Fire and ice

(Why did you say it?)
@Adesola Adeomowole
now enjoy
Massey pov.
Seven is really smarter than i thought.
“gaaaaad,where did he get such brains????
The suite he lodge Beauty into is mot just an ordinary place,the doors alone cannot be broken into except if it is open from the interior.The doors cannot be open with a key or a knob,it can only be open by a remote control.
there is no way i can convince Beauty to open the door,she will not even try doing that when Deesha is with her.
“open this door now or never!!!
i threaten while my guards keep knocking at her door.
“make more shouts”
“she hates shouts”
i triggered my guards into making more shouts because my patient was really running out.
“Beauty is really making my plans difficult.
She keeps pretending as if she is dull but i swear,she is more smarter than Seven.
believe it or not.
“that poor thing have been pretending to be dull but she is a way too smart,that is the first reason why i dont want her to be close to Seven.
i still find it difficult to believe that she sneak to my room and took all the files i stole from Seven.
she took it and return it to seven..
she is smart but pretends to be dull.
she is still the same person that made sindoora signed Seven into her DCP committee.
i remember when i told Beauty to look up to me as a mother,i never knew she is smarter than that.
“make more shouts!!#
“knock harder!!!!
i gasped at my guards.
“deesha!!! beauty gasped from inside.
“maam sorry if youre feeling uncomfortable,just manage,sir wil soon be here” she whispered into Beauty ears.
“maam come this way!! she pouted and took Beauty into another place.
“whats wrong with Deesha???
“jeeezzz” i gritted my teeths,thinking of what to do.
~~~Dyna pov~~~
what am i suppose to do right now???
i can not find Beauty and i dare npt go home alone without her or else i want mom to skin me alive.
she is nowhere to be found.
i went to the miles residence(seven house) but his guards said he is not at home.
“gosh Beauty see what youre making me go through!!!
“why cant you stay one place??
“you are always walking around and will not stay one place!!
“where will i see you now????
i speak to myself and keep walking around,not knowing where i am heading to in particular.
i went to a call center and borrowed a phone,i called Beauty number,she pick up on the first ring.
“sister!!!!! we shouted at the same time.
“sister!!!!!! we said at the same time again.
“phhhh you wait,let me talk first!!
we said together again.
“dyna!!!! she call my name with.a croaky voice,inatantly i knew something was happenning.
“sister are you okay???
“where are you???
“hope its not trouble again! i ask.
“more than trouble because its pnly dyna that is here with me in the miles residence. The guards he kept with me have been drugged…
“hello can you hear me??? she shrieked over the phone.
“yes but why not escape through the back door,i will be there to help.
“room.7 right????
yes” she said slowly and drop her phone.
“ohhhhh gaaaad,beauty have kill me..
“if something should happen to her,its me mom will blame. i better start going”
i quickly boarded a taxi and was soon at the miles top residence.
i met Beauty and Deesha at the back door already.
Beauty appearance was an understatement.
she dress like a reall queen.
her legs were painted like a real gemini.
gaaaad,shes really Beautifulll.
“dyna lets get outta here!!
she said and hold my hand and Deesha hand. she left her flip flop and walk bare footed.
“sister lets run,massey is really dangerous!! she squeeze her face in a cute way and starts running.
‘Dyna we are trapped,Bryce Kali saw us already” Beauty said as we keep running.
i dont just know how it happened,Massey appeared in our presence and drag only Beauty to her side.
“Did i not tell you to stay away from Seven???? she shouted,Beauty trembled and hijack her hand away.
“why should i stay away from Seven???
Beauty speak back,trying to hide her fear.
Massey smiled.
“because he does not loves you”
“none of your business!! beauty cut in smartly and drop her head down exactly like a queen.
“guards what are you waiting for!!!
Massey snaped.
“Guards wake up if youre sleeping!!!
beauty said and started running.
as she took her first step,like sixty guards ran after her.
“get her unharm!!! massey shouted,i swallow the lump in my throat and watch my sister run.
then she trembled and fell••••••••
She stood up and fell agaaaaainnn


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