Fire and ice

(I miss your lips,baby🍭)
Now enjoy💧💧💧💧
Seven is actually holding my hand again. I smiled at the way he squeezed it.
Soon,he left my hand and scoffed again and my heart drop down.
“He doesn’t like me anymore!
I muttered and took my hand inside the window again.
“You said what???
He arch his brows at my lips.
“Ummm I did not say anything”
I replied him as I was almost whirling up the window.
“I heard what you said”
He said and look at me through the window.
“Nothing,… I was not talking to you” I lied and bite my lower lip.
“I see you’re not talking to me” he replied and turned his back at me. I just feel like holding him back but there’s nothing i can do.
He’s visibly angry at me.
“I’m sorry Severn!!!
“I won’t leave you again”
“It’s my promise”
I blurt out and hold my two ears.
At the mention of “I won’t leave you again”,he turned to me and smiled.
Then I realized that I had just beg him.
“You won’t leave me alone!!
He smirked and make his diamond earring shake.
“I am not talking to you” I quickly changed it.
“But you just mention my name” he retorted in a funny way.
“Since you’re not talking to me, then stop staring at my lips” he catch me staring at his lips again.
“Okay,I will stop”
I replied and hurl up the window angrily.
I took five steps away from the window and realise that my hair have tangle with the window rod.
“I pouted and drag my long hair angrily but the thing was still not doing. It was only giving me more pounding headache.
I opened my eyes and look down at where the hair tangled,then I caught Severn staring at my lips from outside.
“But I thought he said I should not look at his lips!!!
I was happy that he was staring at my lips but I hide it and pretend to be struggling with my tangled hair.
“Move close to the window”
Severn uttered and I did exactly what he said.
I watch him whirl down the window by himself. He took my hair and untangle it.
“Come outside!!
He ordered me and I did exactly what he said by sneaking out through the back door.
“Your hand???
He questioned.
“It’s here Sir!!!
I said and stretchforth my hands to him. He took it and intertwined it with his soft hand.
I wanted to ask him where he’s taking me to but I cannot just look at him.
Not even now that he is angry with me.
I followed him to his car and ignored his eyes that was still feasting on my small mouth.
“Have you eaten???
He asked,still looking at me.
“No no” I scuttled by shaking my head.I just don’t want to say anything.
He brought out his phone and was discussing business while I was busy looking at his lips also. He was about raising his head up so I quickly look away.
He did not catch me”
I smile to myself😘😘😘
Minutes later,we were in a very big classy restaurant. We sat close to each other and place our order.
I ordered for a very sweet Indian food while he ordered for a wine.
He sip his wine slowly while I was busy staring at the sumptuous meal.
The spoon is just too beautiful to be used by me.
Maybe I should use my bare hands.
I look at Seven again,he was busy working on phone. So I quickly was my hand and start eating with it.
“Hand is better than this diamond spoon. I like it without spoon.
I smiled and continue eating with my bare hands.
Seven sturtled with his eyes fixed on my bare hands.
I brought my hands down and quickly hide it behind my black dress.
🍭Seven POV🍭
She likes food a lot,but how can she use her bare hands to eat???
“What type of human being is she??
“Doesn’t she know that I am a public figure???
I smirk at her and tap the table steadily.She brought her small hand down and hide it behind her back.
“I’m Sorry, Severn.
“I cannot just use that spoon. It’s too beautiful to be used by me”
She drop her head down..
“Shut up and use it”
I blurt out softly and use the diamond spoon to hit her forehead before dropping it on her plate.
She smiled wildly and took the spoon while I blink my lashes at her small moist and pink lips.
“I miss those lips” I speak with my soul and focused on my wine.
Soon, a text message came on my phone..
📲 Severn,are you gonna come to the meeting,it’s gonna start soonest”.
Emikt texted me as I was sipping my wine.
📲 Why are you telling me the meeting want to start????
“I’m I holding the meeting or what???
I texted her back just by a snap of my fingers.
📲 I know you’re not the one to start the meeting. I am just reminding you”.
She texted me back.
When I didn’t reply her,she called me. I picked her call and place it on loud speaker.
“Severn,the meeting will soon start”.
Her voice came up on the phone.
“Let it start now…..
“Why are you telling me???
I replied her and cut the call. I gave my phone to Jake and face beauty.
She stood up and followed me out of the restaurant. I took her small hand and intertwined it with mine.
“I won’t even allow you runaway from me because she’s now my property.”
I giggled at her lips. I wanna kiss them.
“Ummm” I cleared my throat and look away from her lips but the more I look away,the more I felt the urge to kiss them.
📲 I’m coming now”.
📲 Wait for me”.
I replied Emily’s dad text and face beauty again..
“I wanna attend a meeting right now and it will only take an hour. So you’re gonna stay with Jake in the car till I will be back”
I speak to her while Jake stop the car in front of a suite.
“1hour is too much but I will try and stay here in the car” She shake her head and drop them down.
“Jake make sure she doesn’t step out of the car”
I instructed Jake and work into the suite. It was just in the opposite direction of where Jake packed the car.
Soon, I was in the meeting hall.
Emily came to my side and sat very close to me as I discuss business with her Dad and the Skylar’s.
“Severn are you sure it’s gonna work out like that???
Emily’s dad questioned me.
“Yes dad,it’s gonna work out. You should trust Severn on this”.
Emily speak for me and raise her hand to touch me.
I took it down and twisted it on the chair.
“It’s not gonna work out”
I speak for myself and rolled my eyeballs at his dad.
Emily stood up with anger burning all over her …
She called out and hold her head in pain.
“I’m feeling headache and I need water!!
She fake out crocodile tears.
“Water!!! Her dad said and glance at the water glass beside where I am sitting.
“Seven please pass the water!!
Emily said,still holding her head.
“I should pass the water!!!
“Am I your doctor????
I gave her a bad look and push the water glass till it shattered into pieces on the floor.
Her dad stood up and shouted my name.
Another calm voice called my name.
“Severn, where are you???
That same voice speak like a toy..
I turned in a swift and saw her.
“Beauty Dana!!!
Immediately Emily saw her, she left her silly head and ran to her direction.
“What do you want???
She shouted at her with hatred and made her flinch back in fear.
She raised her hand to slap her.
Beauty closed her eyes and covered her cheeks with her palm.
“I don’t want anythinggg”.
Beauty starmmered and I know that she’s gonna faint soon..
Her long lashes flapped together while her eyelid drop down .
Slowly,she fall to the floor and held the door knob for support,making her pure bangles to make some sounds.
I called her name and pushed Emily aside,making her to fall on the floor.
I caught beauty on her exposed waistline.
She opened her eyes while her long hair drop down and cover half of her face.
Her moist lips was now very tempting and I have no choice than to kiss them.
I miss your lips,baby🍭”
I uttered and kiss her lightly.


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