Fate… Episode 18


{Drunk in your Love}
# Episode_18
Anton’s POV
The news have been wide spread just this evening that Jake died in a ghastly car accident. I don’t know if that what he deserve but my mind went down to Camille and Chloe, Where could they be? how are they? hope they live a comfortable life. I pace up and down then switch off the television. Jake is death maybe this what he actually deserve, cos i hate him so much but that doesn’t stop Chloe from being his daughter and now that he’s death nothing can be proved again aside from the DNA we did, i know my doctors will never lied to me.
” Jake just passed away,” Karen said coming down from the stairs.
“yes Karen, i guess that what he deserve for hurting us especially me and Camille,” i said.
“am so sorry Anton… but those that means you’ll go bring Chloe back to us? she asked while i kept mute for a while.
“we don’t know what that bastard is capable of doing even after his death. Am just so confused right now cos their’s no where i can bring Chloe back without Camille and you know that will never happen,” i said while she nodded then hugged me.
“i love you so much Anton, i have always loved you ever since we were kids, i hope you didn’t marry me only to fulfill your father last wish but because you have something for me..right? atleast you like me and that enough for me,” she said with tears clouded in her eyes. I felt so hurt seeing her this way, i know Karen has always loved me and was heart broken when i went ahead and married Camille.
“i don’t only like you Karen, i also love you,” i whisper while she looked at me in tears.
“you do? are you sure of what you said or you only said that to comfort me? she asked while i smiled.
“i really do Karen, you’re now my wife and am trying in as much as i can to forget about Camille, i want you alone to always be on my mind, i guess with time i will get to love you madly,” i said while she smile. We stared at each other for a while before i kissed her and she responsed to it. Well i guess it better this way than being with someone you so much love who’ll end up hurting you just like Camille, she fooled me all this while, she disrespected me by doing that, she made me live a life full of lies and i want to erase her for good in my life, she don’t deserve to be loved.
Cecily’s POV {Catherine’s aunt}
Hearing the death of my cousin shocked me, she was murdered same day with her husband thank goodness nothing happen to their baby. Who on earth could have do this to her, i can’t recall if Catherine has an enemy. It was indeed the worse day of my life, i really missed her so much. I knew for sure she has tried a lot for her friend Camille with her daughter. Her daughter is already with me, she need to survived, i can’t believe she’s now an orphan, withing a blink of an eye.
The police were still investigating about their death but no postive result to show of. If only i get to know whoever did this to them must rot in jail, how could they be so heartless to kill both parents same day.
Timon one of Catherine neighbor just as he introduce himself to me and told me all that happen also report the case to the police who were still investigating. I went to visit Chloe and seems she’s fast recuperating, she could now walk on her owna nd the doctor said she’ll soon be discharged.
“what about my mom? she asked with a sad face.
“you need to rest dear, your mom is also sleeping, she tired,” i said while she just nodded, seems like she’s so uncomfortable and sad. Well just as the doctor advise. Camille should see her daughter maybe she can be okay with that. Later that evening Chloe was already dressed, her face look pale and weak and her wound is healing faster.
“i can’t wait to see my mommy,” she said with a sad smile when i told her that where we are going.
We arrived their then walked to the ward, i saw Camille deep asleep with a drip connected to her hand and a nurse beside her.
“nurse what happen? i asked her so worried, i just want Camille to be fine again, and thank goodness Chloe is doing fine now, i hate being in a hopsital.
“she just fainted, she screamed aloud all by herself before slumping down to the floor.
“will she be okay? i asked.
“very soon,” the nurse said then walked out.
I looked at Camille on a close looks, she’s so beautiful i wonder why Anton have to shattered their once happy home.
“will my mommy be okay? Chloe asked in her tiny small voice while i chuckle.
“sure,” i replied while Chloe held her hand.
“mom…mom …please don’t go,” Camille was muttering something and i quickly looked up to her.
“mommy,” Chloe said amidst of tears.
“Chloe…Chloe..” Camille said slowly before opening her eyes. She looked at us then sat up.
“aunt Cecily,” she called my name as tears slide down from her eyes.
