Fire and ice
adventure story


(The Billionaire’s Toy)
Written by,Adesola Adeomowole.
( # Pweety_Adesola )
I just wanna be a little bit unpredictable and
totally different, so enjoooooy what i composed
# Synopsis.
…who do you think Beauty really is??….
An assistant chef or a stripper that dances just
to satisfy men lustful gaze!
Beauty is the name of an ordinary,soft,fragile
and tender lady.
Shout at her and she will faint.
(I don’t know why).
She’s born with a silver spoon but sadly the
silver spoon did not last. Learning good things
the hard way became the only way she can
Struggling with her step mother made things
easy but it became worst when she gained
entrance into her dream high school.
The world of the Rich’s and billionaires.
The only place where King and queens dine.
How did she get there???
(Find out)
She became an assistant chef then later she
became a stripper that dance just to satisfy
men lustful gaze and yet she knew nothing
about men but she sees them as gods.
“No friends”
“Don’t talk back to any of the billionaires”
“Working hours starts immediately after school
hours,so that we can put up with our feeds”
Those are the rules of her step mother.
She acted as if she does not exist,
She read more and talk less.
….what happened when she came across the
perfect rich guys……?
(And that’s exactly what her step mother is
trynna prevent).
But can she fool all of the people????
Can she avoid the dreadly handsome looking
Seven Miles.
Seven Miles is the richest billionaire and also
the hottest.
He is spoilt ever since birth,
He is as rude as fuck and a no attention giver.
Playing dirty games is his sport,
Striping and ravishing a woman is his hobbie,
Winning a challenge with every other
handsome billionaires is his goal.
Getting things with a snap of his fingers is his
Seven Miles noticed Beauty and he became
more mean to the general of the dead.
Seven turned into a fire and made sure he
would melt the ice(Beauty).
What is the solution to this tongue
Find out in my book
Extract from my book
“You’re staring at me”
He yelled to me in a sweet voice at the library
and my heart jumped into my stomach.
I didn’t utter a word,i just kept my head low
since Mom said i shouldn’t speak back to any
of the billionaires.
His eyes moved in shades of red balls,he
moved closer to me and pulled my long hairs.
“Don’t even try your luck on me”
“I don’t like girls with brown long hairs”
He shouted at me and pushed me backwards.
My head started turning me,all i saw were dark
empty spaces and i slump downwards slowly, i
found my unconscious body lying in another
masculine figure.
Ohhh no!!!!
This isn’t happening!!!!
I screamed in my faintest voice till my heart
develop a seizure.
Remember; shout at her and she will faint
Oya,should i start


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