Fire and ice

…..😱աɦʏ ɖɨɖ ʏօʊ saʏ ɨt😱?
©adeѕola adeoмowole
Emily held her cheeks and started crying.
She cried with the silence that hovers above and stared at my pointed nose and moist lips with a blank expression. With that,she wept the more.
“You slapped me!!!
“You hit me!!!
“You touch my cheeks with your dirty hands!!
“What effrontery do you have???
She blurts out and started crying out tears. As she was crying,she was staring at her left direction also.
I turned slightly just to see what she was staring out,it turns out to be Seven Miles.
Seven who had his eyes fixed on my jaws and lips.
“You slapped me!!!
Emily suddenly flared up with pitch of darkness in her voice.
I flinched backwards,bit by bit,I started losing consciousness because she shouted in a very high tune.
“You hit me!!! She shouted in her loudest voice.
My brain started paining me,I just couldn’t think of anything again.
“Hey stop shouting!! Dyna came to my rescue and made me lean on her shoulders for support.
“What are you saying???
“Your idiotic sister slap me and you’re hear blurting out trash to me!! She flared up to Dyna and I.
“Guards get them!!!
“Guards get them!!! She shouted,her guards never move an inch closer to where Dyna and I stood.
In frustration,she left her cheeks and pushed me slightly away from Dyna.
I lost support and became motionless.
Soon,I started seeing blury images as I starggered away from Dyna.
My feet hit a stone,my body started dropping down slowly..
Dyna covered her mouth with her palms as we watch me slumping downwards.
“Ma’am, don’t fall!! Jake took me in a bridal style and drop me in the presence of his boss.
Slowly,seven’s hand drop down on my shoulders.
“Why did you run away from sindoora?? He asked,I kept quiet.
“What did Emily do to you?? He asked but my mind and soul was very far away.
I was lost in my own world.Nothing changed at all.
“Mummy where are you???
“Awwww mummy why do you like calling me Beauty,only dad and jariel like calling me Ariana.
“Okay okay your appearance is extra ordinary that’s why???
“My name is Beauty and Ariana!!!
“That’s good…..
“Mum,your name is….
“Your name is…Sind……”
Echoes keeps creating big bang in my memory as seven held my chin.
“Beauty,are you okay!!! He questioned with a pout.
“She hit me!!!
“She slapped me!!!
Anger surpassed Emily as she moved closer to where Seven and I stood.
“Why are you reporting to me,am I a police???
Seven lash at her,Dyna laugh out hysterically.
“She slap me!! She said again with a tingling feeling of jealousy in her throat.
“What should I do,I should also her back for you”
Seven shunned her and took me in a bridal style,Dyna packed my shoes and winked at Emily.
Just as Seven was dropping me at the back seat, I sighted his rival (Len Pablo).
I couldn’t behold the look with which he was looking seven with,no doubt he wants him dead.
He started the car himself while Dyna sat in the other car with jake and desha.
He didn’t utter a singer word neither did I speak also, we just keep staring at each other.
His eyes fell on my feet.
“Why is your feet bleeding?? He uttered and used his right hand to touch it while his left hand rested on the steering.
“No…nothing” I stammered and took my legs away from his expensive ring.
He smirk and drag me close to himself.
“don’t cry,baby. You are gonna get it treated” he said and stop the car in front of a hospital.
His guards step out of the other car to open the door, one of them handed him a mask.
He took it and used it to cover his face halfway.
He blink his lashes and step out.
↘ is that really Seven miles??
↘ is that Seven or knight??
↘ Are ʏօʊ sure he’s Seven??
↘ How can seven lift up a girl in his arms???
Rumor’s died down slowly.
He drop me down in front of the nurses counter and pick up a file.
↘ sir….. Are you seven miles..
↘ can I get your autograph???
A sɦօʀt nurse smiled at hjm and folded a beautiful trinket into my palms.
“It’s ward 26,let’s go??
He held my hands and ignored the looks the females are giving him.
The doctor was already waiting for me in the ward so seven left me alone with her and stood outside the glass door.
Soon,he was on phone again.
“I have seen her,she’s here already!!
“Okay okay,you can now call Treasure.”
Hello knight!!!
“Knight I can’t hear what you’re saying clearly!!
He started moving around till I saw him no more.
Maybe he went to receive his call outside.
I look away from the door and faced the doctor.
“How are you feeling now??? She questioned with a friendly smile.
“Okay ma’am” I replied her and blinked my curl lashes over my feet.
“You look like sindoora Dana?? She said,I raised my head and look at her in the eyeballs with my lips slightly apart.
“Maybe you should take a rest,I will check on you later” she said and left.
“I look like sindoora Dana!! I smiled and sat down.
Shortly after the doctor left,Emily walked in, I stood against her also.
“You think you can fool all of the people!!! She flared up.
“You want to take my place at Sindoora Dana dress custume party!!!
“You’re back again!!! She flared up at me and push her new dyed white hair backwards.
“Take your place!!
“How am I taking your place and which dress custume party are you bragging about?? I blurts out in a clear British ascent.
“You’re asking me?
“You better drop your innocent character before I kill you hear” she threatened.
I smiled at her and she went wilder.
“You took seven away from me and now you wanna take my place as a queen???? She flared up,I kept quiet and watch her rant.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about and I am not taking away seven from anybody!! I blurt out and push her away from my way.
“You’re not taking him away but he keeps holding your shoulders in a romantic way!!
Now tell me,how many times have you kiss with Seven??? She asked,my jaws drop down.
I kept quiet and stared at her in an embarrassed manner.
“I don’t know!! I rolled my eyeballs at her.
She became really agitated.
“How many times have he kiss you?? Emily was starting to get mad.
“Don’t ask me silly things again,the next time you do,I won’t spare you because I have respected you enough!!! I uttered and walk out of her.
She drag me back by my long hair and brought out a knife from her pocket…
“A knife!!!
“What’s she gonna use it to do???
“Emily wants to cut my long hair!!!
I held her hand and twisted it,the knife gave her hand a very deep cut,she left my hair instantly.
She started crying,I pity her.
That was when i realize that she was crying just because seven showed up.
She ran up to him and was almost hugging him.
“Seven she wanted to kill me just because I told her to stop flirting and having sex with Len???
Emily lied,the knife slip away from my hand.
“She cut my hand with a knife just because I said she should stop moving around with Len!!!
Emily lied, I kept quiet and watch her with an unreadable expression.
Seven removed his mask and untie his hair band without saying anything.
“Beauty said she doesn’t loves you that Len lips is more sweet than your own….
“She said she have had numerous sex with Len and that she enjoy everything!!!!
Emily lied,I kept quiet and blink out little tears till my naturally long lashes become wet and sticky.
“How can she say such thing?!?
“How can she say I wanted to kill her???
“She was the one that wanted to cut my hair,I didn’t do anything to her???
I sob quietly.
“Darn it!!!!! Seven flared up and pushed the glass table beside Emily, making it to shatter into millions of piece.
My eyes started beating just like the storm will turn the sea.
Seven lit his eyes up at both Emily and I.
“She said it!!!
“See the knife is with her!!! Emily pointed to the knife that was laying aimlessly beside me.
Sevens eyes keep rolling in shades of anger, he didn’t say anything,he just keep staring at the both of us with an unreadable expression.
Out of fear,I covered my face with my palms and weep quietly,Emily also pretended to be crying while Seven stared at the two of us.
“Seven she said it!!! Emily lied,I didn’t say anything I just cried silently while Seven watch us without saying anything.
“Gaaaad,what should I do😱😱😱😱😱
Fire N Ice ©Adesolaadeomowole.
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