(The Billionaire’s Toy)


Now enjoy🍷🍷
🍷Len POV🍷

I failed Massey’s promise again,I don’t have any picture of her. I was about having a taste of her when seven Miles banged in.

When he kicked the door in the first instance,I knew it was him so I just have to scamper for safety by flying out of the window. It will be very bad if Seven should see me maltreating Beauty. Blood will be spilled,so I just have to play smart. And I keep loosing the challenges.

💌 Don’t forget to drop the flash drive, I really need to get some saved information
Massey sent me a text message.

“Over here” I beckoned on Jerry (my driver).
“Yes sir” he answered.

Listen up,you’re gonna take this flash to Massey” I said and dig my hand into my pocket in an attempt to bring out the flash drive but instead I brought out money. The flash was no where to be found.

“Get out!!!!!
I shouted at Jerry like he is the one who lost the flash. I push my hair in frustration.

“Did I also misplaced the flash???
I checked my pockets, it was not there.

“Where did I ever keep the flash???
Massey will be so mad at me,I just lost all the information.
This is so gross😱😱😱😱😱

What’s keeping you,Len???
“Did you also lost the flash????
Massey sent me two text at the same time.

This is terrible!!!

💌💌I am still looking for it” I text her back.

💌Looking for it you’re saying. Why on earth are you so slow in action…
“You cannot find the flash!!
“You cannot just win a little challenge”
Massey texted me back.

💌i am sorry ma’am,I will get the flash drive in a jiffty….but the problem is that I cannot just say this is where I kept it”
I sent back my own text.

You don’t know where you kept it!!
Len,you have just 30minutes or else???
Massey sent a text.

“Where did I keep the flash for crying out loud????
This is just trouble .
Now, I was looking more tensed. Or did I left it at Beauty’s house????

No,it can’t be possible.

💌You have just 60seconds.
Massey’s sent her text. I don’t know what to do. I can’t even draw the map offhand.

💌Ma’am,I can’t find the flash drive!!
I text the truth to her.

💌You lost it!!!!
Not again!! Massey replied my text instantly….

Gosh,what’s happening to me😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

🔥Seven POV🔥

She’s still not going to talk, she just keep staring with a shaking lips.

“All my body is hurting me,it hurts a lot Seven!! She blink back tears and clung tightly to my red cloth.

“Sorry but at least can you tell me what happened???
I blurt out and scan her room,my first suspect was Len,he won’t just stop staring really hard on her whenever he sees her,he won’t just take his stupid eyes off her.

“Did Len come here??
I questioned and she gasped at the mention of Len’s name. She left my clothe and moved away from me.

“Seven just start leaving!!
“Just go away!!
“Nobody came, it was not Len. Just go away. Stay very far from me. Don’t ever come near me” she seethed and moved back.

Hot anger started burning in my ardent skin,I couldn’t take it anymore. She’s moving away from me and that’s what I hate. I tried suppressing my anger,I just wanna be lenient with her. She avoided my dark gaze and held the door that is already dangling.

“Seven leave!!!
She seetged again, with a pout.

“Len came here right!! I questioned.

“I don’t know for you, just go away” she rolled her eyeballs.

“Did Len threatened you???
I asked for the up tenth time and got no reply.
“Beauty, before I count three just tell me what happened!!!!!

“Seven just leave me alone. I will stop coming to your restaurant and club, I will also stop coming to your dad’s school. In fact I am gonna tell Elva to take me very far away from here.
Just one day in Miles High school, my life suddenly became a living hell.
Let me just go because it seems ever since I met you,all my problems started.

I just wanna be alone.
You will find someone else that you can always look at….
“You will find someone else that you can always…..
“Someone that you can always….”
She stop her sentence, looking for the perfect words.

“Someone that I can always kiss her lips,just like this”
I whirled her to my face and kissed her lips. Her body became cold, she keep looking at the manner in which my hands rested on her waist.

“It’s only you because whenever I kiss your lips…..
Only your lips makes my pains fade away” I held her chin romantically while speaking.

She pushed my hands away and picked a black flash drive from the floor.

“That flash belongs to Massey” I hijack the flash from her and toss it into my pocket.

“I don’t want to see you again!!
She uttered and took her hand away from mine.

“Liar,I know you cannot do without me for just 24hours” I speak and Pierce into her slainted eyeballs because I know someone must have come to threaten her. It’s either Len,Emily or Massey herself.

“Did Len came to threaten you???
I speak to her calmly.

“No….. Len didn’t come, I just want you to stay away from me…..
Just for a while. Let’s just pretend as if we do not know each other”
She made a sober face and bite her lips….

“What’s there in mentioning the name of the person that threatened you???
“Who drag your hair???
I snarled, waiting for an answer but Beauty won’t just talk,she just drop her head down.

Her dumbness is really making me more angry, she’s not sharp at all.
“Speak up”
I snapped my fingers at her angrily.

“It’s of no use telling you because if I should do, the person is gonna kill Elva and Dyna and I don’t wanna loose my sister.
I don’t have a mother nor father,I only have Elva and Dyna and I don’t wanna loose them.

Instsntly,I knew it was Len.
Len Pablo touched you!!!!
“Is it with his right hand or left hand;!!
I retorted with furry still burning in my ardent skin.

She cleaned her tears and jump on me,she keep clutching my red cloth. I hugged her back with waves of anger in me.

Len Pablo you’re already a dead meat!!! I gnash in between teeth and carried Beauty in a bridal style.

She’s gonna follow me to Delhi (India). It’s just a 13hours drive from here.

“I can’t wear that red Saree, it looks too expensive” she furrowed her brows.

“If you’re not gonna wear it then I’m here to help you wear it” I smiled and took the red saree.

“I can wear it by myself” she smiled and took it from me.

Minutes later,she was done changing into the cloth and she look more of an Indian bride.

“Len is gonna get his ass kicked off, he dare lay his flirty hands on Beauty”
I swallowed the lump in my throat with my hands still fixed on her pained wrist.

“Let’s go!!
She binked her lashes and brush her shoulders with mine.
Even Len can never separate us.

“Beauty, I want to tell you something?? I smiled as we stepped out her house ,we were about entering my car.

She pouted with a chuckle.

“It’s just that….” I stopped and checked how she look in the red saree, her lips and everything….

“Why are you acting silly??.
“Seven stop it” she smilled and pinched my smooth nose playfully

“No, I won’t stop” I replied and continue tickling her.

“Seven stop it….. Just stop it!!
She continue laughing and finally held my hand down..
Her hands are just soft like her.

“You won’t leave me alone right???
I said…

Her face became sober again…
“Yes,I won’t try leaving you alone”
She finally smiled….
“It’s my promise” she added and shared an eye lock with me.

I was about kissing her moist lips when a mood spoiler banged in.

“Nice work,so you’re the one all this while!!!!! Emily clapped from behind and cast beauty a deadly glare.

Beauty was too slow in covering her face,Emily saw it all….
She saw how she look beautiful with a long hair.

“What do you want from me again..??
Beauty speak back to her softly,still holding my cloth tightly.
I doubt if she can do anything without me.

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