The music industry is a very tricky and hard rock to break into. You can’t become famous overnight without putting lot of works, dedication and sleepless night.  – With so many aspiring artists working their whole lives trying to break into the music scene.  And if you’ve always dreamt of following in the footsteps  Of Rkelly,Wizkid,Dbanj,2face and co, perhaps it’s time to take the leap and focus on turning your passion for making music into a full-time career.

Here in Emperor Blog, we bring you top 4 tips to follow to make you a successful musician.

  1. Research the Profession: becoming a musician might be fun and straightforward. beign a musician is not about recording,attending shows and releasing album. it your ability to give the fans what they want, what will make them go crazy about you. Do alot of research before dropping your first song going into the music industry is a hard task,

Job Description

choose your genre. you can be a Rapper,  Jazz, classical, hip-hop, rock or afro- pop musician.

Although daily tasks may vary, day-to-day activities will usually involve the following:

  • perform music for live audiences
  • writing and recording new and original music in studios
  • auditioning for positions in orchestras, choruses, bands and other types of music groups
  • practicing playing instruments or singing to improve techniques
  • rehearsing to prepare for performances
  • finding clients and booking locations for performances or concerts
  • travelling to performance and practice venues
  • going for live radio shows
  • being involved in regular meetings with band mates and your manager to practice and endorse your music
  • Promoting your on social media adverts, flyers, banners.


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Essential Skills and Qualities

  • Dedication
  • Discipline .
  • Confidence
  • musical talent
  • Promotional skills

Working Hours and Conditions

As a musician you would likely stay awake all day in the studion recording your new song and mixing of beat with the beat masters. you will be rejected by the society, your family, some top music record label.

Salary Prospects

if you want to make a living as a musicians you have to attend shows, sign endorsement deals with some top companies, going on foreign tours. you can expect to earn an average annual salary of $20,000

You can set how much you want to charge for an individual concert or appearance. However, as your level of experience grows, so should your wage per gig.


  1. Market Yourself

This section covers how you can market yourself to the world as a musician.

  • Audition: In order to perform as part of a band, you’ll most likely need to audition to demonstrate your musical talents and skills. You can apply for numerous music auditions online and if you come out first you’ve won yourself jackpot by getting sign by top music record labels, attending shows and also going on foreign tours.
  • Play at local gigs: This is a great way to create a small fan-base for yourself and get the practice you need to progress.
  • Create an online presence: If you’re confident enough, you should create an online footprint with samples of your music. Many young artists promote their work on Sound Cloud and YouTube, uploading weekly content and covers of other songs. You can also post your video freestyle on Instagram and facebook and also run a giveaway for your latest music.
  • Have a promo package: It’s ideal to have a promo package with you wherever you go. This should include a press release, a demo of your work, any press coverage and your contact information. You never know who you may run into, so it’s always best to be prepared!

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   3. Gain Experience

The more experience you have, the better off you’ll be. It’s essential to perform at as many Street occasions like Carnival, house party and street jams’ as you can.


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Although the journey to becoming a successful musician can be a long and difficult one, with a lot of hard work and dedication, you just might make it as the DRAKE, WIZKID, OLAMIDE, 2FACE, WANDE COAL AND THE REST.!

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