{Drunk in your Love}
# Episode_19
Years Later
*At Star high school*
Chloe’s POV
*wow, the girl is so intelligent*
*you made it at last, only ten students got this scholarship*
The students keep calling my name from every angle, i felt so happy cos i was among the lucky ten students who got the scholarship.
“you’ve made it Chloe… i can’t believe you’ve been offered scholarship to study in university of Ontario,” Erica chuckle then hugged me.
“mom will be so happy,” i grin.
“Chloe.. Chloe,” i heard someone call my name while i turn to see Collins. He’s also a student from our class, handsome, nice and funny.
“congratulations,” He said then hugged me unware and i quickly withdrew from the hug.
“thank you,” i said.
“and you look so beautiful,”
“am always beautiful Collins, i need to go back home,” i said getting pissed at him for no good reason. I remember what he told me during our final exams that he like me and want to be my boyfriend. That so dumb of him, i don’t know if true love do exist again. Boys are distraction just as mom always tell me, they can never be trusted and they’re wicked in heart.
“Erica let go,” i said to her then turn to leave but i felt his hands on mine.
“one minute Chloe, hope you’ll gonna show up during our party? he asked while i nodded.
“yes Collins,” i replied then saw the sad look on his face, i knew he always wanted to get my attention but i never show interest in him.
“your crush? boyfriend? who is he? Erica asked while we trek back home since the school isn’t far away from our house.
“just a friend Erica. Boys are distraction and beside i have made up my mind not to fall for anyone,”
“what if you do? Erica asked while i rolled my eyes.
“my heart will never do that Erica, let not talk about this,” i said while she just nodded.
“okay then, am i also invited to your party? she asked while i smiled.
“sure, i have to attend the party, to meet with my friends before leaving,”
“does that mean you’ll gonna leave us once you go back to Ontario? she asked sadly.
“of course not, am sure mom will fix this,” i replied with a smile. We arrived home and meet mom sitting on the couch, seems she’s back from work this early.
“guess what mom,” i said smiling then sat down close to her.
“you girls seems so happy,” she smile.
“our problems are almost over mom, i’ve got the scholarship,” i yelled in excitement while aunt Cecily came out from her room, guess she heard what we said.
“you did? mom asked in surprise.
“yes mom, your girl is capable of doing anything good,” i sid proudly while mom and Erica giggle, she pulled me into a hug.
“am so happy Chloe,”
we need to celebrate this,” Aunt Cecily suggested, while we all laughed.
Later in the evening, we all sat down on our wooden dining table having our dinner, mom seems not to be happy when i told her the scholarship is for me to study any course of my choice in university of Ontario.
“mom, you don’t seems happy again ever since i told..
“am happy Chloe, so happy, just that i can’t let you go to Ontario all alone, we have no one over their, even thou that where i grew up i don’t want you to meet with your father, the enemies might still hurt you,” she said while i frown when i hear her called about my father. He’s not my father, afterall the DNA test they once did said he isn’t my biological father, that man can never be my father. Even if he’s truly my dad just as mom always said i will never accept him as my father.
“but mom i hgave nothing to do with that man, i mean am seventeen, i can handle this myself,”
“but i don’t want you either to leave, it gonna be bored, i will be so lonely,” Erica pouted
“okay… i guess we have to support Chloe in this, we can all packed to Ontario and start a new life while Erica will change school to complete her education,” Aunt Cecily said.
“i guess that will be much better mom, so we can all be together as family, i don’t want to be far away from you,” i said while mom looked at me.
“nothing bad will gonna happen,” Aunt Cecily holding her hands.
“i just have a bad feeling about this, but everything will be fine. Chloe am going to support you in this and i will make sure you and Erica will attend the best school,”
“thank you mommy, nothing will gonna happen,” i said while Erica smiled.
“the best mother ever,” Erica said while we all laughed.
…After dinner i and Erica washed the dishes before going to our room.
“today was the best, am so happy for you,” Erica said as she laid on the bed while i sat down on the chair, the door went open and mom walked in, she sat down next to Erica. I picked up mom diary and flip throught the pages, it made me sick.
“is that how your life went on mom? i asked with teary eyes while she nodded.
“here is your sister Jasmine and your dad,” mom said showing me our pictures when we were kids. I look so happy then with Anton beside me and Jasmine, she looks so beautiful.
“but mom, he’s not my father right? i asked.
