Fire and ice

(I won’t touch you,baby🍭)
Now enjoy😘😘😘😘
🔥Beauty POV🔥
“No,I don’t want another one”
I said and took my hand away from Seven’s own.
“I cannot just lose that earring.
That silver earring had been on my ears for good 18years so why should I loose it!!!
“I cannot just loose it like that”
I shake my head at Seven and run to the 6th floor again.
Flames had covered half of it and beside the broken glass was my earring.
Just as I bend to pick it up,seven’s aunt showed up from behind and lock the door automatically.
“Die there!!!
She said and shot me a glare.
I kept mute and stared back at her foolishly.
The fire was now blazing the more, making me to feel very uncomfortable.
“No,don’t lock me up here”
I finally find my voice.
“Don’t lock me up,
“See me as your daughter,
“If you cannot consider me,just consider my mother”
I sob gently with my face sealed on the glass door.
“Why should I open the door for you??
“I will rather watch you burn silently into ashes”
She smirked with her brows held high up.
The fire was really making me uncomfortable that my consciousness begin to get out of hold…
Massey laughed and push her fake hairs backwards.
“What type of mother are you???
“Don’t you have children at all!!
“You just keep hurting people around you!!
“Even Severn,you keep hurting him even when you’re old enough to be his mother.
“Are you not ashame of your foolish self!!!
“If you don’t have children, don’t you care about other people!!
“Do you even know what it feels to have a child???
“Do you know what it looks like to have children’s???
“Do you know what it means to be a mother???
“You don’t know it and that’s why you can never change your dirty spots!!
“You’re only after material things!!!
“You’ve never experience the joy of being a mother…
“Just hurt yourself with that fire and see how it looks like”
I cried while speaking ti Massey, thinking it will change the situation but she only got worst.
“Shut up brat!!!
“Is this what poverty has turned you into???
“I am not gonna stay under this roof and watch you insult me”
She scoffed and went her way.
The fire already covered the doors just as Massey left. It was just a little place,a very small place that the fire have not covered.
She stop halfway and glance back. I even thought she’s gonna change her mind but she did the worst thing by walking more close again. She pushed the flames even more close to me so that it will burn me faster.
“Death by fire!!!
“Is that not the worst type of death???
I cried with my eyes fixed on the blazing fire that is ready to burn me down in it’s furry.
“Beauty you’re gonna die!!!
My inner mind haunted me because my body was diminishing bit by bit.
Soon,someone rubbed my smooth shoulders.
I opened my eyes and looked sideways….
Seven Miles!!!
He is not looking at me,he just dip his hands into his pockets and brought out some keys.
He tested it with the lock, it was not opening.
In frustration,he threw the keys away and told me to move back a liitle bit.
Guilt tore down the depth of my heart as I moved back.
“I should have listen to him”
Soon,seven broke the door and stretch his hands to me. I took it reluctantly while he lifted my weight admist the fire.
“I’m sorry!!
“I should have listened to you….”
“I’m sorry Severn!!
I cried and cluth his white tux.
“Darn it!!!
Severn blured out and look at the fire in dismay.
“Can you pass through the fire to the other side??
He questioned harshly like he’s really angry.
“I know you’re angry with me” I replied him calmly.
He cough out because the fire was burning up.
“That’s not what I asked!!
He said,still in an harsh tone.
“I’m sorry,I can’t pass through the fire” I replied and drop my head down.
He look away.
He doesn’t want to look at me.
“Your hand!!
He said and stretch his hand forth. I slip my hand into his own and made his fingers collide with my bangles.
He look at our hand together and made an angry scoff.
“I will carry you but that doesn’t mean I have forgiven you”
He muttered and took me in a bridal style.
In fear,I drop my head on his chest and covered it with his white tux.
He let down the door down on the fire and walk on it till we got to the last floor.
Immediately we got to the last floor, he let me down and made a sad cute face before leaving me alone with Dyna.
Jariel took my hand while seven hop into his car.
“She’s fine.Let’s just get out of here”
Dyna also took my left hand while Seven looked at me from the car before driving away.
No goodbye, nothing nothing.
He just left me with Dyna and Jariel.
Jariel called my name and tap my shoulders.
I said and faced her.
She smiled and I find myself smiling even when I am hurt.
“Bye” we said together and hugged each other tightly.
Immediately she left me,I became sad again😭😭😭😭.
“Thank you” I shake my head at her and walk into the taxi that Dyna boarded.
I sat closely to the window and watch everything.
The street lights…
Beautiful flowers and everything.
“Seven did not tell me goodbye”
I muttered and was about crying before Dyna tap my shoulders.
“Seven did what???
She questioned me with an unreadable expression.
“Ummm nothing!!
I replied her and faced the window again.
Minutes later,we were home.
I went in and touch Elva’s feet before going into my room. I buried my head on the bed and sluggishly turn on the lamp.
“Seven you did not tell me goodbye”
I cried again and covered my face with a pillow.
Soon,I sat up with my legs curled up in a bell.
“He didn’t say goodbye and it pains a lot”
I bite my lower lip and loosened my already tied hair.
I was about turning off the lights when a knock came on my window.
I rush up to it and whirl it down.
I called his name slowly with a pout.
“What do you want???
I questioned like a naive.
“Nothing much. I just came to say goodbye!!! He uttered and was on phone again.
“Goodbye also!!!
I blink my lashes and whirl up the window back.
I stop at the tune that came on his phone. It was actually a song that had his voice.
🎤Who is the one that makes me happy…??
🎤The one that lift the gods on her shoulders…
🎤Soft as a silk
🎤Tender as a flower
🎤Her lips is the gun…
🎤Her kisses are the bullets……”
The song was still playing on his phone before he cut it by himself.
I think he mistakenly click on it. Maybe the song was not meant for me.
“How can that song be for a stripper???
“I cannot make you happy, I am so full of imperfections!!!
I lit my eyeballs and continue whirling up the window.
He made a funny pout at me and took my hand out of the window.
He didn’t say anything,he was just looking at it.
He left my hand alone and was on phone again.
“He doesn’t like me anymore”
I speak with my soul.
I brought my hand inside and continue whirling the window…
He tuck his phone into his pockets and took my hand forcefully through the small opening on the window.


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