just for love

I’m back with the season 2 of JUST FOR LOVE(Love, why?)
_______ SYNOPSIS _______
Asanel Yates has grown into a beautiful 16 years old girl,she’s the complete opposite of her mother,she’s hot blooded and mean to everyone except her family.
She vowed never to love after listening to the story of her mother.
She already made a promise to herself that she’s gonna kill herself the day she notices she’s in love.
She always feel infuriated whenever she sees lovers around her because it was this same love that killed her mother.
She does not have friends and hates to speak to anyone especially guys.
She already hated the two people she believed caused her mother’s death without even seeing them.
She hates bully and mockery and always stand up for anyone bullied or mocked.
This made some of her classmates hate her while some love her but wouldn’t dare go close to her.
Her beauty made it difficult for her because if she does not approach people,they will definitely approach her…she fought with two guys in school for approaching her, breaking their heads in the process and that was the reason she was transferred to Makers high school,the same school her mother attended.
So let’s say LOVE is not in Asanel’s diary but sweeties what happens when Asanel met Daniel Shaw,one of the most handsome students in Makers high school.
They hated themselves at first but as love will always have its way; they began having feelings for each other.
Asanel once promised to kill herself the day she notices she’s in love.
Will she fufill that promise to herself?
Even if she might not,how’s she gonna feel if she later knows that Daniel is the son of the two people she hated most.
The two people who she believed caused the death of her mother!
Will her love for Daniel diminish?
Will she be able to survive it?
Will Asanel also end up like her mother?
More trouble looms when Felia,Quilah’s descendant begin haunting them.
How’s everything gonna end?
Sweeties…i bet you can’t wait.
Just sit, tighten your seatbelt cause the ride to JUST FOR LOVE(Love,why?) season 2 is gonna be bumpy.
Let’s go on to enjoy this intriguing novel by your lovely author.. Azeemah Salami.
Oya how many people are in?


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