Fire and ice
fiction story


(hey,where are you😱)
aɖɛsօʟa aɖɛօʍօաօʟɛ©
Semifinal quarters😍
Now enjoy💟💟💟💟
😢Beauty Beauty😢
Skies turns Greg,
Great big moon begin to peep as my brides Maids stood behind me.
My phone beeped,it was a call from detective isla.
“Severn I really need to pick this particular call!! I muttered and loose our tied up clothes.
“Nah,its our engagement party today” he replied and pull me close to himself admist the crowd.
“Pleas it won’t take long. Its that same detective that I’d trynna help me file up an evidence against Emily” I pleade….
He blink his lashed and let my shoulders go.
He signalled deesha to follow me.
Alas,I was happy.
Deesha followed me to the back of the mansion while I start speaking with isla over the phone.
“Ma’am,I will be back!!
“Sir Len is calling me!!! Deesha bowed and left me alone.
I rested my back on a black Benz beside where I was making the call, soon,I was done.
I turned back and expected to see deesha but instead I felt gas spray all over my face.
“Hey…..who are you???
I blinked my lashes but instead more of the gases fell on my skin pores.
I felt my body being dragged into the black Benz….
“Stop,I’m Mr presidents brides!!!
I rants…..but it was useless.
Why am I so foolish????
“Why do I receive my call in a place where guards are not positioned???
I flapped my long lashes and stare back as the expensive automatic glass door slam back.
The guards didn’t noticed because the window was a way too tinted.
The car stopped in front of a long tower after a long drive..
It was Bryce Kali that abducted me.
He step out of the front seat and unmask himself to reveal his sharpened jaws… His eyes went round my whitish skins,I started crying.
“The word kind is not in my dictionary!! He pouted and drag me out of the car up to the tower on a fast manner.
He pushed me hardly to the floor in the highest tower and was quick to have tie me up to a royal chair.
He ran an handkerchief round my mouth and brought his nose closer to my cheek bones like he wanna have a taste of me.
“Beauty Dana????
“What’s the secret of your Darling beauty???
“I want to know the secret to your beauty??
He mumbled and grabbed my neck in a very dangerous manner.
“Speak now?!!
“What’s your secret??
He connected our forehead together and started deeply into my dark eyeballs.
“Ohh no!! I sturtlef and closed my eyes so he wouldn’t stare into my eyes.
“Tell me,what’s your secret??? He grab my neck tightly and roamed his hands deeply into my hairs.
“I don’t… I don’t… I don’t haveeeee any sesecret” I managed to speak since my mouth was tied already.
“Gosh😱😱!! He mouthed and spilled petroleum all around me….
He didn’t think twice, he set a fire ablaze and went out,leaving me alone to inhale all the thick smokes.
I sniffed and started struggling my tied hands but my efforts were fruitless.
“Kaaaaali……tell Eeeemmily thattt I I I love her!! I managed to say.
Kali got to the door and stooped at the mention of what I said.
“You love Emily despite all what she asked me to do to you???
He asked…
I couldn’t speak.
I nod positively….
“Okay but enjoy the pain!! Kali said and closed the door.
Seconds turned into minutes,the flames continue burning up…
It started burning into my expensive clothes…
I became really uncomfortable…..
More thick smokes clungd into my throats…
I was dying😢😢😢😢😢😢
Then,I fainted with my eyes dropping dead down.
Alas,my beauty was a waste😱😱😱
I still didn’t get the chance to get very much close to jariel😱😱😱….
“What a tongue twister????
“Does it really have a solution???
I never can tell.
😨Detective isla😨
“Get the trackers set,the projectors up,I want to know why miss universe suddenly stop speaking with me on phone!! I bragged at my counterparts.
“Isla,I think someone had abducted miss universe!!
“I got the traces of the car” trump replied. I tuck my hands into my pockets and took a deep glance at his system.
“She’s been abducted by Bryce!!!
Trump said,I frown.
“Officers let’s report at miles mansion!!
I commanded. They took their respective guns and followed me to my car.
(Same day…. 1hour past)
Miles mansion😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
“Where is my bride?? Seven shouted at all his guards…
“Mr president!!
All his guards startled…
Seven suddenly looked as if he will cry,all the crowd watched in confusion.
“Mr president where is your bride??
The priest asked,Severn covered his face with his palms and untie the Indian traditional attire from his head, his hair fell and curled all over his forehead.
He took off his wristwatch and throw his phone at Jake…
“Severn where’s beauty?? Aali(Severn grandmother asked.
He clenched his fists in anger and bonce walked up the golden stairs.
The crowd still watch in confusion.
“Where’s my sister??? Jariel.shouted. .
“Where is my daughter????
Elva questioned too
Severn bounce down again and lit his cute eyeballs at my suspect(Emily)
“Emily where did you keep my wife??
He asked her.
Emily stood up and started crying.
“I think that’s a pretence smile!! Trump said into my ears
“Mr president!! Emily starmnerrd and stared at sevens diamond ring.
Severn’s key fell off his hands,his guards rushed to pick it.
“Emily where did you keep her!!
Seven questioned with authority.
NNow,severn really fits for a president because his actions alone are superior.
Elva walked up to Emily and dragged her by her hair.
“Where did you keep her???
“Why can’t you change your spots a little bit??
“Do you have a sister or a mother at all?
“Do you know how long it takes to keep and nurture a child???
“I took care of her for good 16years!!!!
Elva blurts out,all the crowds stood up and went to surround Emily.
“Isla,this is sure gonna be a public disgrace for emily!! Trump.said into my hairs.
“Elva slapped emily and dragged her by her hair.
“Mom,leave her!! Srvern uttered,everyone kept quiet.
Len and knight went to stand in front of emily,they drag her teo hands out of severns mansion.
“Detectives,get ready!?
I ordered and tuck out my guns into my hands.
“Is emily really human?? Trump asked.
“I dont think so!! I replied….
Len pushed emily into severns exotic car while knight went to seat beside severn at the drivers seat.
Severn drove crazily out of his mansion,my car and 26other cars followed him.
Soon,the driving stopped.
Emily was dragged out.
The press floods around her and were taking pictures of everything.
“Where did you keep her??
Len asked while knight stared at het arrogantly.
“I…..only….told bryce to deal with ger a liitke bit” emily cried and pointef to the most high part of a long tower.
“Get her hands handcuffed!! Severn ordered,trump went forward and hsndcuffed her hands.
My fellow detectives ran up into tge tower,
Severn ran after us,
Len ran after us,
Knight ran,
Deesha,jariel and dyna ran holding hands together.
Flames had covered everywhere….
Beauty is not there anymore….
Traces of blood were seen on the floor….,
Ashes were seen on the other side while her sparkling white bangles laid on another side…
There is no single trace of beauty in the hot flame….
Mr president shes dead!!!
This place is damn hot!!!!
I bursted out,severn face went pale.
He rubbed his cute temple snd bounce close to emily.
He held emily hands with tears coming out of his eyes…..
No more beauty again😱😱
You have killed her!!!
You killed her the way you killed nora!!!
Go and lick her ashes!!!!
You want to get married to me!!!
Shes dead come and get married to me!!!
You just made her beauty a waste!!!
Severn blurted out,everyone of us started crying.
“Call the priest,emily wants to get married to me??
Severn commanded,emily wept.
“No mr president!!!! Emily replied.
From nowhere,kali.appeared with bloods on his hands…
I crook out my guns….
Where’s she?? I asked….
Kali opened his mouth to talk but instead,he drop dead down on the floor.
Someone else shot him from inside the tower using a ssnipper gun!!!
Who could that be???????
And where’s beauty???


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