My heartbeat

(My heart beat)
Episode 14
(Semi final)
Fiyin was missing Femi something fierce and he realised both times when he had missed her this much, she had been in Abuja, he decided he didn’t like Abuja that much anymore. His only consolation was that while she wasn’t with him, she was with his parents and his dad had called him yesterday to tell him she was an absolutely adorable girl. Well, he couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come so the absolutely adorable girl could fly back.
He stretched his legs out on the chair in his office and closed his eyes, quite exhausted, two surgeries would do that to you. Since Femi wasn’t around and Amanda was with his sister, he had cramped up the week with surgeries so he wouldn’t miss either of his girls but it hadn’t worked out. It was almost 12am and while he knew he should be going home but he really was too tired to drive.
As he nodded sleepily, he admitted that he should have gotten a driver like his father had suggested earlier but he had been too arrogant for that, preferring to drive himself around. The only driver he had was the one who used to take Amanda to school and since Amanda stopped school months ago, the guy had apparently moved on.
He heard the door to Ozioma’s office open and he briefly opened his eyes. As a member of the administrative staff, Ozioma closed by 5pm and had since gone home, so who was there? He didn’t wonder too long for seconds later, his door opened and Tiwa walked in wearing a lovely black strapless dress with sequins all over, her hair packed up and her perfume spread liberally.
“Hi, Doctor Arowolo.” She purred as she sat in the opposite chair.
“Hi, Tiwa, thought you had gone home.” He said as he looked her over, she was a remarkably beautiful woman. “Isn’t it too late for a date?”
She giggled, “No silly, I left earlier but I came back for you” She said and moved over to sit on the centre table in front of him.
Fiyin jumped up, albeit sluggishly, “Came back for me? Why?”
“I wanted to see you….” She said as she stood and moved closer to him, “…..didn’t you want to see me?”
“See you? No, not at all. Look, I’m really tired, let’s talk tomorrow.” He stood up.
“Come on Fiyin!” She said as she grabbed his waist, “come on now!”
“Stop it Tiwa!” He pushed at her, trying to dislodge her clinging hands. She let him go only to release the side zip of her dress which slithered off her body and pooled at her feet.
Fiyin’s eyes goggled, high firm braless breasts seemed to stare at him and he could see that her body was toned to near perfection, her stomach flat and a few hairs covering her privates. She stepped out of the dress and approached him.
Without thinking, he jumped on the chair, surprising Tiwa, he crossed to the centre table landed at the door before Tiwa knew what was happening.
“Are you crazy? What’s the meaning of this nonsense? You stupid idiot, aren’t you aware I’m dating your cousin? Why would you do this? You know what, you just lost every single grain of respect I ever had for you!!”
“Fiyin, i……” Tiwa started as she bent to pull up her dress.
“No, shut up!!” Fiyin shouted, his eyes hard, “I’m leaving now. When I leave, I expect you to clear up your messy self, lock my door and drop my key downstairs!” He turned and left the office.
When he arrived at his car, all sleepiness and tiredness had vanished, he drove home quietly and crashed on his bed.
Tiwa woke up on the wrong side of her bed Saturday morning. She had spent a miserable night crying. Last night had been the worst night of her life, the most embarrassing and painful. She had never known a man who had turned down the sight of her body and for Fiyin to walk away without a backward glance made her feel very low.
She realised she had thrown everything she had at Fiyin, her brains, intelligence and now her body, nothing had worked. She was faced with the horrible sinking sensation that she had lost Fiyin and that was incomprehensible, she loved that man for crying out loud.
Tiwa did not make a habit of offering her body to men. In fact, besides the two men she had seriously dated, she hadn’t really been all that sexually active. Seductions excluded. The first time she had actually set out to seduce a man had been when she seduced Isaac, the guy her best friend had been dating.
She had wanted Isaac pretty badly, he had been rich and really generous but he had been Mayowa’s boyfriend. She didn’t know where the idea had come from but she had seduced Isaac and it had worked, for a shot while, she and Isaac had had a deeply satisfying affair and he had spoilt her silly. Eventually, Mayor had found out and their friendship had ended.
Tiwa hadn’t cared, Mayor had been a selfish, shallow friend anyway but she had been coldly disappointed when Isaac had chosen to reconcile with Mayor later and they had even gone ahead to get married and now had 2 little girls.
The second time she had tried her hand at seduction was with Lanre, Femi’s ex. She had hated the thought that Femi would get married before her and if it had been someone pretty low, she wouldn’t have minded but Lanre had been pretty comfortable and was obviously going to go farther later.
While she hadn’t wanted an average guy like Lanre, she hadn’t wanted Femi to have someone like that too. The plan was she would marry a rich man and Femi would marry a poor man and come to her house to beg for help. And it had worked too. When she hadn’t been able to convince Lanre to leave Femi despite everything, she gave up her body and it had worked like a dream.
