(The Billionaire’s Toy✴)
Now enjoy😘😘😘😘😘
_________Dyna’s POV_________
I find out that Massey Miles (seven’s aunt) wants my step sister dead just because his cousin(Seven) found true love in her.
That woman is so mean to the grand of the dead,she is so much blinded by material things…..
I’m not a fool at all…
I know there is a reason behind the 5 scholarships she gave out to commoners, Massey wants the 5 commoners to work with her.
I was smart to have obtained 2forms.
I registered my name as Dyna Dana while I registered my sister as Beauty Dana.
Massey was so foolish, she never knew that me and beauty are sisters. Her selfish reasons blinded her.
“She’s in desperate need of the innocent Seven’s life so she wanna destroy the poor boy and his new found love.
Massey visited Miles dream high school and asked me to make friends with Beauty whenever she resumes..
She said I should try to gain Beauty’s trust just because of her evil deeds…
And she thought I would do exactly what she said…..
Not even on my next life!!!
Beauty is the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh….
I won’t betray her because she has gone through a lot…m
I prefer dying in place of her and that’s why I came up with a plan with Elva.
Elva too don’t want to loose beauty and that’s why she’s so much scared of allowing her in Miles Dreams High.
“You will go to school only if you can follow the rules strictly” I uttered with a sad expression to my poor sister.
“What are the rules???
She raised her brows at me.
(Dyna read out the rules)
↘No fake hair (wig),you’re going in your real hair….
↘You are going to take me as an enemy in school….it will be very dangerous if Massey finds out that we are sisters.
↘Your name will be Eva Dana in school….don’t tell anyone your name is Beauty….don’t even tell Seven at all.
↘Stay very far from noise and Seven.
↘Don’t talk to anyone…
↘Working hours start after school.
I read out the rules and I saw her jaws drop.
“Will it work???? Beauty questioned.
“Yes,it will work if only Seven can stay away from you just for a while”
I replied Beauty in a calm voice.
“Yes,you’re right. Seven does not like me anymore. He said I should choose between him and brown hair and Elva won’t allow me cut or dye my hair black”
Beauty slap her head in frustration.
“But Dyna what if Seven…..
“What if he get confused whenever he sees me in brown hair??
“What will I say to him?? Beauty asked.
“So simple!!!
“You’re gonna deny it.
“You’re gonna tell him that you’re Eve Dana and not Beauty Dana”
I replied her.
“I’m confused Dyna….
“I can’t do it…I will rather tell seven everything. I will rather tell him that I have brown hair and that Len is threatening me….
“Dyna let’s tell Seven the truth”
Beauty speak while holding my hand.
“Tell seven everything and you will become his toy..
“You’ve never told him you have brown hair and he is already saying you will have to choose between him and brown hair.
And you know it that Elva won’t allow you have your hair cut nor dyed.
Beauty see I am not even concerned about all that.
I am only concerned about your life.
If Massey find out about you, she’s gonna kill you and I don’t want you dead and that’s why Elva won’t allow you in Miles Dream High school.
She’s so scared of loosing you.
I don’t want you dead at all..
If you’re dead,who will I play with…..
Whose persons hair will I drag.????
“Beauty just try to understand Elva and me”
“You will have to avoid Seven at all cost for now and protect your own life first” I convinced Beauty and helped her up to the dining.
Trust me, I will always be there to help you even when am acting as your fake enemy in school”
“You can have this on me!!!
I assured her and dish out her food.
“Don’t forget the rules”
I reminded Beauty again before we start eating.
Minutes later,we are done I cleared the table while Beauty washed the dishes before we go to bed.
________Seven’s POV_________
After changing into my blue Royal robe,I tore a sheet of paper and took a sharp pencil. I really need to do this.
Again,I sat on the chair and tried to draw the map offhand. I did some drawing with my eyes shut….
I just continued drawing till I ran out of idea. I opened my eyes and take a glance at my sketch.
It look real it’s just exactly like the original one.
I took the original one and fold it neatly in a place no one would notice.
I grab my own sketch and go through it.
Like seriously, I was not thinking straight….nothing came to my memory….
It was only Beauty!!!!
Beauty get out of my brain map come inside!!!!
I tap my head in frustration.
I went through the sketch…..
“Massey is up to something!!!
The map had Len handwriting….
“Okay wait,I’m getting it!!
I move my hand into my new dyed hair and sip in cold water.
“Seven think!!!!
I continue hitting my head till I will get what Massey is trynna do.
I tried thinking but I started feeling sleepy with Beauty in my memory.
“No I must not sleep”
I took Beauty’s bangles and scaff,I scented it and smells just like her.
“I sprang up with the sketch maybe I will get a glimpse of idea but I didn’t.
Sincerely, Beauty’s dumbness is really affecting my thinking cap.
“What’s this map for????
I stared at my sketch repeatedly till I start getting it.
“Knight’s chamber”
“Routes to Mumbai”
“Dark alleys”
“Dark shades”
Can Massey ever change????
I took the map to my private studio and kept it.
I wonder why Beauty’s numbness is affecting me this much??
“She wanna blind me with her silly characters!!!
“Nah,I won’t dance to her tune…
“I won’t even repeat my previous mistake by trembling at her feet.
I tore out another sheet and wrote out some lines of song.
🎤Give me a breath
🎤but now you are klling me slowly🎤And you are hurting me badly
🎤Nobody else again
🎤That is what i need
🎤But you are turning it away
🎤I hope you know
🎤That you are taking mr back to yesterday🎤🎤
Beauty you’re the same as Emily😑


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