“mom!,” Chloe was excited seeing her then hugged her so tight.
“Chloe dear… my Chloe survived it,” she said smiling through her tears. I have always know Camille and Catherine to be bestfriends i don’t know how to tell Camille that her friend is no more.
“Catherine? Aunt Cecily what about Catherine she’s the best friend ever,” she said while i nodded.
“you’re back to your normal sense Camille, am glad it didn’t take much time. I need to call the doctor,” i said then hurried out.
Camille’s POV
I know i have passed through alot just because of my mistakes or maybe because Anton couldn’t trust me. I keep on balming myself for everything.
I dreamed about my mom, i miss her so much.
“Camille being in this condition won’t help matters, you need to be alive to prove everyone wrong,” she said while i nodded, i never wanted her to leave. And now that i just wake up only to see Catherine’s aunt and my daughter, seeing her alone heals my heart and make me so happy but where’s Catherine i know she’ll be so happy to see me back to my normal self i miss her so much.
Aunt Cecily walked in with the doctor while he examine me for a while. I stayed for some days in the hospital before i later got discharged.
“we need to go back to Quebec,” Aunt Cecily said while i nodded and sat down next to her, i couldn’t find Catherine stuff i wonder where she could have been.
“am taking you to see Catherine,” she said while i smile.
“but why would she have to leave.. was she mad at me? she tried, she was the only person i have, she showed me the true meaning of friendship.
“well let go visit her,” Aunt cecily said.
“Chloe can stay with your neighbor, Erica is also with her,”
“Erica is also here? that means Ken her husband also came alone, where is he? i asked.
“we’ll go visit them together,” she assured me.
On our way, she stopped alone the road side and buy flowers. Catherine love flowers but i wonder where she is, or is she on a second honeymoon with her husband. I kept mute while the taxi man drive us to where Aunt Cecily told him which i don’t even know.
Few minutes later, we arrived at the cementry and my heart skipped a bit. Well Maybe Catherine came over here to visit her parents grave. We walked in and the place was so quiet.
“where’s Catherine? i asked trying not to believe what am thinking. Catherine is such a strong woman she can’t die all of a sudden.
“here,” Aunt Cecily said pointing at her grave close to her husband.
“how did it happen,” I felt my world been crush the second time, i hated my life, i keep on losing everyone around me, mostly the people i love. I broke down in tears Catherine must be somewhere else, what could have happen to her, i couldn’t even get the chance to thank her for everything.
“they were murdered,” she said in tears. Anger and hatred boiled in me and all i could think of was revenge!
“Timon whom happen to be your neighbor said Catherine vowed to help you make Jake regret for what he did, i have this feeling that Jake is responsible for that but… he’s also death,” she said while i looked at her
“Jake is also death? i asked, that what he deserved but i don’t like the fact that he died silently, it was a miserable death i have always wished for him, i pray he rot in hell.
….I dropped my own flower..
“Catherine, thank you so much for everything. Thank you for being their during those hard times i badly need you. You’ve showed me the true meaning of friendship and i will forever be gratefull. I miss you dear,” i cried the more, i can’t believe Catherine and her husband died same day trying to help me out, if only we knew this would happen then they shouldn’t have do anything, i feel so guilty about the whole thing.
“Catherine dear, i promise to take care of you daughter as mine, maybe this the only thing i can do to return back the favor you did to me. Just know that your daughter is in a safe hands,” i said with a sad smile. It difficult to believe Catherine and her husband are gone forever.
…The next day, i and Cecily return back to the house to packed our things cos we are living to Quebec to start a new life, it better i moved on and forget about Anton but it just so difficult to forget him just like this. Thank goodness Chloe has fully recuperate. The police who has been serious about Catherine death said they have no clue nor evidence but i believe in one thing and that’s FATE. It can turn tables around, well TIME shall tell.
We moved to Quebec and got a big comfortable house for the four of us, i, Cecily, Erica and Chloe. Maybe with Erica, Chloe might feel much at home i know she miss Jasmine, i also do, i always miss my daughter so much i wish i could turn back the hands of time to set things right but all too late.