“Chloe nothing will gonna change the fact that Anton is still your father,” she said.
“but he denied me mom, he made you pass through hell, a lots of people died including Erica’s parents and your baby. Afterall the DNA test already prove am not his child,” i said so pissed, i hate that man so much, i hate him!
“it all my fault and i still feel guilty for everything that happen, but that won’t stop me from having my revenge on the person who killed my parents and also Erica’s parent,” mom said with a sad face.
“this such a cruel world, i wish i get to know my parent better, am just one unlucky child,” Erica said sadly.
“of course not Erica, you’re now my child. I never got the chance to thank Catherine but i promise to raise you as my own Erica. You and Chloe are all i have,” mom said while Erica nodded wiping away her tears, she’s so emotional.
“Mom i don’t care if you’re at fault or not, all i know is that real situations reveal fake people. Maybe your husband never loved you. He isn’t the perfect husband and i’ll say he’s wicked mom,”
“Chloe.. no need to call him names, that was all in the past, i forgave him and i hope he also forgive me as well maybe we are never meant to be,” she said trying to hold back much tears from her eyes. I know how mom love that good for nothing man so much, i still wonder if she still loves him, was that the reason she didn’t moved on and marry any other man? did she still feel they can ever be together with that man. Hell no! i will never allow that. Thank goodness we are going to Ontario, if i happen to meet him i’ll give him the piece of my mind. He doesn’t deserve to be a father especially to my sister. He might brainwash her.
“mom, his already married now, no hope for you, i mean if you still feel anything for him just let it go,” i said while she looked at me surprise.
“did you hate him that much, Anton is my past already and i hate to remember everything i went through because of him. I… i don’t love him anymore, i have gotten over this and having you and Erica is more than enough for me,” she said while i smile sadly.
“but what about Jasmine? Erica asked. I always wanted to see that sister of mine, i love her so much even thou i don’t really know her but i hate the fact that she stays with that wicked man.
“i will do everything to have Jasmine, i miss my daughter for all this years, maybe this the opportunity i have to see Jasmine, i hope things will work out well if we go back to Ontario,” she said while i nodded.
“that why i never believe in true love, or love or having feelings for any person,” i said while mom held my hands.
“i have always taught i and Anton will end up together but it never happen,”
“i hate the word “love’ it doesn’t make sense, once you fall in love just know that you’ll get hurt. You’ve tried alot mother, losing both parents, your best friend and you almost lose me too, and what really hurt is that the one you love so much end up leaving you for another slut. I and my sister are now sperated,” i said trying to hold back the tears in my eyes. Mom’s love story has taught me a lot, it taught me never to fall in love because if i do, am gonna end up getting hurt, i might not be this strong as her.
“Chloe, what important now is that we’re happy but i want you to know Love is so sweet when you’re with the right person, i guess i and Anton were never meant to be that why all this happen. You girls should sleep,” she said then kissed my cheeks and also Erica.
“gudnite mom,” Erica said while mom walked out of our room and i kept mute for some time.
“Chloe…why the sudden silence? Erica asked.
“sometimes you just have to stay silent because no words can explain what’s going in your heart,” i said then laid down on the bed next to her, we were both staring at the old ceiling without fan.
“i sometimes wish my parents are alive, but am still happy especially with mom, she both love us equal,” she said while i smiled. I was holding still Jasmine picture.
“i don’t know why we have to be affected this way Jasmine, i love you so much, i hope your step mom isn’t maltreating you,” i speak to the picture while Erica giggle.
“everything will work out well someday,” Erica whisper while i smile sadly.
At Ontario
*Anton’s Mansion*
Jasmine’s POV
“Yeah… i won,” i giggle then threw the ball to Ethan, we were playing basketball and Ethan just allow me to win several times, he just a sweet guy. He removed his singlet and threw it aside then gulped down a chill water. I spent a while drooling at his well built body, i have always have a crush on him and am 100% sure he also feel the same for me, we gonna make a perfect couples.
“hey, am damn tired,” i said moving my hair to one side of my shoulder.
“help me pack it Ethan,” i said giving him my hair clip to help me packed it and he perfectly did, just the same way i want.
