Fire and ice

(My tender beauty 💃)
©️ Adesola Adeomowole
Now enjoy🥤🥤🥤
Sindoora pov🙄🙄🙄
I really need to know who wants my tender Beauty dead.
Doctor Shivagami told me earlier today that Beauty is my daughter,she even went as far by sending me her DNA test result.
I was overwhelmed but still baffled about the person that wants her dead.
My first suspect here is Emily.
The way she have been behaving throughout the meeting said it all and so I decided to play along by pretending that I have not know about Beauty’s identity.
Aside Emily,there are still other people that wants her dead. I am very sure Len is among but I still need some time to figure out who the worse enemy is.
When I said no phone in the meeting,Emily was really happy.
Beauty phoned Seven,Emily totally became down casted that she have to exchange puzzled glance with Len.
Now,just because seven revealed his face by removing his mask,Emily drool over his cute lips and rush to hug him.
The angry Seven push her away and stared at her with gazes that are full of deep hatred😠😠😠.
Aside that,I noticed something about Seven too.
He doesn’t really attend meetings,he usually send Jake most of the times and I am beginning to wonder why he started attending my meetings.
There’s more to this😱😱😱.
“Meeting closed” I said and stood up against seven.
Emily face suddenly went pale.
“Seven you have disobey me this time around,do you think I cannot actually stop you”
“I said no phone and you have the guts to phone someone” I want at Seven, Emily curve out a smile.
She’s actually happy with the way I am shouting at Seven.
“Is your eyes not working when Emily was using her phones” he speak back,rudely.
“How dare you speak to me like that??? I want,pretending to be angry.
“Guards!!!!! I yelled.
He flick back his cute hair and snap his fingers.
“I am very difficult to control whenever I am angry. With me in your DCP committee is not my wish,I just came here because it’s Beauty’s wish!!
“She wants me to be here because of some foolish reasons and I have to obey her because I love her!!.
“Omgg,he really loves beauty.Seven loves my daughter” I smiled Inwardly,Emily grumbled.
“Do you think I have the time to start bantering words with idiotic people’s???
He eyed both Emily and Len.
The next thing I saw was that he grab his car keys with a finger and went out,his guards followed him.
Immediately he left,Len and Emily exchange puzzled look .
Something is wrong somewhere and I need to get my daughter quickly before the unexpected happens.
I grab my car keys and step out of my industry,I got into my car and trail Seven behind.
Beauty 💃💃💃💃
Everyone has a story to tell and also the right to be HEARD!!
mine in not only different,it is extraordinary and I totally feel weird.
Everything in this planent is a crime.
To love is a crime,
To be Beautiful is a crime and I regretted why I am so Beautiful. Probably if I am ugly,there will not be so many problems.
Elva said I came from a verrrrrrry wealthy family and that’s another bigger problem for me.
“Follow her!!!
“Get her !!!!
“I want her alive!!!
Massey shouted,I trembled and fell.
“Ohhhh no!!!
I uttered and try standing again,I lost it and fell again.
“Ma’am run!! I heard Deesha saying.
I stood up.and started running.
“Ohhhh gaaad,what have I gotten into!!
I muttered inaudibly but I was unlucky because Bryce Kali caught up with me.
He drag me by my hair and pin me to himself.
The idiot place his nose on my neck,trying to get a better taste of me.
“Let it go!!
I want and push him away from me with the little strength I have saved.
“Sindoora will not be alive to see you!!
“You want to taste money, probably if you’re dead and you’re opporturned to come back again,you will not walk close to poverty!!! Bryce smirks and grab the helm of my saree.
“Do you know who your father is????
“Okay okay,I will tell you who he is???
“Liam Dana is your father!!
“He is the president in Mumbai at Dehli!!!
“That’s why we don’t want you close to Seven,if you get close to him,you’re probably gonna make him get more fames and popularity and Massey doesn’t want that so she ordered me to trap you down till you die of anger and thirst”..
Bryce said and squeaze my shoulders. I whimpered in pains.
“That woman really tried!!
“Elva really took her time in raising you up,see how beautiful you are!!!
“You shine just like fireworks and symphonies.
“Can I have a kiss with you???
Bryce smirks and was holding me really tight.
My body went cold,my sight numb.
“Sindoora is my mother!!!
“My father is a top president!!!
Anger surpass me,I soap Bryce hardly across his face and bite him on his chest till tiny bloods drip down it,as if that was not enough,I push him to the floor.
He couldn’t do anything because he lost it,he was charmed and enchanted by my Beauty and so he couldn’t do anything.
In a haste,I turn right and started running,I saw Len.
I stop and started running left,he drag the rope on my saree.
“Why are you running,I am here to save you???
He said softly,a big bang recompose itself in my memory.
“Save who???
I asked, terrified.
“Come back here!!! He said and pull my hair roughly.Even seven has never handle me like that.
“It hurts!!!! I sobbed but the fool was not leaving my hair.
“Leave Beauty hair alone please!!!
I sob again.
“I want to kiss with you!!
He said,my body drop down cold,as cold as an ice.
He push me to himself and slowly brought his face to my own till his nose touch my smooth pointed nose while his hair’s fell on my face.
All through,I was LOST!
His lips drop down on my cheeks,I gain small sense and shifted back.
“I took my slippers in my hands and started beating him with it!!!
“Are you stupid or what????
“I am trying to help you and you’re acting crazily!!!!
“Is that how to pay back????
“That foolish Seven you’re running after doesn’t loves you,why bothering yourself” he uttered in dismay.
I squeaze my face at his outburst.
“Get lost!!!!! I push him out of my way.
He staggered and drag my wrist.
I must kiss you by fire by force today.
“Do you know since when I have been crushing on your lips!!!
He said,I lost my voice because I really look like Beauty in the hands of the beast.
He held my waist,I gasped and close my mouth tightly.
Just then, Seven appeared.
I sighted Sindoora behind him…..
All the guards back off….leaving only Len and me alone.
Sindoora shouted,my knuckles weaken and my body drop down slowly.
“Mum!! I said, Len left me alone in fear when he sighted Seven.
“Beauty,you’re my daughter!!!!
Sindoora uttered and run to meet me.
“Mum,I love…u….u…..u ..”
I sturted and ran forward…
I couldn’t run anymore,I stop and stare blankly at my mom….
“Ariana!!! She said,I smile and hugged her…
Seven whistle at his guards,they bundle up Len in a sack.
Bryce Kali already escape.
“Are you okay now???
Seven questioned,staring at my lips.
“Did he kiss you???
He asked with a tingling feeling of jealousy.
“Yessss,they kiss me!!! I lied,his eyes turn red with his fists tightly clenched.
“No they didn’t!!! I said,he remove his golden wrist watch and stared at something on the floor in particular.
“It was a little papper that have someone’s handwriting!!
I outsmarted him and pick the paper up.
“This is not the end!!!
“It’s either I get Seven Miles or Knight Miles,I cannot suddenly be a looser!!!
That was what was in paper.


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