yellow purse and my phone and
just as I was about going for the door, he
appeared in.
“Woah!” he breathed out, staring at me.
“What?” I asked.
“You are amazingly beautiful.” he said.
“Thanks.” I said and grabbed the doorknob.
“Can I come with you?” he asked.
“No.” I snapped.
He smiled, “Alright, bye. Pray for me.” he said.
“You don’t expect me to pray for a ghost.” I
“Oh that was harsh Isa.” he said.
“Im going, gonna pray for you tho.” I said and
He smiled.
He’s so handsome.
“Isa, who are you talking with?” I heard aunt
Kiki’s voice on the door.
I gasped and opened the door to see her now
clutching a red handbag.
“No one aunt. I was on a phone call.” I
said,“with my girlfriend.” I added.
She smiled, “One of them that your dad don’t
want you with?” she asked.
“Kinda.” I said and she smiled.
“Let’s go.” she said and turned.
I glanced back to see Henry smile.
“Bye.” he said, smiling.
“Yeah.” I mumbled and walked out, shutting
the door.
(at church)
Praise my soul, the King of heaven..
The hymn played as aunt Kiki aunt and I
entered the large church with long red carpet
from the entrance door up to the alter.
aunt Kiki sat at an empty pew and I did beside
When the hymn was over and the second hymn
was called, I looked behind to see Henry,
sitting on the pew behind ours, smiling at me.
Somehow, I knew he was gonna come.
But wait? I thought ghosts should be scared of
being in the church?
I turned back to watch the choristers, singing.
Im not gonna act like he’s here..
“Wow great! today’s midweek service was
awesome. Right Isa?” aunt Kiki asked as we
entered the sitting-room.
“Maybe.” I said with a roll of my eyes and
walked up into my room.
Im exhausted.
I wonder how Henry disappeared.
I changed into a bomshort and singlet, then
layed on my bed to go through my phone.
Just then my window curtains blew and I turned
to see Henry standing at the window.
He smiled.
“How was church?” he asked.
I rolled my eyes, “Like you weren’t there. huh!”
He smiled..“Sure.”
“I thought ghosts doesn’t go to church.” I said.
He shrugged, “I don’t think. I did today and
nothing happened.” he said.
“So tell me Isa, have you made up your mind?”
“About what?” I asked.
“About helping me and your cousin as well.” he
I inhaled.
“Henry, It’s so hard for me to accept. I know I
wish to help you find yourself, your body and im
sure it’ll be in the Holloways but me going
there, I don’t wish to meet such people.” I said.
He came forward and tried to hold me again but
I backed away.
“Don’t. Your hand is so cold.” I said.
He sighed, “If you don’t help me Isa, then im
lost forever. I would never find out what really
happened to me and also my parents.” he said.
I sighed.
“Also your cousin, Regina. Im sure she’s not
dead. You have to help us all.” he said.
I stared at him, his sadness was really melting
my heart.
“But im not so strong to do this.” I said.
“You are Isa, just believe that you are. You can
do it.” he said.
I sighd, “Even if I want to, then I have to let my
aunt know about it..I have to open up to her.” I
“It’s okay.” he said and smiled sweetly at me,
staring deeply at me.
“What?” I asked.
“Just staring at you, that’s all.” he said.
“Then don’t. That’s pretty scary.” I said.
He widened his smile, “You are so beautiful
Isa.” he said and tried to touch my hair.
“Don’t!” I hurled.
He giggled.
“Isa” I heard aunt Kiki’s call me at the door.
I sighed.
“Another coming lie.” Henry said.
“You’ve been making m–” but he cut me short.
“You stop talking.”
I sighed.
Im sure going to tell her anyways.
He smiled. “She might not believe you.” he
Im not gonna tell her now.
“When then?” he asked.
When I’ve made up my mind to.
I walked to the door and opened it.
She smiled, “Heard you talking, you were on a
phone call right?” she asked.
“Yeah” I lied.
“Well wanna tell you that dinner is ready.” she
“Alright.” I said, then glanced at Henry before
walking out and closing the door.


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