Fire and ice

The Billionaires’ To¥
( # Pweety_Adesola )
# Chapter ~•3
Now enjoy
_____ Dyna’s POV _____
ironically,i hold on more tight to my work even
when i know that my sister is waiting outside for
me. And she must be damn hungry.
Poor Beauty,her throat must have been sultry
and dry.
I waved off her thoughts and focused on the
sauce that i am making.
“Ain’t you done Dyna??
Chloe shouted and i felt like strangling her.
Hmmm I’m almost done” i bite my lower lip and
replied her.
“The fries are not ready”
I added and started dishing out the already
fried Salmon fish.
“What are you still doing??
Chloe appeared in the presence of my stand.
“I have dished out the salmons but the fries is
not yet ready”
I replied her and brought out five plates of fried
“It remained one because as at the last time i
checked,i remembered giving you six plates”
Chloe adjusted her spectacles and cast me a
cold glare.
“Yes,you gave me six plates Miss,
But you never told me to make six salmons” i
spoke back politely to Chloe.
I’m just trying to be leniet with her because I’m
not Beauty that she can order anyhow she
“Goodness sake Dyna!!
Where did you keep your thinking cap??
I gave you six plates-and that means you’re
gonna make six salmons”
Dyna you have just 20minutes to make another
Chloe uttered and left me speechless.
Ooooucchhh my hand
It really hurts!!! I withdraw my hand from the
last dish and shaked it vigorously.
The hot steamy salmon had burn my little
I made six dishes but i kept one and gave her
five. I wanna give the last one to Beauty. She
must be hungry and tasty.
I wrapped the fried salmon in a paper roll and
placed it carefully in my apron.
Chloe is coming”
I quickly picked a tray for disguise.
Minutes later,i was out of the restaurant.
Look here” i raised my head and signalled her
to come forward.
Common walk faster”
I grabbed her hands and took her to the
backside of the restaurant.
Take this!!!!
I unwrapped the salmon and offered it to her.
You can take water also whenever you’re
She took the water first and gulp down the
whole content.
Thanks” she muttered and started eating the
Sorry, i just have 2hours to spend, then we will
be going home.
I excused myself from her and hurried back to
Chloe didn’t see me,So i grinned to myself. I
deserve some accolades..
____ Seven’s POV ______
That guy won’t hear any word.
He does not no who Len Donald really is.
“Jake are you deaf or what???
Can’t you just follow simple instructions.
I told you earlier that you should cover the
boarder but you wouldn’t listen.
I want the area and perimeter of that house to
be covered tightly.
Just put more projectors and camera’s around.
“Idiot,put more security around”.
I want it covered tightly.
You know what???
You will be so sorry for yourself if any intruder
should step in.
“I told you what to do already but you’re acting
You acted more of an idiot that you made that
motherfucker saw those new designs of the
club that i planned buying.
You know who Len Donald and Fiona Mali
They both like playing dirty games and winning
challange is also their goal.
“Jake if you should allow Len Donald outsmart
me again, just consider yourself a dead meat
because i won’t hesitate to feed your balls to
the birds.
I hung up on Jake (my right hand man) while
Shiva opened the door for me to step down.
Again,he gave that idiotic slight bow.
“So foolish”
I rolled my eyeballs and pushed my hairs
I walked freely into the huge restaurant and
scan through it.
“That blonde is not there anymore”
Good for her!!!
I smirked and ordered for a coffee.
Soon, my phone beeped.
It’s a message from Dianne(Fiona’s scholl
She just texted me some messages.
I saw what her plans are.
She will be going on a date with Len Len
is so bent on stealing your designs,the one you
wanna make use of at the club.
A cute rich handsome guys just arrived
today in our high school.
His name is Bryce Kali
I don’t know if he’s probably working with
len,but to me,he look more of an informant.
Len and Fiona will be coming to your dad’s
restaurant by 7:00pm”
Diane’s message read.
What the fuck han????
It’s already 6:57pm.
That brat will soon be here.
I stood up abruptly and walked to the back side
of the restaurant.
“That Len thinks he’s smart…..
What the fuck is happening???
I ran my hands into my hair in frustration and
heard some squeaking sounds.
Is someone there!!!
I speak loudly and moved closer to the place
that the squeaking sound is coming from.
_______ Beauty’s POV _______
I munch the fried salmon Dyna gave to me in
silence but i stopped when i heard some
footsteps behind me.
It was the strong expensive collonge that filled
my nostrils first.
I knew it instantly that someone is coming.
I’m in trouble!!!
I sniffed with my hands on my head.
There’s no hideout here.
Not even a single place to hide.
What I’m i going to do???
The person is really coming,and the rate at
which the expensive collonge smells keeps
There is not a single place to hide.
It was only a small drum that is half filled with
I was still deliberating on what to do when the
sweet voice came up.
Is anybody there???
The sweet voice questioned,and it sent strong
shivers down my spines like an ice was drop
on my spinal cord.
I didn’t think twice,i jumped into the drum if
water and covered myself with the lid(cover).
Ohhh no….
No one is there!!!!
I saw him clench his fist before leaving in
That was a narrow escape!!
I muttered under my breath and tried opening
the lid of the drum but i can’t.
Goodness sake,
What’s happening to me???
I said to myself and tried opening the lid but it
never slide open.
Open! Open!! Open!!!
I punched the cover from inside but it still
refuse to open.
Dear drum please open!!!
I promise i won’t get into you again, just let me
out” i started pleading the inanimate object but
my pleas were just rendered useless since the
drum does not have ears.
Tears welled up in my eyes….
How am i going to get out????
I keep struggling with the lid but it wouldn’t let
me go.
Where are you????
I heard Dyna’s voice……
It’s time to leave for home,where are you??
Dyna keeps ranting.
Dyna come!!!
Come,come and open this drum,I’m inside
I replied but i got no response.
Silly girl show your face or else i will leave”
Dyna threatened.
I shouted in my highest tone till my voice won’t
let me speak again.
Yes Beauty,where are you???
I heard her saying again.
Just come,open the drum,I’m inside there” i
I don’t even know if she heard what i said or
You must be really crazy….
How can you hide in the drum..???
She starlted and i heard her footstep coming
close to the drum.
Are you inside here????
She asked.
I’m there” i replied her but my voice turned out
just like I’m whispering.
Dyna didn’t hear what i said…..
I lit my eyes up and met the lid of the drum
Did you just hide in a drum???
Dyna burst out laughing while helping me out of
the drum.
I felt a little bit embarrassed by my actions.


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