Now the picture of her victory over those two men was ruined by her remembrance of the way Fiyin had looked at her yesterday. Like she was a filthy crawling insect. It had taken her minutes to get her clothes back on and even longer to leave his office, she was yet to get over the whole incident.
She was barely out of bed when she got into a fight with her crazy, useless housemate who accused her of using up the gas without filling it back up or informing her so she could fill it herself. It had degenerated into a shouting match and Tiwa had left the house and gone home to her parents. Her brothers were around anyway and she wanted to hang with them.
When she got home a few hours later, passing the kitchen entrance, she met her brother, Demola’s wife, Anita chatting with Femi and her mother in the kitchen. She was angry but she tried to hide it. It was always like this at home, before it was her mom and Femi and now, it was her mom, Femi and Anita, always having women talk in the kitchen and leaving her out.
She greeted her mom and Anita, whom she knew didn’t like her but she didn’t greet Femi as she left the kitchen to go to the sitting room. She couldn’t believe that Fiyin had turned her down over Femi. She wasn’t as angry as she was deeply hurt by his actions. Seeing Femi now, she felt incredibly small and useless next to the stupid fat a-s.
As she got to the passage, it struck her that Femi hadn’t greeted her, which was strange because Femi always greeted especially in front of her mom. She turned back to the kitchen and saw Femi smirking at her, she was shocked. Femi! What liver had that girl eaten?
She entered the sitting room and went to hug her dad and brothers. These days, she never saw them anymore. Kunle was working in Akure as an assistant Lecturer at FUTA while Demola was Head of Sales for his Company’s branch in Benin. Both of her brothers were doing quite well and she had heard the gist that Demola and Anita might be expecting. She wasn’t going to say anything though until Anita came to inform her of her pregnancy. She was sure she had already told Femi though, that stupid betrayer!
Seeing her brothers and talking with them helped cleanse her a little but as soon as Femi came in with her mother and sister-in-law, she felt her hurt turn rather quickly to deep anger. She simmered while eating and for every word Femi spoke, the anger worsened until she felt she might choke on it.
Of course, it didn’t help that Femi who usually tried to please her was deliberately ignoring her and snubbing her. Did she know about yesterday’s episode? Had Fiyin told her? Had he shared her shame with his ugly, good-for-nothing, boyfriend-stealing girlfriend? Was that smirk on Femi’s face a mocking smile?
When lunch ended, everyone went into the sitting room to watch Tv, Tiwa followed Femi, who had gone to clear the dishes into the kitchen.
“What’s with the attitude today?” She asked Femi angrily without preamble.
“What attitude?” Femi asked her calmly without taking her eyes off her Aunty’s precious china as she washed it.
“What do you mean what attitude? Did you greet me when I came in?”
“No, I didn’t since you didn’t greet me either.”
“Ehn? What does that even mean? When have I ever greeted you?”
“Exactly!” Femi said as she returned the plates. “Since you don’t greet me, I have decided to stop greeting you. I don’t have spit to waste.”
Tiwa was taken aback, Femi had never spoken to her that way before. And the confidence she exuded, where did that come from. Tiwa felt unnerved and this made her angrier.
“I’m thinking you don’t know your place anymore. I am the daughter in this house, you’re the borrowed child! If you dare tr….”
“Tiwa, please shut up!” Femi told her calmly, facing her properly to see Tiwa’s eyes grow double their size. “I have heard this story too often already, you sound like a broken record. Go and find something new!!”
“Me, Femi?” Tiwa choked out. Fiyin must have told her about last night, he must! Femi would never talk to her like that otherwise. “So Fiyin told you what happened abi? You think you have won because I could not seduce him? It is tempor…..! What?” She screamed as Femi grabbed her shirt with angry, wet hands.
“What did you try with Fiyin? The same thing you tried with Lanre?” She shook Tiwa until her teeth rattled.
“Let go off me, you stupid b—h, let me go! Are you mad?!!”
“No but you are! You are mad and you are the b—h! Sleeping with other people’s men!” Femi screamed back at Tiwa, angry and shaking.
The rest of the family heard and rushed into the kitchen to see Tiwa slap Femi, before they could shout about that, Femi followed it with two slaps of her own.
Their mother started screaming as Femi pushed Tiwa’s slim body down and started pummelling her. Demola rushed in and grabbed Femi who kept kicking at Tiwa, Kunle pulled Tiwa up and she rushed toward Femi. Releasing themselves from their keepers, they came together again. Tiwa with a slap for Femi and Femi with a kick that sent Tiwa into the stools in the kitchen.
Her uncle’s voice finally penetrated Femi’s anger and she saw that her cousin was lying weakly against Kunle, bleeding from her mouth and nose.
“How could you? In my house? How dare the two of you?” Her uncle shouted, very displeased at both of them.
