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We got to the hotel at exactly 8pm,Deesha collected the remote to my suite from Shiva and led me to the 7th floor. That’s where I am gonna stay till Seven will be back.
“Ma’am this way!!
Deesha said to me and turned right.
“Beautiful it not!! She smiled and open the expensive looking door.
“It’s environmental friendly,I like it” I replied her with a smile and enter the lodge. She shut the door while the guards stood at the entrance.
Even when the guards stood there,I still have an uncommon feeling that something is wrong somewhere.
“Ma’am use the shower first,then I will wash your hair and treat your skin” Deesha mumbled and open another expensive door
“You like this place..
“It’s beautiful…
“It’s one of the miles residence,I mean seven owns this place too ” she smiled at the shower.
“Okay” I replied her and scan the residence,the water floor of the tub,the wide mirror, different scrubbing tubes and many more
“Ma’am start,I am giving you just 45minutes to have a bath” She said and mix my bath,after that she drop a glove sponge with a crystal clear soap on the colbalt stand for me.
“I don’t like that soap” I said ,still looking arround.
“Sir said it’s very good for beautiful people like you. Sir bought it alongside with those clothes and underwear for you”
“Waatttttt,seven bought me underwear” I slam my forehead,Deesha giggled..
“Argggh, sorry!
“He didn’t buy them,he actually ordered them” She chuckled.
I drop my head down in embarrassment.
“Okay ma’am,I understand.
“Sir likes you very much”
“Please don’t break his heart”
“Sir needs to experience true love and I see it in him whenever he looks at you, you’ve changed him a lot” Deesha said and hug me exactly the way Dyna usually does.
“Deesha don’t talk again!! I said and rub her hair’s.
I walk into the shower and had a quick bath with the soap and sponge she said Seven bought
After that,I took the towel too and wrap it arround my naked body,I open the door for Deesha to enter while she gave me some sets of clothes to change into.
“Why red?? I twitch my nose.
“Sir said red colour fits you alot that I should be wearing red coloured clothes for you that it will make you look like a queen” Deesha smiled,I control my self from laughing .
She style my hair downwards and made it look as if I carry loads on my head.
My hair is too long to be let down,it will just make me look as if I have loads on my head.
“Umm thank you” I said to Deesha.
She smiled and started painting my lips red.
“Thank you” I said again.
She smiled and started polishing my nails,then she fitted my legs into a red flip flop.
“Thank you” I said again and took the phone Seven bought for me.
He said he will call me but he hasn’t even place a call.
“Maybe he’s busy” Deesha said,like she’s reading my mind.
She took the bedside phone and ordered some foods and said she wants to go to the reception.
“I want to follow you” I said,she bowed.
“Sir said you shouldn’t step your feet outside this logde till he will be back.” Deesha said and went outside through the back door.
20minutes passed,Deesha isn’t back.
Is that not awkward????
Seven too hasn’t called.
I drop my phone and turn on the plasma television.
I was still watching it when I suddenly started hearing knocks at the door.
I turn off the TV and took my phone in my hand
The knocks cane up again,it was more heavy than the first one
“Who’s there????
I manage to ask with a shaking voice.
“Open this door now or never!!!! The voice persisted and I an very sure it isn’t just only one person,maybe like four to five persons.
My phone fell off my hand,I pick it instantly and phoned Deesha.
Deesha left her phone on the bed,she didn’t take it along. there’s no way I can reach her.
“Open this door now or never!!! The voices came up,I didn’t open the door,I took my phone and started dialing Sevens number, it’s still the same thing,he is not picking at all.
I started sending him short messages with a shaking hand.
“Seven where are you???
“Seven I am in big trouble???
“Seven start coming right away or you send Jake.
I texted him,he is not replying.
“Open the door!!! The voices keep shouting.
Soon,my body started diminishing,just then,the back door open. Deesha showed up and tap my back.
“Ma’am we’re in deep trouble,our guards have been drugged,I don’t know who added something into their coffee,right now,we need to run away from this place by passing through the back door”
“Which back door???
“Seven said I shouldn’t step out,he said I should phone him if anything goes wrong.” I replied,still texting Seven .
“Open this door or never!!! The voices knock at the same time.
In fear,I drop the phones,thinking I should opt out for Deesha decision….
“I can’t possibly do that,I will rather remain here because the door can never be open except I open it with the remote control.
The doors are not ordinary,they are automatic strong doors .
“Seven pick my calls!!!
“Seven pick now!!!.
“Oh gaaaaaaad,I push my long hair backwards in frustration And knelt down beside the soft queen size bed.
Deesha stood still watching me,not knowing what to do or say.
Emily Daniels 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
A smile curve out my mouth as Sindoora siezed Seven phone. Only her have the power and authority to control Seven,no one else have that power.
“Seven stop staring at your phone,the meeting is still going on” Sindoora snap at Seven but that poor thing will not stop calling his number.
Different text messages beeped into his phones.
His phone rang at Several interval,I smile at the new turn over.
That will only give Massey more time to deal with the dirty poor thing.
I smiled again and give Len a reassuring look.
Sevens phone keep ringing.
He brought out his other phone that had thick red poach and golden bars arround.
“Ohhhh my,he’s gonna call Beauty by spoilling our plans
“He’s gonna call more Security’s.
My heart’s pounds faster than ever.
“Seven drop that phone too” Sindoora said,I smiled.
That woman is just to good,she doesn’t know that Beauty is her daughter all this while.
“Interesting!!!! I crossed my legs and raised my glass of wine up .
“Sorry,I can’t drop this particular phone,I need to make a very important call,a call that is more Important than this worthless meeting” he rolled his eyebrows.
Sindoora gasped and stood up.
“Seven!!!! Sindoora called his name,looking really agiated. His guards gave Sindoora a warning look.
“That’s my name!!! He rolled his eyebrows again, different camera lights start flashing on him.
Anger run through his veins,he stood up and push the table away,my wine spill away and pour on my white dress.
“What’s this Seven are you in your right sense????
Sindoora slam her forehead.
“Maybe not!!!! He replied her and took his other phone,I mean the one Sindoora seized.
Just then,beauty called again.
He pick immediately right in the presence of Sindoora.
“Baby I am not okay….
“I don’t know……” Beauty said with a shaking voice over the phone.
“I am coming with more Security’s” Seven said,my hope shattered.
He toss both his phones to Jake and fave me a disgusting look,my hopes sharttered,I look up to Sindoora but she couldn’t say anything.
“Seven stop,the meeting hasn’t ended!!!
Sindoora said,her guards stood up, Seven guards also move forward.
“Nice one” I smiled at Len.
“No one can stop me!! Seven said.
“I can stop you” Sindoora said because she’s the only one that can stop him.
Seven removed his masks,more camera lights flashed on him.
“Gosh this good in human clothing can never change in appearance.
“He’s always smart in all ways.
“Really!!! He click his lower lips,I find myself hugging him
I lost control and wanted to kiss his lips.
I sooooo much miss his lips.
He pushed me away,……
His eye color changed.
Aaaaah,I am in deep trouble!!!!!
I mumbled and watch him click his lips again.

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