“Jas, need to go home now, let meet at the garden,” he said then kissed my cheeks before leaving, i watch him leave until he was out of sight. I giggle then went back to the house, i ordered my maid to prepare my dinner. I went to my large room, it was huge and beautiful, i really miss mom Karen, dad and Sean that troublesome brother of mine, well they went on vacation and too bad i couldn’t go with them because of school, am contesting for the school queen and school is damn busy for now, i can’t just be away from school for weeks, well dad promise to come back home soon, i feel so bored without them but more happy with Ethan. I took off my bra top then wrapped a my towel around my chest before going to the bathroom, i quickly take a quick shower then dressed before heading to the dining room.
“Nanny hanny,”
“Jasmine dear, how are you? she asked then walked closer and kissed my cheeks.
“i miss you so much,”
“i miss you more dear, now am back everything is fine with my nephew” she said while i smiled. She left two weeks ago to see her Nephew who was sick.
“mom and dad aren’t back yet,” i said while she smiled.
“i hope they come soon, cos i miss them,”
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After eating, i went to dad plantation and saw Ethan their, he looked so handsome, like a greek god, he’s just so handsome.
“hey i have a good news for you,” he said while i smile.
“am all ears,”
“Declan is coming back next week from Germany,” he said while i yelled in excitement. I miss him so much, it was the three of us, i, Declan and Ethan, it so much fun to have this guys around, they always make me feel loved.
“what will be great well, dad, mom and Sean are also coming tomorrow,” i said while he smile.
“daddy’s girl, am sure you miss your dad,” he said while i chuckle.
“i also miss mom and Sean as well,” i said.
“aren’t you missing anyone again, i mean Chloe, your sister,” he said which make me frown. The daughter of the damn slut!
“she’s not my sister and can never be and beside i don’t even know that lowlife,” i rolled my eyes, i hate to hear the name Chloe and Camille, they’re not part of my happy home and can never be. Dad has already moved on and he’s now so much in love with my mother Karen.
“don’t be so dumb Jasmine, Chloe is your sister and aunt Camille, she’s a nice woman, i could still remember those times she always call me her boy and speak sense to me whenever am sad,” he said.
“well that you not me, she cheated on dad by being a slut and having another child from her ex boyfriend, can’t you see that Chloe is also a disgrace just as her mom,” i said so pissed off.
“that’s not true, she loves you so much, that was just a mistake and i still didn’t believe that Chloe is not your dad daughter,” he said while i rolled my eyes.
“Ethan can we just talk about something more reasonable and important, people like dad, mom Karen my lovely brother and Declan,” i said while he just nodded.
….We took a stroll that evening and i kept smiling throughout the stroll, Ethan jokes were faboulous, we looked more like a couple which i hope in few weeks time we would be couple am sure dad won’t reject Ethan because he also likes him.
After the stroll, Ethan escort me back home and i couldn’t help but to smile. I walked upstairs to my room then video called Sean, i can’t wait to see him with tomorrow i will ask the maid to prepare his favourite meal. I laid down on my king-seize bed, my room is painted with two colors: pink and white, decorated with flowers and my big pink teddy bear, the one dad brought for me during my last birthday.
I stood up then went to the store, where dad kept most of his old things. I open a box which were filled with dad and Camille wedding pictures, i wonder why dad is still keeping their picture. I took the box outside and got and matches to burn it, i don’t like the way Ethan always remind me of Chloe, my step sister because she isn’t father’s daughter, she’s just a bastard. I burn the pictures one after the other, i don’t know if dad will be mad at me for doing this, well he loves me so much he couldn’t do anything afterall he’s married to mom already. I stopped at Chloe picture, I fixed my gaze on it for a long time, i kinda wish to see her but hell no i couldn’t bring myself this down to mingle with that bastard. I quickly burn up the pictures, i make sure Chloe and Camille picture were burn for good. She’s such a useless mother, i sometimes wish she’s not my mother, i love mom Karen more than her, she’s more better than that the slut Camille. Mom Karen told me everything and all that happen. Camille really broke dad’s heart maybe that’s why he couldn’t forgive her because he once loved her so much based on what mom told me. She’s a slut and i kinda feel she married dad for his money…but dad once told me that she never show interest in his money. Well i hate her and i hope i don’t see her again, cos in my next life if am ask to chose who my mother will be i will happily chose mom Karen.
I hope she never comes back to our lives because i will never accept her as my mother, i hate her for what she did to dad, for being irresponsible and for not showing up to atleast see me…
Chloe now hate ANTON and Jasmine hate Camille!!!


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