(The Billionaire’s Toy🎇)
Now enjoy😘😘😘😘
________Emily’s POV________
I so much miss him but are you sure he is going to take me back Massey”
“Why not,he is gonna take you back because he have no choice”
Massey speak to me over the phone.
“If you’re sure he is going to take me back then I have no choice than to come back to Miles High School”
I replied Seven’s aunt and hung up.
So,seven is still going to be mine after all I did to him…
After all the angers and hurtful words that I said to him, he’s still gonna take me back.
“Miles high school get ready because your runaway Queen is coming back.
I drop my pink palmtop and picked my diary…..the one that Seven bought for me before I broke up with him.
It still smells like him,it still had that sweet strawberry smell and that’s how seven smells. I drop the diary and made my long hair fall freely.
It’s just 10inches long while Fiona’s own is nine inches long.
I became the dragon girls queen….before I legt miles high just because my hair is the longest.
And now,that’s what I’m gonna do….
I stood abruptly and picked the few things that I will be needing….
What else???
I scan through my huge room before stuffing more chocolates into my bag.
“Emily ain’t you done???
“We are gonna mid our flight!!
Nora bang into my room.
“Just a minute” I roll my eyballs and check myself out in the mirror before stepping out.
I joined my family in the car that will take us to airport.
💌On my way to the city now!!!
I text Fiona….
💌Are you for real???
💌Yea,I’m coming to take back Seven and also to bitch up any ass that is clinging to him” I replied Fiona’s text
💌I am sort for you because you might end up losing if care is not taken…..
I text her back
💌Don’t ask me anything…. We are going to talk better whenever you are in town…
💌Just spill it out and stop putting me in the dark”
I was becoming impatient with Fiona’s suspense.
Seven now keeps to himself…. He rarely talks in school unlike before.
The only person he now speak to is Len and that’s because they are competitors…..”
Fiona replied.
💌hunnnnn Fiona you’re a liar.
Seven’s aunt said he’s gonna take me back”
💌i wish you good luck in catching the fire which is Seven…
💌DTA(don’t text again)
Fiona finally sent a sleeping sticker.
You’re okay” Nora waved at me.
*yea am okay* I took her hand and squeeze it.
Nora is just my little sister. She is the only pure being in my life.
“No no no my bigggg sister is not okay”
“Me too I will start crying”
Nora speaks just like the 5year old girl she is.
“Can’t you see I’m smiling”
I tickled her.
“Liar,you’re not” she cuts in sharply.
“You want chocolate” I changed the topic and stuff out chocolate.
“Yea” She clap excitedly and stuck her tongue out.
We got to the air port and took our flight.
We gotta be in town in the next 9hours.
I can’t just wait to see my Seven.
________Seven’s POV_______
Seven what the heck did I ever do to you?????
“My step mom and sister will have been looking for me;!!!
“Seven stop the car,you just pass through my house”
“Just stop the car!!!
Beauty Keeps ranting into my ears.
“You did nothing….
“It’s only your lips that offended me”
I replied her sternly.
“My lips!!!!.
How did they offend you???
“Just pardon their manners and stop the car”
She pleaded and made that baby face.
I chuckled and look at her.
“You want me to forgive their manners” I snarled.
“Yes” she nod abruptly.
“Then stop talking because I won’t stop the car”
I uttered and kept my attention on the steering.
“Seven stop it!!
“Because you’re driving very far away from my house”
She starts hitting my arm with her tiny wrist.
“Just stop it…..
“My step mother and sister will be worried sick about me”
She keep yelling and hitting my arm.
“If you talk again,I will shout at you so that you’re gonna faint….and with that I can do whatever I want with you”
I smirk at her.
She kept quiet instantly and face the window.
Breathing in all of the air that is natural, I stole glances at her cute sober face.
It’s getting dark and I decide to play a little prank on her.
I stop the car instantly in between the woods.
The car has stopped…..
It’s not moving again” I fake up lies and push my hair backwards.
She looked at me with a frown….
“Ohhhh the car is not moving!!!
“Get down and let’s start trekking” I gritted in between teeth and watch how she look like someone who has been suffering since birth.
She opened the car and step down.
“No,not that direction!!!
“This way” I pointed to a more longer route. If we should take the direction that she’s trending, she will get back to her house.
She shut her eyes and opened them back….
“I’m lost”
This is not the way……Seven take me back home”
“Elva will be really mad at me…
“What do you think Dyna is gonna say to me???
She opened her eyes waiting for an answer.
What’s she saying!?
Who are Elva and Dyna???? I scan through her and she’s acting more like a psycho.
“Seven stop it!!!
“Elva might beat me”.
“If she finds out that I have broken so many rules,she’s gonna send me to my possessive grandma”
She blink back tears and carried her bag on her head.
“Nothing has happened to this car,just stop your foolish prank and get me outta here” She keeps yelling to my cute face.
“You called my pranks foolish”
I whirl her to my face till her lips press my chest.
“Seven stop, ammo will blame my actions”
Ammo????…. Are you going crazy…
“Stop talking because I wanna kiss you right now” I uttered and held her waist…
When my hands came on her waist,she froze like a statue…..
Her heart starts beating fast ,her body was moving down slowly……
“Stop it!!!!!!!!
She shouted and fainted😍😍😍


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