She saw Anita with her hand over her mouth and her aunty shaking her head. Her brothers were both shocked and she felt deeply ashamed of her conduct and soon, tears started finding their way to her eyes.
“I’m sorry uncle, there is no excuse for what we did. I’m sorry, everyone.” She told them.
Kunle took a miserably crying Tiwa to the toilet to treat her face while the rest of them went into the sitting room.
“What happened?!”Her Aunt asked “I have never seen you violent before, no matter what Tiwa did to you.”
That was when she tearfully told the story as Lanre had told her and also mentioned Tiwa’s problem with her relationship with Fiyin and that she thought Tiwa had tried the same seduction routine with Fiyin.
Her Uncle could not believe his ears and immediately called Tiwa out to come defend herself. When Tiwa tearfully admitted it, he looked shattered. Anita stared, in shock. Both brothers were dumbfounded while her Aunt sighed and looked at the ceiling.
“Tiwalola, why? Why would you do this to your cousin? Didn’t you see how much pain you caused Femi over the Lanre incident? How could you be so callous and unfeeling?” Her uncle asked Tiwa, utterly disappointed in her.
Tiwa sat down quietly as tears flowed from her eyes.
“Tiwa!!” Demola shouted “Will you answer Daddy’s questions? I want to hear your answer because I want to know if you are just cold and unfeeling to Femi alone or to all of us? After this, I’m going to totally avoid you!!”
“Tiwa, I have often warned you about your attitude to Femi but you wouldn’t listen! You have always thought that your brains and beauty would get you everything you wanted! How many times did I warn you?” Her mother asked, her voice shrill. “Character, respect for others, humility, these are the things people want to see in other! What a man wants to see in a woman! If you are as beautiful as Miss World and yet have no character, no one would want to have anything to do with you.”
“I’m sorry, Tiwa said, her voice thick and choked. “I am so sorry! Please forgive me! I just always felt insecure since Femi came here and you always seemed to like Femi more than me. To you, she was the perfect daughter! It wasn’t my fault.”
“Femi was not the perfect daughter. She is flawed like you! There is no such thing as a perfect daughter anywhere. You tried your best and I loved you, I gave birth to you, you were and are still my Princess but if you had only tried a little, you would have made Femi your sister instead of your enemy.” Her mother told her.
Femi, who had since stopped crying started getting emotional again when she saw her aunt crying and stood up to go embrace the older woman in her seat. “Aunty, it’s okay” she whispered in her ears.
Her Aunt’s silence allowed the brothers to express their disappointment at Tiwa. Kunle didn’t say much, just gave his sister dirty and pitiful looks, Demola however had a lot to say, wondering why Tiwa hadn’t matured along with everybody else. He admitted that initially he and Kunle hadn’t liked Femi too but they had gotten to know and cherish her for the amazing person she was but Tiwa had decided to remain enemies with her which was her loss.
After the talks, Tiwa, her face swollen and her eyes red felt very sorry, realising how wrong she had been, she knelt down to apologise to every member of her family. After which she crawled over to where Femi sat close to her mother. “Femi, I’m sorry for everything I have ever done to hurt you. I acted out of insecurity and fear. I made your life which was already tough, tougher and I was arrogant, stupid and selfish.”
“ Sorry cannot undo and we might never be friends but I hope you can forgive me so that I don’t hate myself more than I do now. I was envious and I thought I was better than you and I was wrong, I am not better than you or anybody else. You are a good person and you deserve to be happy, I am so sorry. Please forgive, I beg you.” She told Femi earnestly.
Femi stood and pulled her up, she embraced her and let her know she had forgiven her for everything. “You are my sister, Tiwa and I don’t have a choice but to forgive and love you. I’m sorry we didn’t understand each other better but I hope we can be close in the near future, okay?” They embraced again as Tiwa nodded.
That night as Fiyin came to pick Femi up at home, she brought him inside to introduce him to everyone. He was pretty excited as he had begged Femi to introduce him to her Aunty before that day. Anita told him she could see how both Femi and Tiwa would be fighting over him since he was very handsome. He blushed then looked questioningly at Femi since he had heard nothing about the fight before.
Initially, she hadn’t wanted to tell him about the fight since she and Tiwa had made their peace but since he heard from Anita, he started disturbing her to tell him what happened. She then told him about meeting Lanre whilst in Abuja and him telling her what had caused their relationship to end.
Naturally, he was jealous when he heard she had met her ex-fiancee and had given her funny looks. When he heard what Tiwa had done, he was shocked and then quite upset as she had also tried the same trick on him.
Nonetheless, he was grateful that Tiwa had ended Femi’s relationship with the wonderful Lanre guy as that had given him the perfect grounds to meet and keep the special person Femi was. He explained what he had also experienced with Tiwa.
“He didn’t love you enough, Femi. If he did, he would never have had anything to do with Tiwa.” He told Femi who could only laugh and agree.


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