Fire and ice

(The Billionaire’s Toy✴)
Now enjoy🍷🍷
_______⬇Seven’s POV⬇_______
Still in my royal robe and on my soft bed,gloominess keeps dripping like perspiration beads.
Bangs recreate themselves in my heart when I heard some footsteps.
I knew who it was…..
It’s no other person than Massey Miles( my stupid aunt).
I sprang up with immediate effect and rush into my private studio where I guess she would be.
I had not even entered, I just stood in front of the sapphire coated door.
Massey’s shrieking and light footsteps continued.
I know what she’s looking for,she’s looking for the map. I placed my hands on the wall till I found the switch. The light came up while Massey stood frozen on her spot.
She turned and faced me with millions of thoughts across her mind.
That’s it,she must always have something to say.
“Ohhhh Seven it’s a cat!!!
“Yes the cat was hiding under your trolley!!!
“So I was trying to kill it”
She cuts in sharply.
I never replied her, I just stood watching her with the way she is displaying her madness.
A smile form the base of my lip…..
“Why are you laughing han??
She frowned….
“Well,I was not laughing….
“I am only smiling at your intense stupidity”
I snareled,overlooking the fact that she’s my aunt.
“Shut up imp!!
“I am trying to help you and you’re insulting me???
Massey shouted and I know where she’s driving at.
“What’s this noise all about early in the morning???
“Don’t you have anything doing??
Dad speak to Massey and me.
“That question should be directed to Massey” I mumbled under my breath.
“Massey what’s with you and your cousin???
“Can’t you stop all your quarrel and fights???
“Sincerely speaking, it piss me off”
“You guys should just settle!!
“Settle with who??? I smirks at Massey.
“Actually Miles,it’s nothing….
“Seven is my kid brother, he’s just being silly”
“But there’s nothing!!!
“We are not quarrelling”
Massey quickly pull me into a motherly hug and immediately, dad left.
I pushed Massey off me and grab her wrist.
“I’m not a fool at all…
“You’re looking for the map right???
“You won’t find it here”
I gnashed my teeth together before leaving her hand.
I moved into my room and selected my school outfits of black trouser,black pullover,black tie and a white shirt.
I did my business before changing my hairstyle…
I pack my phones, laptop,notepad…
What else???
I scanned my room and saw beauty’s bangle lying on my soft bed. I scratch my neck and toss it into my pocket.
Minutes later, I made my way to the parking lots and threw the keys to Shiva.
“I’m taking the black……”
“Bugatti!!! Shiva completed my sentence with a bow before rushing to open the door.
“No restaurant today,just drive straight to Miles Dream high” I speak to Shiva while going through my iPod.
“Yes Sir!! He bowed again before plunging into the cushioned seat.
Soon,I got a text from an unknown number.
💌Waiting for my dearest”
The message read.
“Nonsense…..i blink whike fixing a diamond ear bud on my left ear.
Shiva was almost close to the huge gate when i sighted my worst nightmare from afar.
“She is sitting on her car hood with her leg crossed.
“Emily Daniels!!
She is always taking foolish selfies with some random bitches.
“Fuck off bitches,Seven is here”
She yelled at her friends.
As if that long hair is still sharking her. I just feel like cutting it.
“Shiva stop the car” i instructed and he did stop the car. I step down with my hands tucked into my pockets.
“You’re gonna bring my phone,note pad and laptop with Me” I seethed and took off my jacket.
Emily remained in her position with other girls, she thought I will come back begging at her feet.
Nah I won’t do that.
Not even on my next life.
“Seven,can I touch your earring”
↘Ria Adams came begging.
I smirk at her before giving it out to her.
“Thank you” she smiled wildly and handled it with care.
“Who cares about the look on Emily’s face???
I shrugged while Shiva keep following me.
“Seven what do you think you’re doing” Emily raised her voice in a possessive tone.
I faced her with a cold look.
“Emily get out” I uttered and made my way out of the crowd that were already piercing on me.
Some were even taking pictures…
They can’t just mind their business.
“Seven wait!!
Emily shout and starts running after me till she stumbled and fell.
She fell intentionally.
“Seven please help me up”
She stretch her hand forth and make a pleading look.
“Looks that reminded me of Beauty”
“Looks that reminded me of Beauty’s childish and weird characters”.
My heart melted and I help her up.
“Thanks Seven”
She speak in a croaky voice and for a second,I realize I was holding Emily’s hand.
“Jezzzz I was holding hands with Emily” reality struck me and I pushed her hand away till she fell back to the floor.
↘hmmm what’s happening???
↘Emily on the floor!
↘Queen got rejected by Seven Miles!
↘It must reach the school website”
The curious mob muttered and start taking pictures of Emily.
“You disgust me!!!
I made a killer glare and continue walking with Shiva dangling behind me.
Emily sprang up and starts running after me till Shiva gave her a don’t trespass your limits look”.
“He does not like you anymore”
“Can’t you see Seven does not want you”
“I’m sorry my boss now hates you”
“He now has a sweet lover”
“She’s more beautiful than you so fuck off!!!!
Shiva raised his index finger at Emily.
“Her name is Beauty!!!!
Shiva snarled at Emily.
I went wild instantly with Shiva..
Who asked him to mention Beauty name?????
“Shut up your silly mouth Shiva!!!
“I’m not in love with any fucking person” I blink my lashes and press the green button on the door.
It opened and slam on Emily’s face…
Goodness sake why me????
Another brown hair again!!!!



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