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ɢʀaռɖɛ ʄɨռaʟɛ😊
ռօա ɛռʝօʏ😨😨😨
😭Seven Miles😭
Bryce Kali drop dead down because someone else shot him.
“Who could that be???
“Who.shot bryce Kali when he was.about saying where beauty was???
Trump raised an alarm while twenty guards surrounded me.
“Where’s beauty?? Isla pointed her gun to Kali diminished body.
“Beauty Dana is a good lady!!
Bryce spit out blood and died.
“Mr president,let’s get out of here!!
“This place is damn hoy and its not longer safe!! Deesha bowed while holding Len tightly.
“The fire is really burning up and there’s no ice to melt it!!!
“Run for your lives!!
The fire extinguisher officer announced.
They started running….no one wants to die.
“Severn won’t you run!!
“You’re walking sluggishly instead of running!!
Emily moitger while trying to brush her fingers on my diamond ring.
“Do you really care???
“You killed her and you’re trynna act cool!! I blasted her,she drop her hear down on Shane while trump came to drag her hands.
“Mr president this way!!
“I’m sorry for the loss!! Isla mouthed,I find myself crying.
I bounce walked out of the tower to my presidential car that had golden statue adhered to it
I drove straight to my mansion.
The crowd were there,waiting for the arrival of my bride but she’s no more.
I stepped out of my car,presses flick around me with millions of microphone all around me.
😩Mr president can you tell us what happened exactly?? One of the press asked.
I faced emily who aalready had her hands handcuffed, more lights flashed on us.
“Mr president,say something!!
The presses beckoned.
“Ask Emily!! I shouted with pain all over me.
The microphones were directed to Emily.
“Emily Daniels what do you know about miss universe sudden disappearance??
The press questioned.
The spectators watch on while the detectives pointed their guns to her skull.
“I killed her!!!!
Emily shouted.
“I killed her ooooo!!! She shouted again.
I covered my palms together and slump on my kneels…
“Emily its my engagement party today and you spoilt it!;
I mumbled,the detectives started bundling emily body together.
“Emily what will you do if your source of happiness suddenly turn sour???
Sindoora asked.
“Mom,I’m sorry for paying bryce Kali to kill her!!
Emily wept.
“Don’t mom me!!
“I’m not your mom!! Sindoora roared.
“Everybody go home. As you can see there’s no engagement party again!!
“There’s no bride again!!
“Emily killed my bride so go home!!!
I burst out foolishly but the crowd keep increasing.
Many camera lights with different colors flashed on me.
😍 mr president why do you look so cute whenever you are damn sad??
😍 Is it because of beauty??
😱 is there anyone as dear as beauty to you??
😱beauty with little hands and red blooded lips!!
😩 how I wish I can transform and look exactly like beauty!!!
I would have wed with you!!
The crowd mumbled.
“Detectives,take Emily away!!
“She killed my Dad!! Dyna shouted…
“She killed my beauty too!! Jariel added in a very sad way that reminds me of how beauty does.
I looked away from her side and scan my mansion…
Something cold touched my shoulders, I turned to the other side and it was BEAUTY!!
She had on a red saree, the tip of the red Saree had burnt….
But nothing changed about her skin….
Beauty!!!!! I shouted her name and rushed to the window side.
The crowd ran after me…
I run to the window side and stretch my hands forth to her she smiled.
I wanted to hug her but my hands only pass through her.
Mr president are you okay!!
You are hugging the air!!
The crowd sasaid into my ears ….
I realized that I was imaging.
“Look here!!! Someone moved out amidst the crowd.
I was shocked..
It was Massey!
She smiled and walk up to me, she wanted to touch my hairs,I jerked back.
“Severn you’re still strong headed!! She smiled.
“Wondering how I got out of jail?? She mumbled.
I scorned her.
Right in the presence of the detectives,Massey brought out a gun,the detectives also brought out their guns.
“What will be my gain if I bring your bride?? Massey asked and tap her gun on her kneels.
Sindoora cuts in.
“This is between Severn and I!! Massey replied sindoora.
“What do you want?? I asked,getting really impatient.
She smiled.
“I want to hold my nephew in his arms and I want to touch his hairs,I want him to know that I’m changed.!
She replied and throw her gun away.
“Who’s your nephew!!!
I asked,knowing where she’s driving at.
“Who’s your nephew?? I asked…
“You!! She replied and deep her hands into my hair.
Everyone gasped.
“So where’s beauty?? Knight asked.
“Beauty is dead!! Massey laugh out loud.
I felt fooled
“Beauty you’re dead already!!! Massey shouted,the detectives drop their guns and slam their foreheads.
“No Massey!!! A tiny voice that look very much like beauty own replied.
“I know you can’t possibly die!!!
“The one with a pure heart is equal to a god and that’s what you are???
Massey said,directly to the voice.
“Yes,aunt Massey!! The tiny voice replied.
😊 is this a joke!!!
If its a joke massey stop it!!!
“No,its not a joke!!
Massey said with a grin…
“No its not a joke!! The tiny voice said and it sounded more like beauty’s voice.
The door opened…..
It was beauty!!!
Beads were jingling on her wrists,
Beads on her waists,
Beads round her long neck!!
She looks like a true idol….
She walk slowly at first….
I bounce walked to see if its a joke but it wasn’t.
“Mr president!!!
Beauty mumbled and hug kissed my neck.
“yes ma’am!! I replied her….
Emily watched in pain..
“I will always be your bride…
“I’m always ready to kiss with you 👄 and stay with you!!
Beauty said.
“Yes,I’m the fire🔥, you’re the ice💦 ..
I replied and held her chin up.
Massey smiled❤…
“I know!! Beauty replied!!
Emily whimpered in pain..
Alas,nemesis caught up with her.
The end💍💍💍
Adesola golden,I love you all very much…
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