Life they say is a journey and have to moved on. People change, friends leave, love hurts and things go wrong but just know that life goes on, we moved on with our lives, living a simple life but i can never forget Catherine. Seeing Erica each day remind me of her because they look so much alike and Chloe was so happy having someone to play with. I got a job at the orphanage and that what i exactly like doing. I was so fond of the kids and it gives me joy, i never knew starting a new life over here will be much easier.
Two Years rolled by. My Jasmine turn five, i badly missed her, i don’t know if Anton and Karen are treating her well, i sometimes felt like am a horrible mother, i really want to be the one to raise my daughter but situations turn things around Anton will never give me Jasmine.
Chloe turn seven while Erica turn four, Jasmine is just a year older than her. Throughout those two years i felt nothing but happiness being with my daughter and Erica is enough for me. Am not planing to moved on, asin have another boyfriend or husband, ever since my last encounter with Anton i don’t believe True love never conquer anything cos if it does it would have do something, maybe Anton never loved me. Lot of suitors came although i never want to be a single mother neither do i want those kids to grew up without a father but i have no option cos i have no one in mind.
I was done dressing, ready for work and feeling so excited to see those kids at the orphanage.
“you look beautiful,” Cecily said while i smiled.
“you still haven’t moved on right? she asked .
“huh… but am happy… atleast i smile everyday, what type of ‘moved on’ are you talking about? i asked feigning ignorance while she smiled.
“don’t you have any suitor? she asked.
“of course i do, but am not ready and am never ready. Am not just interested in this,” i said
“or maybe you still love your ex husband,” she said while tears clouded up my eyes, i don’t want anyone to remind me of him again.
“i have moved on without him and am still happy without him, i never knew i can be the hero of myself, i survived even without Anton i thought losing him was my last bus stop. You know atimes one has to be his own hero because they people you can’t leave without can live without you, have you forgotten Anton is a married man already and Karen already bore him a son,” i said while she nodded. Yes Anton seems to forget about me because since last year Karen gave birth to a baby boy which they named ‘Sean’ I know Jasmine must be happy to now have a kid bro now. That reminds me of how i lose my baby which made me cried again.
“i need to go,” i said to Cecily then turn to Chloe and Erica who were playing with their ball.
“make sure you don’t mingle with those street kids and take care,” i said smiling.
“bye mom,” Erica said while i smiled.
“take care,” Chloe said smiling.
Chloe’s POV
I felt so happy with been with mom, aunt and my sister Erica. Life isn’t that easy but it simple, i sometimes wonder if my dad and sister are still alive or not, mom refuse to talk anything about that. I walked to the gate and saw those street kids beating Erica and i quickly rushed to them, when they saw me all they ran away. That’s the reason mom never want us close to them.
“Erica, you shouldn’t hav e come here,” i said then hugged her and wipe away her tears.
“it nina, she took away our ball and now beat me,”
“no one dares to touch you Erica, am right here for you, let go home,” i said holding her hand. I saw an old woman walked pass us but she stopped and kept looking at me.
“come here my child,” she said while i looked at Erica.
“we don’t know her, let go back home,” i whisper to Erica.
“but, let just hear what she have to say,” Erica suggested while i took one step forward to her. They woman kept looking at me, making me so uncomfortable, she was smiling but later frown.
“what? i asked feeling scared already.
“my child, things will get twisted as you grow but you’ll succeed as well but.. you will be killed by your sister on your twenty third birthday…
“huh? i asked then looked at Erica, which of my sisters then?? Did she just see what will happen in the future. I dragged Erica with me back home, maybe she’s mad or drunk or whatever.. no one will gonna kill me..
Chloe will be killed by her sister…Erica?? or Jasmine??
Now the story will be based on
Things will turn around when Sebastein one of the richest man comes into Camille life.. you remember sebastein…. The one whom Lynn (Ethan’s mother) communicate with… hmmm
Thing will gonna be twisted..
Anton and Karen already have a son named Sean, their love is now strong.. buh the question is: will it last…??
Let find out in the next EPISODE OF
#FATE…HOW the two sisters will eventually fall for one guy…more hatred for each other…

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