Fire and ice

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©️ Adesola Adeomowole
Season 2 episode10
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“You were saying something,why did you keep shut??? Knight asked.
“Maybe not”
“It was a slip of tongue” I replied.
He made a confused look and moved away from my presence.
I don’t think he heard what I said clearly.
Thank goodness.
“Just 40more minutes and she will be dead.she really deserves death” I smiled faintly and start walking really fast.
Soon,I spotted Beauty,she was just looking around.Probably for Dyna.
“Shiva did you find Dyna??? She asked one of Seven’s guard.
“No,I haven’t seen her today” he replied her.
She brought out her phone and quickly placed a call,with that she started walking out of the hall.
“Where can Dyna be???
“I’m so gonna suck her life up if i should find her!!!
She stop walking,her expensive saree flow back.
“I don’t think someone is walking behind me” she said and continue walking.
She reached the fifth floor, opposite where Dyna is,she looked arround and move closer to the forth floor door.
“Locked!!! She lamented,I smiled at my perfect idea.
She followed the route to the 3rd floor.
That’s where the clinical hall is.
I just pity her because she might come across Emily.
She won’t even be alive to witness the DCP competition tomorrow.
Beauty pov👄👄👄👄
Sometimes,it’s always good to be alone than to be seen mingling around with people,the world is just too small to be unjust and unfair to one another
Life is not always a bed of roses……
It only require our smartness,alertness and self control.
No matter how hard I try to act smart and strong,I am always finding myself falling down and down.
Whenever it comes to Emily,the fear of unknown is always there to overcome me and I think it’s high time I stop getting scared of her.
She’s human and I am also human so I see no reason why I should be scared of her.
I stopped walking and find out that I am standing in the medical department if the hall.
“I don’t even think Dyna will be here” I mumbled thoughtfully and started walking back. I saw Emily,she was also walking out of the clinic.
She cast need some cold glare,I smiled at her in return.
Let the game begins🥤🥤
“Why are you smiling??? She blurts out coldly.
“Should I cry??? I replied her as we reached the 2nd floor.
“All my life,I have always wanted to see you crying” she retorted,proudly.
I smiled…
“Can you change a little??? I asked,she went cold.
“We shall see at The DCP competition tomorrow,there you will know who ought to cry or smile!! She said,I became scared but I still try to overcome my fear.
“True happiness really eludes you….
“Get a life and stop being inspired by evil. Whenever I pray,I do make sure I tell the almighty to touch your heart so that you can at least amend your bad ways” I said to her,she drag me by my long hair and slapped me😭😭.
I held my cheeks and stared at her.
“Emily you slapped me”
I said,still holding my cheeks.
“Shut up,you this low lifeless bane….. I wonder what seven saw in you!! She raised her hand to slap me again,I held it down and slapped my own back.
“What gut do you have to slap me??
She asked,holding her cheeks painfully.
“The same gut you have to slap me first!!
“Emily I have respected you enough and if you don’t want my respect again then get ready to be shamed by me or do you think I don’t know your family secrets???
I wonder what Dyna is still gonna do to you if she finds out that it was your mother that killed her father 9years ago.
Your mother killed Kunj Dana with her new berthney car and left the poor man to whimper in his own pool of blood.
As if that was not enough,you want to take my possessions after you’ve tried fruitless plans with Massey Miles.
It will have been better if I have an evidence for all this but I am misfortuned because I don’t have none.
No one will believe me without an evidence and you will be shocked by the time I got an evidence to present in the court of law.
“How do you know it was my mom that killed Kunj Dana??? She asked.
“You don’t need to ask me that” I replied her and made an attempt to walk away,she drag my hand back,I hijacked from her and push her to the floor.
“Your cup will soon be full!!
I said to her face and finally left.
Dyna Dana🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
My breathe siezed,
My consciousness out of hold,
My eyes shut dead down,
My voice shutted and came out only as a whisper.
In my world,I was lost as my heart slowly beat.
“Open the door please!!
“Beauty I’m here” I speak in my faintest voice.
Nobody came,I was diminishing.
I drag myself up to stand errect,my legs shaked,I fell the door open.
Now,I think I will die.
It was Len that open the door.
I coughed out as he force the door open and run to my aid.
“Dyna who did this to you???
He asked and lift me slowly in his arms.
I cried like a little baby with a shaking mouth and pass out only to fall down on the hard floor.
I felt him drag me up in a bridal style,I open my eyes and tried to speak but I simply can’t.
“Don’t say anything,I am changed. I gotta help you to get to the clinic right away” he said and started running up the stairs with me in his arms🔥😍💃.
Admist the stairs,I fainted again because I had consume a lot of the gas.
He stopped and took off my cap and jackets,leaving me alone in my tight fitting strapless singlet and bumber shorts.
I felt cold water on my skin,I opened my eyes,it was still Len.
“Dyna!!! He shake my body vigorously and took me up in his Rocky chest.
My throat became sultry,I really needed water to quench my burning throat.
“Water!!! I said and fainted.
He poured me water,I open my eyes.
“Dyna drink?!?
He said and wanted to force in a bottle of water into my mouth.
“She doesn’t want your water,she wants mine” Knight came out of nowhere and brought out a sliver jar that was filled with water.
“I don’t mean any harm” Len said and stood away from my side.
“You don’t mean any harm and you’re staring at her chest!!
Knight said,I fainted and tumbled down on the stairs.
“Dyna!!!!? The two of them called and rushed to my side.
Len was holding my left hand,
Knight was holding my right hand.
“Leave her!!!
Knight said.
“She needs water” Len replied,Knight pour the water Len was holding away in a arrogant manner.
“How many times have I told you she doesn’t want your water!!
Knight said and wore me his sweet sweater.
Keep calm,I will feed you water”
Knight said,I stared blankly and was lost again.
Circumstances led to circumstances,I drop down slowly on his body,my eyes started shutting down while my body cold.
“I’m sorry,I don’t think I will make it again!!!
“Just tell Beauty to be smart for my sake”
I said,knight pick me up in his arms and ran in a fast motion to Golden high clinic.
The nurses rushed but it seemed my body and soul was far away.
Despite everything,I find out I was holding knight really tight on his hands.
“Dyna,leave my hand let the nurses attend to you”
“What’s happening to you???
“Do you want me to stay here???
“Are you heel in spirit????
Slowly,my hands drop away from his hand,he rubbed my hair up in a puff and kissed my forehead,I find my self holding him again even when my eyes is closed.
“I will be okay for you!!
I manage to speak out,everything went blank and dark in my memory.
I never knew I can love like this💧💧💧
…… anticipate……….
Few more chapters💚💚💚💚


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